Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms Rumors

‘Dance Moms’ Rumors: Prosecutor Wants Abby Lee Miller To Serve More Than 2 Years In Jail, Show Officially Over?

If the latest Dance Moms rumors are to be believed, Abby Lee Miller doesn’t have that much time to enjoy her freedom.

According to CBS News’ latest round of Dance Moms rumors, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Melucci, who is leading the Federal fraud charges against the ALDC leader, has petitioned the court to make Abby Lee Miller serve at least two years in jail as punishment for her involvement in a scam wherein she hid more than $750,000 in income from a bankruptcy court. Melucci claims that the reason Abby Lee Miller did this was to avoid repaying back monies that she owed in taxes and wanted to keep all of the earnings from her reality show for herself.

“No one would rob a bank if he didn’t know there was money in it,” he told the court for purposes of illustration.

“The entire Chapter 11 system is based on full disclosure, and if there’s not full disclosure, the whole system falls apart,” U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Larry Wahlquist testified on behalf of the state, during which he also claimed that there was more money that Abby Lee Miller was hiding and not disclosing.

Abby Lee Miller’s attorneys haven’t commented on the case and have said that they will not comment on the case until after they call their witnesses when the sentencing phase of the trial resumes on February 24.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Dance Moms rumors from People Magazine, Abby Lee Miller has already been forced to forfeit more than $120,000 in earnings in an attempt to avoid jail time.

In August of 2014, Miller reportedly put this money into plastic bags and carried them throughout the airport, which is in direct violation of federal law. Federal law restricts people from carrying more than $10,000 of undeclared income on their persons, especially when they are flying.

Miller’s attorney, Robert Ridge Esq., previously told People Magazine that he intended to prove that the charges lodged against his client were false.

“Throughout this case, Ms. Miller has taken both the allegations and the proceedings very seriously. This has been a challenging time for Ms. Miller. She appreciates the words of encouragement and support from around the world.”

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Even assuming the best case scenario in court, Abby Lee Miller has previously all but confirmed on her Instagram page that the seventh season of Dance Moms will be its last.

According to the latest Dance Moms rumors from Deadline, if indeed this is the end of the line for the show, it’s not news that is exactly unwelcome. Abby Lee Miller claims that Dance Moms has become a bit of a movement worldwide, with fans in such far-reaching places as Australia, and she’s not exactly concerned about the show being on the air past the seventh season anyway.

It was, in fact, the fandom in Australia that got Abby Lee Miller in trouble in the first place, because that is where the money that Miller allegedly forgot to declare came from.

“One piece of definitive movement today saw Miller dropped her attempts to not pay up her attempts to keep the $120,000 she was accused of illegally sneaking into America from Australia in the summer of 2014. In previous court filings, the feds have claimed that Miller used minors to get the money Stateside. They have now agreed to drop their request to enhance Miller’s sentence for the use of minors in her activity of not reporting bringing more that $10,000 into the country.”

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