Shia LaBeouf arrested for assault

Shia LaBeouf Arrested Live On Camera After Shoving Man Who Said ‘Hitler Did Nothing Wrong’ During His Anti-Trump ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Protest [Video]

Police arrested actor Shia LaBeouf early on Thursday, January 26, in New York City, after he got into an altercation with a man who walked up, during live streaming of his “He will not divide us” anti-Trump protest, and said “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

LaBeouf, 30, was arrested for assaulting an unidentified man while protesting in front of the Museum of the Moving Image, a media museum in Queens, New York. The arrest was captured by the camera live streaming the protest (see clip below).

The clip shows police arresting Shia and leading him away in handcuffs after he got into a spat with an unidentified man. The actor continues to chant “He will not divide us,” as police officers surround and handcuff him.

Police, according to TMZ, said that a 25-year-old man walked up to the actor’s live stream camera and said something that LaBeouf disagreed with. The Telegraph reports that the man allegedly said “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

Angered, LaBeouf grabbed at the man’s scarf and in the process scratched his face. He also shoved the man, according to police.

Police officers, who had been posted to the protest site since Monday, January 23, arrested Shia, reportedly for assault. The alleged victim reportedly refused medical attention.

LaBeouf launched the live streaming of his “He will not divide us” protest at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, January 20, on the morning of the day that President Donald Trump was sworn-in as the 45th president of the U.S.

The mantra for his protest “He will not divide us,” is written on the outside wall of the Museum of the Moving Image where the protest has been taking place.

LaBeouf said that the protest was planned to run for the entire four-year duration of President Trump’s presidency. He has spent hours since Friday, dressed in a blue jacket and red hat, chanting, swaying and dancing to his repetitive “He will not divide us” mantra, while facing the live stream camera mounted on the wall outside the museum.

“We’re anti-division out here. Everyone’s invited. ‘I’m just saying, `Be nice to each other.'”

He also invited members of the public to participate in the 24/7 live stream by standing in front of the camera mounted on the museum wall and repeating the mantra.

Actor Jaden Smith, 18, Will Smith’s son, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, participated in LaBeouf’s protest on Inauguration Day, according to the Daily Mail.

Many sympathizers have participated in the protest by chanting, singing and dancing to the actor’s mantra.

“Shia took a hit for us,” a witness who had been protesting with LaBeouf said after police took the actor away. “There were all these Nazis here, he came out and tried to protect us.”

The protest is a participatory public art project being run with two other unnamed collaborators. The group intends to run the project for 24 hours a day during the four years of Trump’s presidency.

Jasson Eppink, the curator of the museum, described LaBeouf’s participatory art project as “creating a forum for conversation about a very fractured moment that we’re experiencing.”

Although Shia was not booked immediately, he could face a misdemeanor assault charge, according to TMZ.

The actor’s fellow protesters continued the protest after he had been arrested and taken away.

This is not the first time that police have arrested LaBeouf for assault. The actor was arrested in February 2005 in Los Angels and charged with assault using a deadly weapon. He reportedly threatened a neighbor with a kitchen knife and rammed the neighbor’s car with his.

A witness said that the actor “lost his cool” after his neighbor blocked access to his garage and kept him waiting while chatting with his girlfriend. After Shia honked and yelled at the neighbor to move his car, he drove into the back of the neighbor’s car and then threatened the neighbor. Shortly after, Shia reportedly appeared at the neighbor’s front door armed with a kitchen knife.

Police arrived, handcuffed, and took Shia away, after a physical altercation with the neighbor.

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