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Chris Christie Says It’s Not His Fault Romney Lost, And He’s Right

chris christie obama to tour NJ

Commentary | Chris Christie, Republican rock star and governor of New Jersey, has emerged as a punching bag for frustrated conservatives as the results of the election wash over the party and a convenient target of blame is sought.

Chris Christie, in case you missed it, is being held up by many as a factor in Mitt Romney’s defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, but the trend is one likely to deprive the Republican party of its only hope to grab marketshare back from the Democrats and pull this thing out in four years.

Chris Christie is everything the Republican Party needs to be if it wants to still be the Republican Party and survive. For a conservative, Christie is pragmatic and progressive in thought. He espouses the party’s basic ideals and makes an intellectual case for them, but the plain-spoken Jersey governor doesn’t waste time rejecting the truth or ignoring factual things — and as we learned last week, when push comes to shove Christie, unlike his compatriots, puts people over party and for this, his fellow conservatives have lashed out.

For his part, Christie isn’t accepting the blame, as he shouldn’t. That the man did not allow Jersey to suffer more and instead worked with the President is not a smear but a credit, and anyone who suggests otherwise is harming the party more than Christie could have even had he endorsed Obama, which he did not.

Christie commented on the election’s outcome yesterday, first noting he was “extraordinarily disappointed” at Romney’s loss during a news conference in Harvey Cedars. The governor said that he didn’t expect it to end so soon, and explained:

“I was surprised that it ended as quickly as it did … People decide elections and so my job as an elected official is to move forward after that. I’m not going to spend a lot of time looking into my rear-view mirror.”

Chris Christie Shuns Mitt Romney Ahead Of Presidential Election

Christie was asked why Romney lost, to which he joked the candidate “didn’t get enough votes,” and said:

“I don’t go into that kind of analysis. I’m not a pundit. I’m an office holder.”

Again, to his credit, Chris Christie didn’t back off from working with the President to move recovery forward in Jersey, which is the job of an elected official. He said:

“I’m a guy who tells the truth all the time. If the president of the United States did something good, I was going to say he did something good and give him credit for it. It doesn’t take away for a minute the fact that I was the first governor in America to endorse Mitt Romney, that I traveled literally tens of thousands of miles for him, raised tens of millions of dollars for him, and worked harder than any other surrogate in America other than Paul Ryan.”

And, he says, he is still more concerned with the welfare of his constituents than political bickering — a stance the GOP would be wise to notice, acknowledge and most importantly, embrace:

“I’m going to do the job I have now as best I can — do first things first — and my future, whatever it is, will take of itself. I’m honored to be the governor of New Jersey. That’s all I’m worried about right now. With the stuff that I’ve been dealing with for the past eight or nine days … politics becomes much smaller when you’re dealing with life or death issues.”

Do you blame Chris Christie for Romney’s defeat?

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123 Responses to “Chris Christie Says It’s Not His Fault Romney Lost, And He’s Right”

  1. Kathy Jones

    I am a conservative who is extremely disappointed that we lost, but I in no way blame Gov. Chirstie. He was doing his job, and there is nothing wrong with bipartisanship.

  2. Stephen Goldstein

    Chris Christie was NOT responsible for Romney's defeat. according to exit polls, Romney got betwwen 25 and 30 percent of the Latino vote. With Hispanics gaining an ever-larger share of the vote, that probably made the difference in several states. While Romney won his base, Obama's base came out strongly to vote for him. So the pollsters were largely right. If Republicans alienate the two fastest growing voter blocs, blacks and hispanics, it will be hard for them to win presidential elections in the future. I supported Romney but in California, it hardly mattered.

  3. Mark Thetford

    Right wingers scare liberals like me. Chris Christie doesn't even though I disagree with his politics and would be dissappointed if he were elected president, I would not be scared that my life would change in a major way as it would have had Romney been elected.

  4. Kristi Louie

    He didn't help matters. He could have been bipartisan without gushing like he did. You have to take into account how his behavior played with networks like CNN who re-played the photo op with Obama and Christie getting cozy over and over. You also have to consider that although Christie's intentions were pure, Obama looked at this as an opportunity to exploit the "rockstar of the republican party" for political gain. Obama has not helped those people and did not go back during the remainder campaign; he flew in for his photo op with Christie and flew out. There are still a million people without power, water or food and FEMA is not there. Great job Christie; you FELL for his BS and although you were not DIRECTLY the reason Romney lost, you did not do the party any favors.

  5. Carey Watson

    He needs to do his Job but he certainly doesn't have to treat Obama like a freaking Greek God four days before the election.

  6. Sally Lloyd

    Did you see the devastation back east? I think that in an extreme time of need, anyone who brings assistance IS “a freaking Greek God “. Personally, I think they were just polite and friendly. You prefer them openly hostile? THAT is what is causes division in our country. (Hi Carey)

  7. Ross Montelbano

    Wow, these comments show the division in the GOP. They need Chris C. a lot more the he needs them. As a middle of the roader, he is the ONE Republican that I can support. The rest are so far up the Tea Parties ass that they can't see day light. America will never elect a Tea Party type President. Statewide they can win, but nationally they are losers. Chris if they don't appreciate you, go Demo, I'd vote for you in a heartbeat. That's one guy that has his priorities straight.

  8. Tom Banerjee

    Chris Christie is the best. It's not his fault Romney lost. It's not Romney's fault that Romney lost. He is lost because of FOX news channel and Karl Rove, John Sununu, Donald Trump, NY Ex Mayor Rudy Gulianni, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbugh, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram and few more gave bad name to Romney. I am positive Romney would have won if these guys were not there. Oh sorry I forgot that guy named "Dick Morris".

  9. JoAnne Gilmer

    Romney lost this all on his own. Christie did what was right. The Republicans need to wake up and face the facts. Their candidate did not tell America what he stood for. He blatent lied over and over. He wanted to be President -not commander–in-chief. POWER and GREED. His contempt for the 47% he dissed lost him this election. He did not get it. It is disgusting the Republicans try to blame a man that is looking out for the good of his state- which is his job- and gave credit where it was due. GOV Christie I applaud you.

  10. Carey Watson

    I've been watching Sally where's Obama and Fema? No where thats where, and by the way where was Obama when Americans we're getting murdered. I tell you they where watching it real time and did fucking nothing. This administration is putting this country into bankruptcy with all is bull shit spending not to mention this guy is the biggest bull shit liar that lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. they ask where's the angry american I'm the guy. So all you libs keep watching that Bs liberal press and drinking the cool-aid. and that's just a couple of reasons there's division in the country. I feel sorry for my grand kids and you should feel the same. Have a Revolution!!! say Hi to Tim.

  11. Karen Ayers Clark

    Kristi, it is that attitude that helps explain why the Republican Party is dysfunctional. Christie is to be commended for putting politics on the back burner in the midst of the devastation. "Party loyalty" has its time and place, but that was neither.

  12. Patricia Montelbano Saucedo

    I like him also. He steps on toes because he is so outspoken, but at least you know where he stands on the issues. I wish he would run also.

  13. Lillian Reesta Harr

    I love how, now, the liberal editorials are coming out soooo consoling to the losers. Trying to give warm and fuzzy advice. Bottom line, the turmoil and anger over the lack of FEMA's help, is already starting in liberal Jersey and NY. California voted in a tax hike with the promise that if it is voted in there won't be anymore fiscal issues. Hmmmmm…. Four years can be a huge price to pay. But Axelrod, Chicago style, was successful, with the omission of truth from the media. America gets what it deserves.

  14. Kristi Louie

    I am very sorry if you feel that way but it is the truth. You can be bipartisan, respectful and get a job done without the rockstar photo-op right before an election. Christie fell for a chance for Obama to act like he is BFF's with the republican's star spokeman. Just plain dumb. Regardless, it is my opinion and the opinion of tons of conservative pundits and talk show hosts. In the end, it doesn't matter, we are all stuck with Obamacare and rising debt and unemployment – we all lose together "equally" across party lines. Congratulations U.S

  15. John Wong

    Blacks traditionally vote democratic – vote always in the mid-90's. As for gov Christie, he could have thanked Obama for doing what any president would have done and shook his hand. He didn't have to slobber all over Obama.

  16. Anonymous

    Karen Ayers Clark
    almost…you're right about the attitude, and the Governor's actions, but "party loyalty" is the reason we are riding the hot rail. The time has come for the abolition of the two-party paradigm in this country. These incumbent, idiotic juggernauts have failed to give us a worthy candidate for DECADES…"Party loyalty" desperately needs to be eliminated, like syphillis….

  17. Kristi Louie

    I really feel like this election was about us (the American people) seizing on the very last chance to hold on to our founding principles and not about anything else. We are now on a fast track to Europe and here you is worried about party loyalty and our two-party system? Great, now we will have a ONE party system controlled by dictatorships and propoganda media. This country will go down now -all of us together. SMH.

  18. Kristi Louie

    I really feel like this election was about us (the American people) seizing on the very last chance to hold on to our founding principles and not about anything else. We could have given Romney 4 yrs to try to turn things around for us and voted him out in 2016 if he didn't! We are now on a fast track to Europe and here you are worried about party loyalty and our two-party system? Great, now we will have a ONE party system controlled by dictatorships and propoganda media. This country will go down now -all of us together. SMH.

  19. Linda Belvail

    Instead of blubbering all over obama, Christie should have waited to kneel at the obama alter AFTER all was said and done. Instead, he kiss obama backside on what obama said he would do, not what he is actually doing, which is not much.

  20. Arthur Julia

    Mr Chirstie, proved one thing to us, you don't hob-nob with the enemy no matter what.He could have done all that praising in private.

  21. John Berg

    The election proved we are holding onto our values. Be glad mitt didn't get in office. Look like Europe? No, more like China where labor is pennies an hour. FOX is the one party media machine by the way. He was elected, not a dictator. Very delusional you are. Yoda.

  22. Peter Kwan

    Kristi Louie, I cannot say it any better. Gov George Pataki (NY) said the federal government has not sent anything to help NY since the hurricane ended. Obama just went in there for photo op and fooled the rest of the country. He almost fooled me. I'm an Independent who supported Ron Paul so I was undecisive. Luckily, I saw Pataki on CNBC right before I went to vote and I voted for Romney. Even if Romney lost, I don't regret voting for him.

  23. Polly Turner

    Christy (girly man) sounds just like Obimbo the coward in chief.

  24. Kim LaCapria

    Kristi Louie Hey, party of "personal responsibility," why don't you rephrase – CHOSE to fire 22 employees. No good businessman fires 22 people because they are doing well. Whoever that is obviously ran their business into the ground and blamed Obama for their own failure.

  25. Denise Weiss

    I'm an independent woman living in the state of nj. christie has been impressive in his dealing with hurricane sandy and I respect him for working for the people of our state at such a difficult time. his working with obama has also given me faith that republicans and democrats can cross the asile for the good of the people. for me, romney lost because of his party's conservative views regarding women and his inability to stick to a principle. he appeared to be lying, at times, and would change his rhetoric to fit his audience.

  26. Paul Brunswick

    I totally agree with Carey Watson. His first reponsibility was to his people in need and he needed Obama's help but he didn't need have to behave in the manner that he did. I was appalled and wonder what was behind his over the top actions. Also, what does Christie think of FEMA's effectiveness today? And why isn't Obama out on the sites today?

  27. Mike Mueller

    I'm sure Gov. Romney would never blame ChrisC. It is true he was looking out for his state. But also the American people see Chris walking hand in hand down the beach with BHO what are they to think?

  28. Jenni Tilton-Flood

    I am absolutely fine with a politician who doesn't mind speaking his mind….and doesn't kowtow to pollsters and stifle his thoughts just to appease others…but that's just me.

  29. JoAnne Gilmer

    Thank you Dale. I totally agree with you too. The Tea Party is too extreme. Live and Let live is my motto, and be kind to one another. (Y)

  30. Sherry Miller

    I don't vote straight party line. I think it's not very intelligent to think only one party has all the answers. Christie is what the Republican party needs to be, giving credit where credit is warranted and in some cases reaching beyond the party. This type of person is the only hope the Republicans have if they want to stay relevant. Otherwise they are going down the toilet, sooner more than later….

  31. Scott Leger

    so for the republican parrty to survive, it must become liberal,, Christie just needs to go ahead and switch to the democratic party, his fawning over obama for simply doin his job 1 day after the storm , certainly swayed some votes, I bet they would not be so quick to praise him today.

  32. Michael Wolverton

    Do you live in NJ? I do. I also am a New Orleans native that escaped Louisiana during the height of incompetence of Mayor Ray Nagin and fmr Gov Kathleen Blanco. Christie has turned into those two morons with his horrendeous leadership.

  33. Anonymous

    Outrageous is the thought that Gov Christie had any impact on this election. Romney had no chance as long as the Democratic Party is seen as the party which will dispense the most trickets to those who chose to live off the Goverment and not work. The Republicants may never win another election unless they too become a huge sugar bowl and hand out the spoons. It's as simple as that.

  34. Dawson Julia

    Hey Will there are ways to convey your message without being a punk. My thoughts on Christie is he is gearing up for presidency in 2016 and he knew he would have to wait until 2020 if Romney were to get elected. Lets also remember Christie was on the short list and who knows what went on behind closed doors on the decision process………maybe this was revenge? Or maybe this is just Christie? He has been one of the few in his party to step up to the loud, misguided and misinformed and speak his mind despite what the opposition in the GOP might say of him.

    Classic Christie and worth the 2:29 –

  35. Bud Seitzinger

    Don't kid yourself. It's all politics. A week before, Christie was bashing Obama for being a poor leader. If Christie has designs on 2016, it's better to run against a dem without having to unseat a sitting incumbent pres in your own party. Chritie's looking out for Christie.

  36. Judy Rae Jackson

    JoAnne Gilmer. The GOP is dead unless the moderates (are there any left) grow some balls & kick out the extremists who have totally taken over the GOP. I have a lot of family & friends who have left the GOP because of the extremism. Romney changed his opinions every time he opened his mouth. The GOP didn't really want Romney in the first place & Ryan was NOT a good pick for VP & despite the money they spent, they lost in a major way. The GOP has 4 years to figure things out but without MAJOR changes, the GOP is dead as a political force in this country. Extremism scares people.

  37. David Dowdy

    Its not his fault Romney lost but one thank you to Obama would have been fine. Not 50. I will never vote for him because he caved in on a crisis. STUPID MOVE

  38. Julia Georges

    I don't appreciate anyone disrespecting elders…or another's point of view. Each is entitled to their own opinion…that's what makes this country great! If you didn't care, you wouldn't try so hard to make your point of view known. Thomsas Jefferson would say you are being patriotic, right?

  39. Kirsten J Walstedt

    I am a Democrat who already liked Chris Christie (except during his convention speech) and I have gained even more respect for him since Sandy.

  40. Tommy Coyle

    He didn't help the Comi!! Christie is weak! Just a loud mouth sissy boy. I am a Conservative … I would not vote for him! Phony

  41. Teresa Ward

    I am heart broken that this election was stolen by fraud. I*t was everywhere even the military's ballots mysteriously got burned in a plane crash. Right! I believe in bipartisanship but Obama should have been there. That is his job. Christie did not have to lavish praise all over him. And after all that look at the help Obama has not given them since. He went on about his life. He made his photo op and Christie aided him.

  42. Steven E. Heicher

    I sure didn't see anyone treating Obama like a Greek god. I saw two leaders working together and essentially telling the media to screw off and let them do their job without worrying about an idiotic election. Disaster recovery doesn't happen immediately.

    Plus, everyone up there in NY/NJ really sounds like crybabies. Take a lesson from Nashville and what happened to them in 2010… no one came to us knocking on our doors offering to help. We had to recover on our own — something I'm sure is largely lost on them on how to do it.

  43. Kandy Florentine

    I'm not saying Romney would have won–however Christie did seem to have a "love fest" with Obama during the storm. President Obama did what any president would do in that situation–no more no less. Christie did not have to praise him and congratulate him over & over & over. It sickened me.

  44. John Gibson

    So now if Chris Christie was not the reason Mitt lost , using Republican logic, then the Hurricane was Obama's fault? This guy is a lot more powerful than I thought. Kudos to Christie for standing for his ground and being a leader and to Mitt for bowing out with dignity. There wasn't a lot of that in the last few weeks.

  45. Stephen Schneider


  46. Sherry Edmondson

    Paul Brunswick You are an idiot! You are an old, stinking and smelly fart. You older white men make me sick to my stomach. I appreciate the President and Gov. Christie. You need not look any further than the mirror to see why republicans lost. Because most of them are old a– holes that can't be trusted, like you.

  47. Bryan Krenzin

    This is a ridiculous argument. I'm a conservative GOPer and Christie did the right thing. There are things that transcend politics and this is one of them. The idiots who are saying he lost the election or even hurt Romney don't understand anything…and it is really callous in the light of what happened. Romney lost because he had some missteps and because he was running against Santa Claus. The GOP is not doing a good job getting it's message out and they are letting the media and the liberals frame them into "obsolete, old white men" which is somewhat true but a pretty gross generalization for most of the party. Yes, there are some idiots in the party, but there are on the left too (Pelosi for starters, which is why no one dared to give her the checkbook back in the house). Conservatives have a good message but we have to get out of some of these petty fights were in right now and give details on how we would do it. We didn't do that in the election so we have to face that and get better. Conservatives have a good message and they have one big truth on their side. It is ALWAYS more expensive when the government is in the middle of everything in the same way it's more expensive when you have a middle man peddling goods. So GOP, stop being stupid, don't panic, don't turn into liberals and start spending money (like in 06 and 07). There was no "referendum vote" on Tuesday. The only thing that happened was that 2 senate seats changed hands: one in a very liberal state and another that should have because of the rape wingnut. Just have a solid, detailed plan ready when this socialist experiment runs out of everyone elses money.

  48. Bill Fox

    With friends like Crispy Creme – who needs enemies? Romney turned out to be alot better than his campaign and obama the opposite. Romney had the deck stacked with the massive negative dirty campaign against him well before June when he finally got the nomination, the Romney campaing was so feckless they let the chicago thugs pummell Romney and shape the narrative of Romney the Vulture Capitalist, Romney the Women Hater who'll take their contraceptives away, Romney cold hearted 1%er – all of these attacks without any meaningful answer, and then to top it off, his narcissitic donut eating friend Chrispy Creme looked like he was not just kissing BO's ring to get a few bucks for Jersey – I think he kissed his tuckas too! Anyway, Chrispy should lay off the donuts and share with some of his constituents who could use the food – don't you think? Bottom line lesson that everyone should learn from Catrina and Sandy Storms – If you are not prepared with a generatior, water, food etc, and you depend on the Govt and temporary narcissitic politicians to stick around longer than a minute for a photo Op and offer you real help, you're kidding yourself. Where's the self reliance that built this country? It ain't in Nawleans or Joysee. I can tell you that!

  49. Bill Fox

    Ross, Crispy Creme should walk away from the donuts. I think the sugar high makes him cranky. the media eats up his wacky insulting remarks. I find him a leftist republican that has no sense of Principles – and conservative values – They like fat rude people in joysee…He's fun to watch -I get it, but instead of throwing out witty one liners and insulting peoople to get attention – I would just like to see him bend over and tie his shoe laces – NOW that would be entertaining!

  50. Bill Fox

    Read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin Mark. Classic Liberals who founded this country believed in private property, free enterprise, commerce, Individual rights, God (mostly Protestant), tolerant of other reliegions -(how we got the 1st Amendment), Natural Law , the rule of Law. Now is that so scary?

    What scares you? Being responsible for you own actions? Being Self Reliant? Not depending on the Govt to tell you how to run your life. What's so scary about Freedom that makes people so eager to give up their freedoms for the lies of free stuff promised from the Marxist left?

    BTW, Romney is very much a liberal Republican. He's not as big a lefty as the Bushies- with TARP and the original Bailouts – but Romney is no Classic Liberal – or what we today call Constitutional Conservative. I'm sure he would have given you free stuff too…just managed the decline a bit better than the radical wrecking ball who now has 4 more years to destroy what's left of traditional American values.

  51. Dixie Patricia Cockrell

    Good Lord, what a stupid awful thing to say! Christie has been beside himself endlessly working to help people deal with Sandy recovery. Horrendous leadership? What color is the sky where you live?

    I. too. am a New Orleans transplant, and you need an education.

  52. Betty Watson

    Just how was the governor of a state in crises treat the President of the USA? a bone head
    like those who think he should be disrespectful only God can help you!!!

  53. Emancipated Tea-Partier

    Romney lost his Massachusetts where he was governor, Michigan where his father was governor, and Wisconsin – home state of Paul Ryan. Was there a hurricane in any of those states?

  54. Anonymous

    he could have toned it down… I thought he was working for obama….

  55. Anonymous

    if obama did what was right, then why are things the way they still are? obama got in his photo op as did christiy…. and the people in NJ and NY are still in that terrible condition…. kinda like Katrina… only worse..

  56. Julie Munoz

    You are the sort of voter that doesn't make sense. Each party stands for two very different things. Democrats for big government and a nanny state and socialism. Republicans for individual freedoms, small govt., prosperity. Also, for all you minorities out there that have been conned by the democrats, MLK was a Republican. Google it and read all about that and why. It is enlightening. The GOP came into existence as an abolitionist party. It was the democrats that tried to keep slavery and are still doing it by trying to keep moinorities poor and dependent on them for their daily bread (welfare, etc). Eisenhower (republican) was the first to start dissegregation. And guess who was a senator who voted against it? JFK. So check your facts before you start calling us racists and rich white people. With these 2 parties so different it is ridiculous to split your ticket. Your are one or the other and to elect a President from one party and tie his hands by giving him a House and Senate that are opposed to what he wishes to accomplish is just stupid. You believe in his agenda but tie his hands. I do not think GOP is going down the toilet. You lioberals will be screaming for change after 4 more years and a true depression, 50 % unemployment and riots like in Europe and with FEMA managing your healthcare. Good luck on that one. You are getting just what you deserve but the rest of us do not deserve this.

  57. Kathy King

    Well said Ross,I really agree with you –I'd vote for him too. I hope he is indeed as middle of the road as he seems. I really think this country is getting sick and tired of this division of parties

  58. Robert Hoelle

    What we have here is an honest and intelligent politician. Exactly what we need more of.

  59. Robert Hoelle

    It is amazing how people will scream for bipartisanship and reject it when it finally surfaces. Gov Christie is a man of honor that put the people of New Jersey first. He is honest to a fault for today's politics.

  60. Shari LaRue

    I never vote a straight ticket and I can honestly say if I were in a point that Chris Christie was on a ballot where I could vote for him that I would. He puts people ahead of his party and genuinely cares about the welfare and safety of these people. I admire a man who can stand up and defend his position without apologizing to his party for it. I do believe that he may be one of the honest ones. WAY TO GO CHRIS CHRISTIE.

  61. Robert Hoelle

    @Paul Brunswick, I voted Republican up until this year. It is people like you that are stuck in the past and refuses to acknowledge the needs and wants of the 2012 Nation that cost the GOP the election. People like you are pretty shallow to blame Gov Christie for putting his suffering people first. Change or lose, its just that simple! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

  62. Shari LaRue

    Obama didn't exploit anyone.. He brought in people that he knew could attract others and therefore get help to these victims even faster. As for saying that he didn't go back during the remainder of the campaign, you are wrong. He did go back there and see Christie and discuss how things were going. Obama is a warm and caring person. He has lived in poverty and has worked his way up. Give him a little slack. I sure am a lot more relieved that he will be helping bring our country out of this than a man who doesn't give a shit about 47% of us and has made that clear. He just didn't know a tape would come up to haunt him and show his true feelings. He didn't care about the people of this country, but just wanted to add Pres of the U.S. on his impressive resume.

  63. Shari LaRue

    Until the Republicans like Romney start treating Blacks, Hispanics and Latinos like they are just as human as the rest of us, they will never have the base that the Democratics do. They work, pay taxes and vote and you have to include them in your party as well or you are doomed.

  64. Anonymous

    I do not usually comment on these articles, but by reading this article, one would never guess that the far left wing of the Democratic party is just as divisive and unyielding as the far right wing of the Republican party. The issue is (for some reason) America is not electing moderates right now. So, we have adamantly sincere people on each side of the aisle who believe their way is the best way. What would be refreshing is for there to be honest, non-inflammatory, non- dismissive dialogue occurring in Washington DC. But… hey…we can't seem to do it here, so why should we expect Washington to be any different?

  65. Debra Ann Hunter

    I totaly agree, I am all for someone who can be respectful and show it and NOT be afraid of ticking off his party. He has won my respect and I hope he does run. I would be willing to hear what he has to say.Screw the old ways, look out, purple is the up and comming…….. my way or no way is over! It's all for one and one for all. America is ready for a change, we don't see one color, we see red, white, and blue!

  66. Debra Ann Hunter

    I am a dem, and I love Mr. Christy. He makes me want to listen to what he has to say…..he seems to be a very respectful, honest person. Good for him, the republicans should grab him and run! Best man they could hope for!!!!

  67. Debra Ann Hunter

    How could you think like that? That to me is just crazy. All he did was to thank the President for his help and I guess you need a scape goat? Blame game? Will anything ever change?

  68. Debra Ann Hunter

    NOT ONE PERSON I know changed there vote at the last minute because the President helped Florida! I am sick of hearing about why Romney lost, he didn't get the votes…..never would have. Stop crying, blaming, and start walkin…..because I'll meet you in the middle of the road, and walk hand in hand to a better future. But if you stand where you are at, you stand alone.

  69. Debra Ann Hunter

    Julie Munoz Wow, could you be filled with hatred anymore? You are for sure a hard Republican. The kind that is out of date and touch with our ever moving country. I watched Anderson Cooper and he had a girl who was a Republicans daughter ……she was so insightful, and so level headed, I fell in love with her and her views! I am a middle of the roader…..she said outright, her party lost because of their old ways of thinking. It's the younger people that give me hope for a purple future! Can you open your mind or are you like a rock……Meet in the middle and everyone wins……it's a new day in America, let's all move forward! Julie , please go smoke one and relax, it will all be ok.

  70. Debra Ann Hunter

    Not a good message, one of hate and color and one sidedness. America is a melting pot and people like you don't like the mix, your way or no way! Santa my butt. Meet in the middle of the road and you may get more votes………..or stand on the sidelines, because my America is moving forward and we want everyone to have a piece of the pie…..

  71. Debra Ann Hunter

    Crawl back under your hole, cause your ugle is showing…….really stop helping the people that need it, ….half ass huricane relief? What my friend have you done to help? You sound like part of the problem.And I'm sure you don't speak for all of your state. id

  72. Milton Miyauchi

    Another huge mistake was neither Romney or his wife catered to the women vote or addressed the equal pay concern. Did not get their vote with his looks.

  73. Conor Ford

    Never has someone said "This candidate isn't conservative enough, so I'm going to vote for the liberal instead".

  74. Anonymous

    No, in fact, he is not right. There are three things that, had any one of them not taken place, would have probably resulted in an Obama loss. The choice of Ryan for VP was wrong, a kowtow to the tea party, that was unnecessary and costly with swing voters. The 47% remark was stupid, and should have never been said out loud, even if he believed it was true. Finally, Governor Christie fawning over Obama for doing what he was supposed to be doing anyway. Had any one of those things not happened, I believe that Romney would have prevailed. Governor Christie, go to hech ee double hockey sticks.

  75. Robert Hensley

    You dont sound middle of the road to me, you are clearly one of those hardcore liberals who is to scared to just say it. So really your opinion on this guy or the GOP is worth nothing

  76. Anonymous

    With friends like Chris Christie, the GOP doesn't need any enemies.

  77. Anonymous

    Funny, I know a guy who works for FEMA who has been there quite a while no. Had problems getting there but did asap. He is totally stunned by the devastation.

  78. Bill Boulware

    Shari LaRue how do republicans treat blacks and Hispanics? Just because we feel people should obey the law and work for there family and future? Is that a message to only white males? I want specifics!

  79. Bill Boulware

    Debra Ann Hunter the only place America is moving is down the toilet! You caused it, but you will never see the truth because yoiu are blind, deaf and dumb!

  80. Anonymous

    Christie has proven himself to be a trader with a price. He is a piece of crap and has just put the nail in his own coffin! I can't believe I actually used to like this guy!

  81. Tom Peters

    Hey, tough guy. Where I come from, being loyal is a measure of the man. All that tough talk is simply an act. Get off your knees, Stand like a man. Freaking lap dog!

  82. Dorothea Seeborg

    Do you havr to "goosestep " to belong to the republican party , that is definetly what turns people off!

  83. Dorothea Seeborg

    Do you have to "goosestep " to belong to the republican party? Look at the head and heart of that person first , we can, t afford to be that narrowminded in any party.

  84. Tammy Allen Stetler

    Its truly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of anyone trying to blame him. The only one to blame for this loss is Mitt Romney himself!

  85. Robert Monroe Wilson

    If anyone really believes Gov. Christie caused Romney to lose, well I got 200,000 acres I'll sell ya. Seriously folks, (fellow GOPers and conservatives alike) there are a heck of alot more reasons Romney lost, then a Governor praising Obama for whatever reason. Do you all seriously think that IF Christie hadn't, that that would've changed the results Tuesday? HAHA. Again I got 200,00 acres to sell if you believe that.

  86. Anonymous

    JoAnne Gilmer The Tea Party exists to make sure the Governmnet Lives and Let Live, Are you really that stupid?

  87. Anonymous

    Mark Thetford maybe you should form some ideas of your own and stop letting the Socialist Democrats form your every thought.

  88. Aarthur Julia

    He could have told Obama what a great guy he was in private.he;s history now.that wasen't too bright.

  89. Dawson Julia

    Gramps…….he may be history in a serious conservative's eyes but in a moderate's eyes or even some liberal's eyes it makes him very appealing…..and that is how you win elections these days. I think he nailed it if that was his intentions if not then he unintentionally set himself up for 2016. Hell I may even vote for the guy if Hillary can't make a hell of a good case why she would do better job.

  90. Félix G. Ortiz

    Chris Christie is the hero the Republican Party needs, but not the hero it deserves.

  91. Celeste Yvette Steinberg

    I noticed something interesting. Obama got 73% of the Asian vote. A larger percent than he did of the Hispanic vote. Asians as a group are prosperous, maybe more prosperous than white people. They are not a focus of the immigration battle. They should be a natural constituency of the Republican party. Yet, the Republican percentage falls each presidential election.

  92. Aarthur Julia

    When you talk to me,Dawson, your talking to and independent,who's in favor of government health insurance for all,same sex marriage, etc/ but no one including Mr. Christie is going anywhere outside of new jersey,on the republican ticket when you make atrocious mistakes like he has done.

  93. Cayce Hand

    Ross Christie may not have done anything wrong, but he sure didnt do America any favors.

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