Elijah Ahmad Lewis Facebook Video Up To 71,000 Views: Reno Police Looking For N-Word Spewing Woman Who Hit Elijah

Elijah Ahmad Lewis Facebook Video Up To 87,000 Views: Reno Police Looking For N-Word-Spewing Woman Who Hit Elijah [Graphic]

Elijah Ahmad Lewis has a viral video on his hands, with Lewis explaining what he said he experienced in Reno, Nevada, in the following Facebook video. Elijah opens and closes the video with his personal thoughts about his experience — with the middle of the video showing an unknown woman repeatedly calling Lewis the N-word. Elijah’s video has swelled to more than 87,000 views on Facebook and growing by the minute.

Warning: The Facebook following video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

Elijah is popular enough as an actor that the Motown cast member of Motown: The Musical was photographed on the red carpet at the Pantages Theatre on April 30, 2015, in Hollywood, California, as seen in the photos above and below.

As reported by the Reno Gazette Journal, Reno police are looking into the shocking incident. The event took place in downtown Reno in broad daylight, as Elijah wrote in the description of his viral Facebook post. Lewis said that he was walking downtown in Reno when he heard a woman saying things behind him. Elijah said he turned around, and since only Lewis and the woman were the two people present in the immediate area, Elijah knew the woman must’ve been speaking to him. However, the Motown: The Musical actor said he decided not to give in to the raging woman’s antics. Instead, Lewis said he ignored the woman and kept walking.

However, with Elijah ignoring her and continuing on his way, Lewis claims that action made the woman even angrier, so Elijah said the woman hit him in the neck area. That’s when Lewis said he was able to get out his phone and begin recording, but the woman tried to knock the phone out of his hand. Indeed, the Facebook video at one point shows the woman appearing to jostle with the phone, but it doesn’t appear to fall to the snowy ground in Reno. Lewis and his Facebook video are gaining plenty of views and reactions.

Facebook video
[Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Hollywood Pantages]

Meanwhile, Elijah has filed a complaint with the police department, and as such, cops in Reno are trying to find the woman and any other people who may have witnessed the melee with the ranting woman and Lewis. Though Elijah wasn’t available for further comment, according to Jam Theatricals, Lewis is focusing on his performance in the musical.

The Facebook video, however, is gaining plenty of views as people on Facebook watch the woman continue to let the N-word fly in Lewis’ direction. As a result, Elijah is receiving a plethora of comments on Facebook beneath the viral video. Elijah referenced the biblical verse “be in the world and not of the world” in his viral Facebook video, advising people to pray for one another, including the leaders of the world.

Elijah Ahmad Lewis
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“You can be in the world but not of it, as the Bible says. Keep this world in prayer. Keep people in office in prayer. We may not like what’s happened right now, but it’s happened. People in this world are just not nice, period. And it’s proven every day. Today was really, really an eye opener. It’s not a coincidence that I’m doing the show called Motown and going around the world telling this story. It’s no secret that since the election of President Trump, hate-motivated violence and harassment of people of color has dramatically increased. We just gotta ban together and put an end to this kind of racist behavior.”

Those who know anything about Elijah’s plight — or the woman seen in the video — are being asked to contact Detective Lt. Zach Thew or the detective division at 775-334-2115 or Secret Witness at 775-322-4900.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Hollywood Pantages]