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Darren Criss Is Music Meister In ‘The Flash’ And ‘Supergirl’ Musical Crossover

The CW is set to stage a mini Glee reunion with the announcement that Darren Criss will appear in the two-part musical crossover of The Flash and Supergirl as the villainous Music Meister. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talked to TVLine about their casting decision.

“With our Flash and our Supergirl being Glee alums, how could we not have them go up against another Glee favorite like Darren Criss? We have been blown away by his talent over the years and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the Music Meister.”

The anticipated episode will air on March 20 and 21. The crossover will begin at the end of Supergirl with most musical scenes happening in The Flash. In 2015, Gustin was asked about the possibility of a The Flash and Glee crossover. He then told Entertainment Tonight that he would love to have Darren on board.

“I was just talking to Darren recently and saying that. I’m like, ‘Dude, we gotta get you on this show, we gotta get you in on this thing.’ I don’t know in what capacity but he’s got to.”

Apart from Darren, Gustin Grant, and Melissa Benoist who have all proven their musical prowess in the past, the network previously confirmed that Jesse Martin (Joe), Carlos Valdes (Cisco), Victor Garber (Dr. Stein), Jeremy Jordan (Winn), and John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) would likewise sing.

Prior to landing the role as Barry Allen, Grant had a recurring Glee role as Warbler member Sebastian Smythe. When his character was introduced in the show’s third season, Sebastian made Chris Colfer’s Kurt jealous because of his flirtation with Darren’s Blaine. Grant similarly starred in the Broadway revival of the renowned West Side Story.

The Flash viewers first heard Barry singing in Season 1, Episode 12 in which Barry and Caitlin went out on a friendly date and hit the karaoke bar.

Barry and Caitlin singing on The Flash
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Furthermore, not everyone knows that Jesse, who plays Barry’s surrogate father, has a Tony Award for his singing skills. He takes pride in his role as Tom Collins in the Broadway hit Rent.

Last year, at the network’s Television Critics Association winter previews, producer Greg Berlanti was asked about the musical crossover. He confirmed that it is indeed the Music Meister who would induce the singing in the episodes.

Barry and Kara will face the villain whose weapon is controlling his victims’ minds using his high-pitched voice. Music Meister previously appeared on the animated version of Batman: The Brave and the Bold with Neil Patrick Harris voicing his character.

The producer believes that the musical crossover is significant in enhancing the shows’ storylines. “When we get to the musical episode, both Barry and Kara will find themselves at pivotal crossroads on their respective series, and the experience of going through the musical will have a great impact on both series going forward,” he explained.

While the network is pushing the limits of its beloved series, Arrow fans should not get their hopes up because Stephen Amell previously dismissed the idea of joining a musical. “I get to draw the line, and I draw the line at musical,” he told MTV.

The Flash is not only responsible for reuniting some of Glee’s cast members because the superhero series is also one of the reasons behind the revival of Prison Break. At the same winter press tour, Wentworth Miller revealed that his reunion with Dominic Purcell in The Flash episodes sparked his interest to reprise his role as Michael Scofield.

“Suddenly we were back on set, discussing old times. And out of that conversation came the possibility of revisiting Prison Break.”

Captain Cold and Heatwave on The Flash
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Wentworth then arranged a meeting with executive producer Paul Scheuring who realized that many aren’t ready to let go of Michael’s tale yet.

Prison Break Season 5, that will premiere on April 4, will have nine episodes and despite the shortened new season, Paul said that there are no “filler episodes.”

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