Second unrelated body found in search for missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions.

Relatives Of Missing Missouri Woman Jessica Runions Find Second Unrelated Corpse In Two Weeks

Missouri woman Jessica Runions went missing on September 8, 2016. The 21-year-old woman was last seen leaving a party with 27-year-old Kylr Yust, who has been charged with deliberately burning Runions’ SUV after she disappeared. Kylr Yust is said to be a long-time friend of Jessica’s boyfriend. In addition to being implicated in the case of missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions, Yust is the primary suspect in the disappearance of his former 17-year-old girlfriend Kara Kopetsky, reports Heavy.

Jessica Runions’ burned-out vehicle was discovered in a heavily wooded area of Kansas City not far from where she was last seen, just two days after the Missouri woman went missing. There was no sign of Jessica or her remains in the torched SUV.

“I’m numb. I can’t think. But right now I have positive news that my daughter wasn’t in the car when they found it. And that’s what’s going to keep me going right now. There’s hope.”

Despite being the subject of law enforcement suspicion in the cases of two missing young women, Yust has not been charged in either disappearance. This means that Jessica Runions’ family is no closer to being reunited with their missing daughter.

As such, ABC News reports that relatives of missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions have been out searching nearly every week since she disappeared in hopes of finding some closure in the case. Because of the criminal history of Kylr Yust, many close to the Jessica Runions disappearance are holding out only the slimmest of hope that the young woman will be found alive.

Reportedly, Yust has a very lengthy criminal record and very disturbing past. The last person to be seen with missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions has had repeated run-ins with the law for incidents that have included everything from cat killing to drug use to theft to domestic violence. Allegedly, Yust attempted to murder his 18-year-old girl by strangling her in 2010 after coming home drunk. That victim was allegedly pregnant at the time of the assault.

Yust has even reportedly bragged to victims that he has killed people in the past and gotten away with it.

“I’ve killed people before, even ex-girlfriends out of sheer jealousy. I will kill you.”

Because of the dark direction taken by the investigation into her disappearance, relatives of missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions have been doggedly searching for the 21-year-old’s remains near the area where her burned up car was found. Unfortunately for Jessica’s family, the have found no trace of the missing Missouri woman.

Searchers looking for Jessica Runions have, however, helped to bring closure to the family of one other missing person already. Nearly two weeks ago, searchers found the remains of a decomposing male in a creek bed in the wooded area near where Jessica’s SUV was found. At the time, the reports KSHB 4, the identity of the remains was unknown.

It was later revealed that search crews looking for missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions had discovered the body of 21-year-old Brandon Herrings, who had gone missing in November. Now that his body has been found, his disappearance is being investigated as a homicide rather than simply a missing persons case.

While disappointed that they hadn’t found Jessica, her mother Jamie Runions expressed positive thoughts surrounding the searchers’ discovery. Jamie claims that she spoke to Brandon’s mother after the remains were positively identified as belonging to her son.

“I talked to Brandon’s mom and she’s the most lovely person. I’m just happy that her nightmare is over. I don’t want anyone to go through what we are all going through.”

On January 28, the family of missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions inexplicably found a second set of human remains that do not belong to Jessica. According to police, the newly discovered body is a male, although they have not yet identified who the newly-found body belonged to.

Police are treating the corpse as a suspicious death.

According to John Runions, Jessica’s father, he is in disbelief over his family’s latest discovery.

“Two bodies two weeks in a row? It’s unbelievable…. We’re not going to stop looking until we find her. And if we find other people along the way, that’s good. Families deserve closure.”

The second unidentified corpse discovered by the Runion searchers was found near 53rd and South Brighton.

While police begin their investigation into the suspicious death discovered by Jessica’s searchers, her father has some advice for everyone lucky enough to simply be out there, living their lives, as he searches for a trace of his daughter.

“People need to start paying attention to their surroundings. They need to be looking around because somebody knows something even if they don’t realize they know it.”

As they have done virtually every week since she disappeared, the family of missing Missouri woman Jessica Runions has vowed to continue their search until she is found.

[Featured Image by Runions Family/AWARE Foundation Inc./Facebook]