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Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson Together? Kate’s Brother Reveals Pitt’s ‘Dirty Habits’

Are Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson together? Dating rumors have been plentiful these past two weeks with many questioning if Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are really together or if the tabloids have merely chosen Brad’s new girl for him.

Just a couple of months after the world learned that Brangelina was no more, the world is now reading about Brad’s rumored new love interest — Kate Hudson. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson have reportedly been having secret rendezvous for a few weeks now. Although their relationship has been speculated for quite some time now, rumors hit an all-time high when it was reported that Kate Hudson let the cat out of the bag at the 2017 Golden Globes.

Brad Pitt
Actor Brad Pitt [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]

While Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson weren’t together at the awards show, they were both in attendance — and sources say that Hudson couldn’t help but gush to pals about her new love interest at a Golden Globes after party.

And then there was this.

“Despite not making an appearance together, the pair may have managed to squeeze in some private time, with the mag reporting that Kate, 37, was spotted having an ‘intimate’ conversation with Brad’s agent, Bryan Lourde, before being spirited away from the party in a car that had the exact same number plate as the one that Brad left the earlier ceremony in,” Yahoo! Lifestyle reported.

So, are Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson really together? Kate’s brother, Oliver, decided to have a little fun with the rumors and it looks as though he did a great job at throwing people off the trail. According to Mail Online, Oliver Hudson opened up about Brad Pitt’s bad habits — clearly joking about the stories that have been floating around the web for the past few weeks.

If you are a fan of Kate Hudson’s, you probably know that she and her brother are extremely close. So, when Oliver took to Instagram to post a picture of Star magazine with a cover that read, “Brad Moves In,” people paid attention.

Oliver Hudson
Oliver and Kate Hudson [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Oliver caption the photo with the following.

“Yeah and it’s been hell!! He’s messy as [sh*t]! He drinks out of the [f**king] carton and leaves the door open when he’s taking a dump!! And this is when he’s at MY house!!! He’s already calling me brother and has driven a wedge between myself and my real brother Wyatt who now won’t speak to me. He insists my kids call him uncle B and lost my youngest at the Santa Monica pier for 2 days. Thank God for Amber Alert. My mom’s overtly flirting with him! Shes wearing these little nighties around the house now?! But ALL DAY!! Like at 3 p.m! And Pa just keeps saying ‘All right!! It’s Brad Pitt!!’ Anyway not going well.. so BP.. it’s time to move out man.. I need my life back dog. I’ll smoke one more bowl and then get the [f*ck] out. We thank you. Oh and I found your medical bracelet so I’ll get that back to you.. ok..”

If Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson were together, chances are Oliver Hudson wouldn’t post such a thing, even if it is funny. The fact that he posted the hilarious caption above suggests that the rumors about his sister dating one of the newest (read oldest) bachelors in Hollywood are nothing but bologna.

Interestingly enough, Kate Hudson hasn’t said anything about the rumors — and she clearly has heard them. Do you think that she is really dating Brad Pitt? Do you think that Oliver Hudson’s post should be taken as a hint?

Regardless, it’s clear that the Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson dating rumors aren’t going to die down anytime soon. In fact, the rumors may continue until one of the actors goes public with another relationship sometime in the future.

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