Real Or Fake News? Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Of Denver On Facebook: I Wouldn't Take A Bullet For President Trump

Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Of Denver On Facebook: I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For President Trump – Real Or Fake News?

Kerry O’Grady is certainly getting plenty of attention on Facebook. That’s because Kerry is allegedly a Secret Service agent out of Denver — with Kerry allegedly posting to Facebook that even though O’Grady is a Secret Service agent, Kerry won’t take a bullet for President Donald Trump. The dubious nature of this report about Kerry has made readers wonder if the report about O’Grady is true or not. For example, although reputable sites like The Hill are reporting about Kerry’s supposed claims that as a Secret Service agent, O’Grady wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump, those claims about O’Grady have originated from the Washington Examiner. The report about Kerry very well may be real, because the following Twitter account is currently inactive, once found under the name Kerry O’Grady (@kerry_ogrady) on Twitter, at the URL

“U.S. Secret Service ‏@SecretService 13 Jun 2016…. Have the moral courage to make hard decisions- Kerry O’Grady, Special Agent in Charge, United States Secret Service”

As of this writing, Snopes doesn’t have an article debunking the Kerry O’Grady story — but one wonders why a supposed Secret Service agent would make such claims so publicly on Facebook, risking O’Grady’s alleged career in the Secret Service –which leads to another point: The Secret Service members usually remain pretty secretive, as their job entails.

According to The Hill, Kerry’s Facebook post claimed that O’Grady would rather face time in jail than take a bullet for President Trump.

“As a public servant for nearly 23 years, I struggle to not violate the Hatch Act. So I keep quiet and skirt the median. To do otherwise can be a criminal offense for those in my position. Despite the fact that I am expected to take a bullet for both sides. But this world has changed and I have changed. And I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. Hatch Act be damned. I am with Her.”

The publication claims that O’Grady’s Facebook page is still alive and well, with Kerry’s Facebook cover photo allegedly containing an image that advertised the Denver women’s march. However, one Facebook page with Kerry’s name on it currently shows a photo of a dog — if that’s even the correct O’Grady. As seen below, one of the women who shares Kerry’s name has written about getting death threats. But the correct O’Grady reportedly said that all of the women marching in protests represent her — and the fact the O’Grady is proud to say she is a nasty woman. It is a phrase that turned Mr. Trump’s insult of Hillary Clinton on its ear. O’Grady reportedly said that the Secret Service agency is the most important thing to Kerry — and that the U.S. Government is also the most important thing to O’Grady.

Whereas Kerry said that she serves at the pleasure of President Trump, a phrase that seems to take on a whole new light (or darkness, as it were) in light of Mr. Trump’s Access Hollywood tape leaks, O’Grady declared that she still has her First Amendment right to say things and express her feelings. If O’Grady is indeed a Secret Service agent who might find herself protecting President Trump at some point, Kerry could indeed find herself out of a Secret Service job in Denver.

Meanwhile, the wrong Kerry O’Grady — not the Secret Service agent — wrote on Kerry’s Facebook page that it was very stressful dealing with hate from people who mistook her for the Secret Service Kerry. So much so, that the wrong O’Grady included a hashtag on her Facebook post, letting people know that she is not Secret Service Kerry.

“The first day of classes is busy enough without dealing with hate mail, tweets wishing my death, and a whole bunch of other fun ‘you’re Satan’ stuff since this morning. In case anyone else needed clarification, I am not this Kerry O’Grady…and am in a rightful position to say I wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump. #notsecretservicekerry

As seen in the top photo above Secret Service agents rushed Mr. Trump off the stage at a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada, on Saturday, November 5, 2016, after false reports of a gun emerged.

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