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‘Firefly’ Joss Whedon Under Fire After Calling Ivanka Trump ‘A Dog’ And Jared Kushner ‘Voldemort In Training’

Firefly director Joss Whedon went on a rant against Ivanka Trump, oldest daughter of President Donald Trump, likening her to a dog, and her husband, Jared Kushner, to Harry Potter villain Voldemort. What Whedon didn’t expect was the backlash against the self-proclaimed feminist, letting him know that it’s not okay to call any woman names, particularly “b**ch.”

Despite what Whedon thinks, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had moved their family to Washington, D.C. to be near her father, Donald Trump, and his administration, so far on a consulting basis, says the Inquisitr. Trump, Kushner, and family are still settling in the Kalorama neighborhood, close to where the Obama family has moved post-White House. Trump says she chose the house for its proximity to their Orthodox synagogue.

Though director Joss Whedon has a large fan base, they aren’t afraid to clap back when he steps over a line that sounds a lot like misogyny. Director Whedon went after President Trump’s daughter Ivanka, likening her to a Pekingese dog (small and yappy), and called her husband Jared Kushner a “Voldemort in training,” hinting that he is plotting quietly in the background, says PageSix.


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Fans lashed out, threatening to take away Whedon’s ERA card. People suggested that calling Ivanka a dog was dangerously close to calling her a “b**ch.”

“@joss Maybe next time, just come out and say ‘b**ch’ You ain’t fooling anyone with ‘Pekingese.” Is this how you fight for women’s rights?”

Others asked Whedon if he was okay because he seemed to become unhinged. Others asked, to make it clear, if he called Ivanka, a woman, a dog, because he didn’t agree with her father? Classy! And this isn’t the first time that Whedon raised concern, particularly in his female fans. Recently, when Nicole Kidman said it’s time to accept the election results and try being supportive. In response, Whedon mocked Kidman’s “plastic” appearance and posted a picture of Kidman next to a plastic Lady Penelope doll.

After that, Whedon went off on House Speaker Paul Ryan with a profane and classless tweet.

“Violence solves nothing. I want a rhino to f–k @SpeakerRyan to death with its horn because it’s FUNNY, not because he’s a #GOPmurderbro.”

The New York Daily News made the point that it wasn’t okay to attack the daughters of President Obama, and it’s not acceptable to trash President Trump’s children, as some things are out of bounds. Twitter is buzzing with suggestions for Whedon to keep it polite.

“Was it ok to attack Obama’s children? No. So stop attacking Trump’s children. People like you are the problem, just keep it civil.”

Whedon then suggested that “plastic” Kidman was a “puppet for Trump,” and that the president is a dictator. He seemed upset that the tone of his talk was not being accepted.

“Wow. We’re THAT country now.”

But HeatStreet says that Joss Whedon isn’t backing down, and he is warning people that Jared Kushner is plotting, and “playing the long games.”

“Hey, keep your eyes on this f**king prize too. He’s a Voldemort in training, & unlike the Pekingese he married under, can play the long game.”

Whedon has touted himself as a supporter of Hillary Clinton and boasts of his friendship with Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian.

What do you think of Firefly director Joss Whedon, and his recent Twitter rant? Is it ever okay to liken a woman to a dog?

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