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The Election Is Over And Rush Limbaugh Refuses To Accept Reality: Still Blaming Welfare Recipients

Limbaugh Blames Welfare Recipients For Obama Victory

Commentary | Rush Limbaugh, along with many of the Republican old guard, seems completely unwilling, or unable, to accept reality. Their candidate lost the election to Barack Obama and Rush is still blaming welfare recipients for re-electing the President. In his twisted version of the universe, 52 million voters only supported the Democrats because they hand out free money.

According to His Royal Rushness:

“I’m not saying that the Republicans couldn’t do a better job with some of these minority voters, but you better understand why they’re not voting for you. In terms of the Hispanic vote, it is not because of immigration policy. Hispanics are voting for Democrats because of the same reason any other people vote for Democrats. They’re the party of free stuff. They are the party of Santa Claus.

It should obvious that Rush Limbaugh will never understand how ugly and offensive his words sound. For most folks, the alarm bells begin to ring as soon as they read the words “some of these minority voters.” Rush reminds me of a Caucasian friend who refuses to confront his racism, despite the fact that his speech is constantly peppered with the word infamous “N word.” Whenever I remind him the word is a vile expression of bigotry, he informs me he is not using it to define a race; he is using it to describe people who refuse to work for a living. He always makes sure to compound the offense by saying “there are White “Ni**ers too.”

This is exactly the attitude that cost the Republicans the election. Mr. Limbaugh sounded more like a school teacher disciplining an unpopular student than someone trying to convince a voter to change his or her mind and support Mitt Romney. He managed to offend a good portion of the electorate by insinuating that their laziness and greed was somehow responsible for all the misfortunes that have befallen our nation over the last two or three decades.

While the Democrats worked as a team, and maintained a united front, Rush and his cronies not only projected their “us against them” image of America, but they applied endless pressure on the Romney campaign to comply with their beliefs. The talk of unity within the Republican Party is a laughable lie. Limbaugh acted like a cranky bully and he was more than willing to crawl all over Mitt for the slightest deviation from the Neo-Con ideology.

Instead of being true to his beliefs and coming across like a man of conviction, Romney went back and forth on a daily basis. Every time a right wing hotshot told Romney he wasn’t upholding the conservative philosophy, Mitt jumped through hoops to prove them wrong, and ended up putting his foot in his mouth. The brain dead fiasco of Romney’s Jeep commercial is a prime example of the sort of behavior that earned Mitt a reputation as the “King of Flip Floppers.”

Rush, in his infinite wisdom, admitted he likes Romney. He said, “Look, he may have not been the most optimal candidate, but he’s a fine man.” This attitude was typical of those who shared Limbaugh’s philosophy. They claimed willingness to work for the Republican candidate, but always added a disclaimer. One can only wonder how the voters re-acted to the constant in-fighting between Romney and the Conservative wing of his party.

There is a wonderful old saying: “With friends like that, who needs enemies.” Mitt’s friends managed to alienate many of the undecided voters he needed to have any chance to win the election. After Romney failed with the undecided, what chance did he have to convince Obama supporters to vote for him? Why would Democrats and Independents put their trust in a man who is endorsed by people like Rush Limbaugh?

Here is another fine example of Rush Limbaugh’s disgraceful opinion of voters who made the choice to exercise their right to vote for the candidate of their own choosing:

“But first, let me tell you, small things beat big things yesterday. Conservatism, in my humble opinion, did not lose last night. It’s just very difficult to beat Santa Claus. It is practically impossible to beat Santa Claus. People are not going to vote against Santa Claus, especially if the alternative is being your own Santa Claus.”

Republicans wonder why there are so many Americans on public assistance and Food Stamps? They are of the opinion that everyone who voted for Obama sold their soul for a pitiful $600 to $800 a month (Less than Rush spends in a month on his fat cigars). Do Conservatives actually believe poor people are having a non-stop party on their tiny monthly allotment? This is an absolute fantasy to frighten the gullible voters. Most of the unemployed would love to have a greeter job at Walmart and an chance to get the bureaucrats out of their lives.

Any President, who retains a shred of humanity, would have provided assistance to those in need during America’s recent decline. Despite the Republican claims to the contrary, President Obama gave poor Americans a lifeline by increasing Food Stamps and unemployment benefits. Maybe he even did it so they could eat, instead of just trying to buy their votes. I’ m no fan of Obama, but I choose to believe he is not planning to destroy America. He is simply a well meaning amateur, who is too fond of big government, but there is no evil plot to turn the nation into Stalin’s USSR or Hitler’s Germany.

Even in defeat, the extreme Right Wing of the Republican party clings to its bitterness and attacks the majority of Americans; many of whom are trapped in lousy $10 an hour jobs working for billionaires. They will never ride in limos, smoke a great Cuban cigar, live in a mansion or eat Kobe beef. They would like to own their own home and find a better job. They want their kids to have a chance for an affordable college education and a better life. Does this make them parasites or is Rush Limbaugh an elitist who is severely lacking in compassion? We will leave it up to you to decide the answer.

One thing is clear. The words of Rush Limbaugh, and the image of an incensed, angry Karl Rove disputing the election results with Fox News staffers, will stay in the minds of voters for years to come. When the next mid-term elections roll around in 2014, you know the Democrats will allow the words of Limbaugh and Rove speak for themselves and even more voters will turn away from the Republican party.

By now, it should be apparent, that Mr.Limbaugh has a different view of America. In his nation, people who are struggling are not allowed to enjoy any of the good things in life. Instead, they would live a mean, deprived existence that is essentially little more than three hots and a cot. This is Limbaugh’s vision of our country; a philosophy that cost Romney a chance to be President. The Republicans often accuse the Democrats of promoting violence and civil disorder to make points with Liberal voters. It is much more likely the world imagined by Rush Limbaugh would lead to blood in the streets. Read his words, and weep, my fellow Americans:

“You gotta have courage to face the truth of the answer. Under Obama, welfare rolls increase by 32%. Food stamp participation shot up 71%. There are 47 million Americans on food stamps. Obama strips the work requirement out of both. We have 23 million people unemployed in this country. They all have, for the most part, a telephone, a place to live, a flat screen, a car, and they’re eating.”

“That’s not the way people lived on unemployment, say, in the Great Depression or say in the 1970’s, even. You had to find a job if you wanted those things. You don’t have to now. And when a party presents hard work as its route to success and the other party’s presenting Santa Claus, what is going to win? Santa Claus is free stuff. The other side is stuff that you work for and earn. This is where the country is. It’s not sour grapes.”

The views expressed in this commentary are the opinions of Wolff Bachner. This commentary does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of and the writing staff.

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55 Responses to “The Election Is Over And Rush Limbaugh Refuses To Accept Reality: Still Blaming Welfare Recipients”

  1. Duan Anderson

    Well ya the DEMOCRAT (LIBERALS) have been able to create a "dependent" society – That is, a society dependent upon government handouts (freebies – if you will). Do or DID you think they'd vote for someone they thought would take those give-aways away? If you did you need to pull your head out of the sand.

  2. Wolff Bachner

    actually i didn't support either candidate and even if i agreed with Limbaugh, which i don't, his obnoxious attitude is responsible for alienating many undecided voters,. i wonder if you have ever lived on welfare or food stamps. do you really think the people are having a party? most of them would love a decent job. stop the hate.

  3. Kim LaCapria

    Wolff Bachner I don't know who you are, but when I find out what you did with my friend Wolff there is gonna be trouble. 😀

  4. Patrick Frye

    Wolff Bachner "do you really think the people are having a party? most of them would love a decent job" I agree with the "most" part. Unfortunately, it's the moochers that you remember most.

    I've been involved with helping the poor for years. So far my wife and I have helped 6 people by letting them stay in our guest room for free until they get on their feet. The best has been our current guest, who is working to get his CNA license. Unfortunately, he comes from a family of moochers and they're constantly trying to drag him back into their lifestyle. 1 of the 6 we had to give up on and he's currently living off of social security, sleeping during the day, and going to the clubs every night.

    Another is trying to improve himself but he moved into a household shared by around 10 people who are intent on mooching off the system. He tells me the stories of the constant parties and the drug addicts. Just this past week I saw him and he had barely slept because everyone else was being noisy with their partying. He's trying to help the addicts get off the drugs. According to him the others are always complaining about not having money but they always manage to get just enough from the gov, and other charities, to cover their smoking, alcohol, and other stuff. Personally, while I admire my friend for attempting to help them he really needs to focus more on himself for the time being.

    Who did these people vote for? I have no idea. In fact, they probably did not care enough to vote. That, if anything, is why Rush is so off-base. He's complaining about a demographic that probably is not voting anyway.

  5. Patrick Frye

    Oh, and part of the reason so many people are on food stamps is probably due to wages not catching up with the quickly increasing cost of living. I found out recently through my wife's manager that most of my wife's co-workers are now on food stamps due to this. Can't blame that any one person; there's plenty of factors. Shifts in the overall economy due to globalization. Commodities traders. Dollar devaluation. At least in Florida a large factor might be the Federal minimum wage. It used to not cost very much to live a decent life down here. But as an example in my wife's industry her position used to make less 5 years ago but it was enough for even a small family to live on. Now she makes "more" but now it's impossible to live on just that amount.

  6. Tracy Goode

    Rush is absolutely wrong and if you believe him then you don't believe in facts. Just as many Republicans get government assistance as Democrats, just as many white as black or hispanic, just as many RICH as poor…yeah, bet you'll never hear any of that from Rush. Rush is a racist, a snob, a bigot, a misogynist, and an overall poor excuse for a human being. Take off the blinders and recognize that he feeds bigotry and class warfare and has actually convinced people that our country's problems are because of the poor and minorities when more of our tax dollars go towards corporate welfare than to social programs like food stamps (which actually DOES help our economy because it goes to farmers, grocery stores, the people that make the food, the people that ship the food, etc.). More is spent on the military industrial complex (pentegon/war/no-bid contracts like Halliburton and Blackwater) than ALL other government programs combined – including all spending for education, safe water, safe food, bridges and highways, air and plane safety, national parks, energy, research, and the hundreds of other government programs that benefit the country as a whole. It is sad to see someone so easily uninformed by the likes of Rush the Clown. And if you are a schoolteacher – according to Rush YOU are part of the problem too! You with your "union thugs" demanding decent pay and benefits! You government parasite. (his view NOT mine).

  7. Tracy Goode

    I would counter that Republicans have built a dependent society – the rich being dependent on government handouts to get them richer while the middle-class disappears. And guess what. You may not know this because none of your FOX and Friends or Rush-bots will tell you – but there are just as many Republicans on government assistance as Democrats. There are just as many white people as blacks or hispanics. AND there are just as many tax dollars going to the wealthy as there are going to the poor. Yeah, you won't hear that from your right-wing media types who try to convince people that all our problems are because of the poor or minorities.

  8. Jolena Stewart

    Rush is an admitted drug addict, serial party to divorce in allegedly unconsummated marriages and has been repeatedly shown to be a racist, sexist homophobe. This is who the Republicans get their marching orders from..,,

  9. Wolff Bachner

    Patrick Frye there are good and bad in every group. The thing I was trying to point out in my article is the use of fear of the "other" by leaders of, in this case, the conservative movement, to motivate their supporters.

    Both parties do it and the entire concept of party loyalty is probably what is really leading to the lack of honest, effective elected officials who act on the wishes of their constituents instead following the orders of the PARTY like they are part of Stalin's Politburo.

    The same applies to the voters. If Americans would abandon the utterly destructive concept of voting for a party and elect individuals based on their platform and their record, our country would be much better off and much less divided.

    Finally, I must comment on the post election behavior of Obama voters which has been atrocious. I have read literally hundreds of letters to the editor and blog posts by Obama supporters that are vile, obscene, violent, abusive and make threats of extreme bodily harm to anyone who dared to vote for Romney. The level of hate being directed to Romney voters by Obama voters is just as ugly as the behavior of Rush Limbaugh.

    Both sides are guilty and they really need to clean up their acts.

  10. Wolff Bachner

    Tracy Goode can you make your point with out resorting to character assassination and using the party line. You seem to have issues with the concept of personal wealth and you sound like a robot when you repeat the same tired attacks on businesses and the rich. there are just as many rich democrats and liberals as there are republicans. You really need to know that 8 of then 10 richest cities in America voted heavily for Obama. Will you continue to give them a free pass and only condemn rich republicans or can you wrap your narrow mind around the idea that there are good and bad on both sides.

  11. Wolff Bachner

    Kim LaCapria its me kimmy. i will call out anyone for being a hater, no matter what their party affiliation. Since we are BFF, you already know I am an Anarchist with slight libertarian inclinations. If i was younger I would be in Zucottti park teaching them how to organize an effective movement instead of a rabble. Until I got frustrated and joined the black bloc. oh to be young again.

  12. Wolff Bachner

    Tracy Goode can you make your point with out resorting to character assassination and using the party line. You seem to have issues with the concept of personal wealth and you sound like a robot when you repeat the same tired attacks on businesses and the rich. there are just as many rich democrats and liberals as there are republicans. You really need to know that 8 of then 10 richest cities in America voted heavily for Obama. Will you continue to give them a free pass and only condemn rich republicans or can you wrap your mind around the idea that there are good and bad on both sides.

  13. Richard Douglas

    Tracy Goode I listen to Rush. Maybe if you listened just once. You would realiaze you are an idiot. Rush has no power to tax or put you in jail.He can't hurt you. You sound like a brain dead obama supporter. At least your cute.

  14. April Briggs Bianco

    He is juat like Glen Beck! I can't believe people still listen to that IDIOT either! There is a reason why he was booted from Fox News, even they couldnt stand his Radical Hate Mongering! They both have their Disciples Brainwashed! It's Over! If you dont like it, leave the country!

  15. Kevin Flanagan

    Not worth the negativity that even reading about him brings… I'm really doing my best to focus on positive things, not that everyone will agree, but at least I'm not slinging BS.

  16. Kevin Ryan

    Personally, I am enjoying the hell out of watching the entire right wing blow a gasket at Obama winning…

  17. Channing Hill

    …..and what about the BS that lib talking heads Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, Rachel Madow spew. The difference is that most of the media are leftist and don't write articles about their own hate mongers. Rush would not have the listeners and followers if all of his points did not have "some" truth to them. Think about how long he's been around.

  18. George Mckeown

    Rush , Should'nt you be packing for your move to Costa Rica? America will be a MUCH better place once you and those of your "ilk" are gone!

  19. Patrick Frye

    Wolff Bachner I agree with the overall message. I would prefer it if we had 5+ strong, organized parties who would be more likely to accurately reflect the people they are supposed to be representing. It would also force bipartisanship since that's the only way anything would get done.

    I was just responding to the question, "Do Conservatives actually believe poor people are having a non-stop party on their tiny monthly allotment?" Unfortunately, based upon my experience some are. But like I said I doubt these moochers care enough to vote, anyway.

  20. Anonymous

    God the master seems a might upset that he has lost his slaves to do his dirty work. He no longer have his indentured servants or his slaves. Required reading for all white and black americans to me is "The Redneck Manifasto" as a black person this book opened my eyes to a lot of what is the problem with american today.

  21. Carlus Wilmot

    I will admit their are generations of welfare families out there and like anything else people will abuse things . To speak against everybody who uses welfare or any other governenment program is just plain dumb . You only know the folks within your own life experience . Now I'm fed up with people getting on SS disability so easy . I hope they'll be random drug screening for all welfare recipiants . I hope the governement returns to food vouchers like in the 50's . Basic food staples will stop people from selling thier food stamp cards for money for drugs . There is a way to handle all this and people need to stop calling all moochers because you don't know every one or met everyone .

  22. Anonymous

    To those people who had Stuff that was paid for before all of these problem sat it, lets thank about this. You were Santa Claus before because you had a job and was taking care of yourself and family, but thses people seem to not take into account that you were living before you lost your job and you were taking care of your family. They don't seem to understand that if you were working making $3200 a month (which I was) and going to zero and receiving only $200 in food stamps only (no unemployment no walfare nothing), that I don't want the government in my business. And from view, Santa Claus never gave me nothing, my father and mother gave me what I needed. And believe me you, Rush and his people are no Santa Claus, my parents were great Santa Claus.

  23. Anonymous

    you all have it twisted; Rush has always been a kkk member! Money & Racism go's hand in hand with him. The KKK's spent sooo much money to the republican parties with no result for their side especially Karl Rove; That their in a little bit of trouble for their efforts! And they're talking about the killer that kill the little girl & hit Gabby in the head and actually murdered a lot more; that's Sara Palins Hitman! she's a murderer! Plus; she's the one who put bullseyes on the democrats party. She's a murderer her; Michelle Bachman an other women and men like her! They are Evil and the bad people in so many of these movies that's out now, it's pathetic, their pathetic. Are you all going to pay that money back to those you have misled to be on your side? Or are you going to try that same Sh–t you did for the last Four Years?

  24. Anonymous

    Channing Hill Oh; that's right!, you're one of the hate-mongers, that's a wannabe that gave your money to them that hates even your own kind. interesting!

  25. Anonymous

    she's one of those sad cases that believe in Evil, she's probably one of those "Deadly Women"!. Or has a fascination with Rush, thinking he's gonna pick her out of the "I Love Rush Club!", No dear; he's into drugs and hate! Oh Wait!, You're like that too! Maybe it will happen! "Idiots"

  26. Wolff Bachner

    i wore the article and i do not support him in the least, but lady, you are just as bad as rush with your hate of sarah palin and other conservatives. they dont agree with you so you call them really need to wake up and stop spouting bullshit and learn to think for yourself. OH BY THE WAY IT WAS THE DEMOCRATS NOT THE REPUBLICANS THAT FOUNDED THE KKK AND OPPOSED THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. NOW ISNT THAT A SURPRISE FOR YOU. SO CONVINCED THE REPUBLICANS ARE ALL EVIL BECAUSE THEY DARE TO HAVE A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW.

  27. Al DeLeon

    "Hey Jolena. Grow a BRAIN." Fantastic rebuttal, Richard. You are clearly one of the greatest minds of the 21st Century.

  28. Al DeLeon

    We got a dittohead! I listened to Rush, for about a year during Bush's first term. Bloviating tripe.

  29. Ron Huss

    Rush, like Romney, are so far removed from the realities of the middle class they have no sense of the true reality of what it is like to be middle class in today's society. It is the rich, wall street, and many politicians that are selling out America by allowing American jobs to be sent overseas via tax breaks, pay offs (money under the table), making money while they make their fellow Americans their sacrificial lambs, so they can make their riches. Look at the stats, the middle class has shrunk significantly at the hands of the rich and powerful. The majority of what is and was the middle class are good Americans who prefer to work then get any hand outs. As history has proven, once the middle class is reduce to very little, that country falls. Please let's not allow this to happen.

  30. Ariel Dahan

    Al DeLeon Do you have any proof against her accusations Richard? Because all of her claims can be substantiated with quick searches. 5th marriage but railing for the sanctity of marriage…

  31. Ariel Dahan

    Actually, as Tracy points out… Red states are larger consumers of welfare and government assistance programs than Blue states. How is he right exactly?

  32. Ariel Dahan

    Patrick – the problem is that there are people who think that ALL dems, or even all users of social services are like those partying moochers.

  33. Alice White

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  34. Judy Mallory Creviston

    Women are on Welfare because the Male who participated in the creating of a child is not taking responsibilty for his actions. For the males out there who are bitching about mothers on welfare start wearing a condom or better yet get it fixed. I am so tired of hearing about birth control from the men who take no financial responsiblity for the outcome of sex! Keep it in you pants or take responsibility for it. Rush is an Idiot with a capital I! and so are the people who listen to him and agree with him.

  35. Anonymous

    I think that Rush piloniadal cyst on his rear end is always infected that why he says so many racist words but nothing can help but keep putting on a warm compress or have it lanced.

  36. Shaina L Settenbrino

    The reason that we Republicans can't accept the reality is because the election has been stolen, just like in South American and Arab countries. How is it possible that Romney did not get a single vote in the entire city of Philadelphia? I've also heard poll workers calling radio shows to report voter fraud, where people came in to vote and their signatures did not remotely match what was in the books, they werenot required to show photo IDs and when these poll workers tried to report them to the supervisors, they were told to mind their own business. Interesting that this is also the first year they have computerized voting machines… very hackable.

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