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Girl’s Day K-Pop Comeback: Dream Tea Entertainment Girl Group Extends Hiatus, Hyeri Comments On Extension And ‘7-Year Jinx’ Disbandment [Video]

It has been almost two years since Girl’s Day was last heard in K-pop. The Dream Tea Entertainment girl group currently consisting of four members — Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri — last made a K-pop comeback back in 2015 with two studio albums, one in South Korea and one in Japan, titled Love and Girl’s Day 2015 Autumn Party respectively. That year, they had three featured track songs, “Hello Bubble,” “Ring My Bell,” and the Japanese version of “Darling.”

Unfortunately, Girl’s Day has not done anything as a girl group since then. Maybe they were just too busy with their solo endeavors. Both Sojin and Yura have made numerous appearances on K-variety shows. Minah is busy with a soloist career. Finally, Hyeri is making a name for herself in acting with starring roles in Reply 1988 and Ddandara.

Girl's Day -- Ring My Bell Group Image 1
The last K-pop comeback Girl’s Day had was back in 2015 with the studio album ‘Love’ featuring title track song ‘Ring My Bell.’ [Image by Dream Tea Entertainment]

With 2017, K-pop fans especially those who are DAI5Y (official fan club of Girl’s Day) hoped Girl’s Day would finally make a comeback. Sadly, it is now known that Girl’s Day will be pushing it back a bit longer.

The news of Girl’s Day pushing back their comeback was announced on Tuesday, January 24, through Dream Tea Entertainment, as reported by Soompi. The entertainment label and agency in which Girl’s Day is currently signed under provided an official statement to the press on the matter.

“We have not decided on the comeback date yet. We are giving it our all so that Girl’s Day will be able to return with an album of the best quality.”

Both reports and rumors circulated numerous K-pop news and fan sites on Girl’s Day making their K-pop comeback since Autumn last year. Hype and anticipation for their comeback amplified when Dream Tea Entertainment suggested that said comeback might happen in January but we now know that will not happen.

Girl's Day -- Hyeri Promotion
Hyeri, the maknae of Girl’s Day, might have provided some insight on why her girl group might be pushing back their K-pop comeback. [Image by Dream Tea Entertainment]

Girl’s Day pushing back their K-pop comeback does sound disappointing. As a matter of fact, Girl’s Day’s hiatus is likened to another popular girl group, 2NE1. With 2NE1 recently disbanding, fears have arisen among K-pop fans that Girl’s Day might be heading in the same direction. Fortunately, Hyeri has spoken up on such matters revealing exactly why Girl’s Day pushed back their K-pop comeback.

Hyeri recently talked about a myriad of issues pertaining to Girl’s Day including disbandment and comeback during an interview with Korean magazine Grazia, as reported by Asia Starz. In it, Hyeri makes it known that the reason for their delayed comeback is the pressure to deliver on the expectations of fans. She even made sure to mention that Girl’s Day will not fall to the “Seven-Year Curse” in which K-pop idol groups usually change or disband after that amount of time too.

“Our hiatus has been way too long since we released our second studio album in 2015. Hundreds and thousands of songs come to us but it’s hard to find songs that match Girl’s Day, which is why [our comeback] has been delayed. All of the members have this pressure to satisfy the fans as much as we’ve rested. But we do still feel sorry towards our fans since we know what it’s like to wait. [As for the ‘Seven-Year Curse,] the members and I talk a lot about this topic. There won’t be a case where we’ll fight and disband.”

Ultimately, all we as K-pop fans can do is wait and hope that entertainment labels and agencies along with their K-pop acts are able to deliver. In the case of Girl’s Day, they truly do want to deliver to their fans, but they also want to make sure their comeback does bear financial fruit for themselves as well as their company. That is something that must be taken into consideration given the K-pop landscape presently especially when girl groups like Red Velvet, Twice, and Black Pink are taking more than their lion’s share not only in profit but popularity. And if Girl’s Generation happens to make their comeback this year too, every girl group will be on notice.

[Featured Image by Dream Tea Entertainment]