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‘General Hospital’ Speculations: Ingo Rademacher Rumored To Be Returning-Will Vanessa Marcil Follow For A Jax And Brenda Reunion?

Jasper Jacks and Brenda Barrett were one of the most famous couples on ABC’s General Hospital and now there are rumors flying around that at least one, if not both, of these characters will be making their way back to Port Charles soon. It is more likely that actor Ingo Rademacher, who plays the longtime role of Jax, will be the one who returns soon, but you just never know if actress Vanessa Marcil will follow.

Rademacher has caused quite a stir in the world of Twitter recently when he posted about his sudden move from the tropics of Hawaii back to Los Angeles. According to Soap Hub, he has packed up and moved his wife and two young children back to California. This has many General Hospital fans wondering why he would leave Hawaii unless he had a particular reason for doing so, like maybe returning to the ABC soap.

The Australian actor previously mentioned that he would be open to returning to the daytime drama. He has been a fan-favorite since he came to Port Charles in 1996, and has recently been involved with the Nelle Hayes story line, but only briefly. He was last seen swooping into town last November to visit with his and Carly’s daughter, Josslyn, and to be a comfort to his ex-wife after Morgan died.

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In fact, those two got a little too close as they did share an intimate kiss. However, he left soon after that and now it may be that Carly will end up getting back with Sonny if she is able to once again accept his violent lifestyle. If not, that would leave the door wide open for Jax to come back into town to possibly sweep Carly off her feet again.

Of course, if Rademacher does make his way back to General Hospital very soon, it would be to possibly wrap up the mystery of Nelle and why she came to Port Charles in the first place. Jax seemed to know more than he was letting on. Some rumors have said that he could very well be Nelle’s father or his evil brother Jerry’s child. However, the brothers may not have anything to do with Nelle at all.

Jax admitted to Alexis a few months ago that he was the one who got the kidney for Joss, but it may not actually be Nelle who was the donor. This girl is set on revenge against Carly, so her story of being forced to donate her kidney when she was little may just be a fake. Now that Nelle’s story is about to be fully disclosed very soon, this would be a great time for Jax to return. Soap Central revealed that many lives will be changed once her true identity is exposed. Will that include Jax’s life as well?

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Another return that could change things up on General Hospital would be if Vanessa Marcil would reprise her role as the feisty Brenda Barrett. She has been involved in the love triangle between her, Jax, and Sonny for the longest time. There were rumors last year that she may be coming back, but that hasn’t happened yet. If she should make her way back to Port Charles, would she reunite with Jax? She could also worm her way into Sonny’s life again as well. She would certainly make things interesting in Port Charles.

Many General Hospital fans are really hoping that Ingo Rademacher’s move to Los Angeles means that he could be back home on the ABC soap fulltime, but nothing has been announced just yet. He could have some other agenda lined up, but at least he is very open to returning on a recurring basis, if not permanently. Until something is officially announced, Jax fans will just have to wait to see what develops.

Would you love to have Ingo Rademacher come back to General Hospital? How about having Brenda Barrett raise some ruckus once again?

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