Jason Momoa on Jimmy Kimmel, drinking beer, throwing axes and talking Aquaman

Jason Momoa Admits How Long He Kept ‘Aquaman’ Role A Secret, Throws Axes, And Drinks Beer On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

It turns out that Jason Momoa knew that he would be playing Aquaman for quite some time before fans knew about it. Momoa was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night when he revealed just how long he kept the role a secret.

“I’m Aquaman, finally!” a relieved Momoa said. “Say it!”

Jimmy Kimmel asked Jason Momoa just how long he knew that he would be playing the iconic comic book figure. By his own admission, Momoa knew about the role for about five years but was not allowed to say anything about it until the last year or so.

Apparently, Jason isn’t a very good secret keeper, though. The Game of Thrones star admitted to Jimmy that he didn’t keep the role as hush-hush as producers may have wanted. He admitted during the interview to telling his closest friends and family about the role.

Jason Momoa came on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of a publicity tour for his new Netflix show Frontier. The Canadian original recently made its premiere in the U.S. Given the casting of Momoa, this series should do pretty well. A review of the historical epic in Variety calls Momoa “compulsively watchable” and while comparing Frontier’s successes to FX’s Taboo’s failures, says that the new Netflix series has “has sparks of brilliance.”

Jimmy and Jason talked about the upcoming roles in Frontier and Aquaman, as well as the fact that Jason Momoa was drinking a Guinness before the show. After explaining that the beer actually helps him throw more accurately, Jimmy had Guillermo get him another beer.

Throwing tomahawks drinking Guinness Me Guillermo And my jimmy Watch me on @JimmyKimmel – Tonight on ABC! #KIMMEL. @netflix @discoverycanada #frontier. @blkwlfco BLACK WOLF CO

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As for where those axes came from, it turns out that Jason Momoa makes them himself. He even made a special one for Jimmy, and as he gifted the talk show host with his own throwing ax, he tried to explain how to properly throw it so that nothing bad happens. As Jason said, you’re not supposed to throw it like a football. Instead, when throwing axes, it is important to throw it straight.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and keeping in the Frontier theme, Jason Momoa shows off his rugged manliness by holding a beer in one hand and throwing an ax at a bullseye with the other. It took Momoa a few tries to get warmed up, but before the audience knew it, Jason was flinging axes across the stage and getting pretty close to the bullseye across the stage.

Just watching Momoa throw axes across the stage on TV makes one wonder what his home life might be like. It turns out that it’s pretty awesome and he possibly has the luckiest kids in the world. Momoa described where he lives and the zoo of animals that they keep dogs, wolves, and a donkey. He also claimed to have to feral kids with his wife, Lisa Bonet.

Last night I was on jimmy kimmel and threw some tomahawks. I'm very honored to be making American handmade custom products with @kennykirk @richardbaggettstudios @justinjamesknives @madeworn we started a collective to showcase small business artisans I offended a company who I love and appreciate @coldsteel. We made a tomahawk for jimmy and we will probably make 25 of ours. Very limited. I threw cold steel Hawks and let jimmy throw ours. Some people didn't get that. Sorry Lynn I wanted to clear the air so no one is butt hurt I love my trusty cold steel tomahawks. But I am making a special one of a kind handcrafted Product for those who would like a black wolf co knife or tomahawk. A dream of mine to unite artists to help small business in America. Aloha j

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Jimmy Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo also tried to get in on the ax throwing. While they were able to pick up the axes and even throw them a little bit, it was nothing compared to the brute force and beauty of Jason Momoa throwing an ax across the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage.

Given Jason Momoa’s immense size and brute strength, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing him take on roles like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones or Aquaman or even the lead role in Frontier. A man the size of Momoa just wouldn’t seem right playing a suit and tie wearing accountant.

Frontier on Netflix is available to stream now. Fans can also look forward to seeing Jason Momoa play Aquaman in theaters in November.

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