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Eva Longoria Was ‘In Tears’ After Obama Victory [Video]

eva longoria

Eva Longoria was “in tears” last night after President Obama won re-election over Mitt Romney.

Longoria, who stumped for President Obama during the 2012 Presidential campaign, told Good Morning America:

“I was in tears, first of all. I thought it would be a longer night. We were prepared. … I was so excited because we did work very hard for the campaign, but it just shows that the middle class won. Super PACs didn’t get to buy the election. They didn’t get to buy America.”

Longoria sent out a photo of herself in tears after it was announced that Obama won the election. It’s a group photo so its hard to see if Longoria is actually crying tears of joy, but the former Desperate Housewives star wrote:

“Me and my friends celebrating! I’m on tears! Moving the country forward!!! Obama!!!”

Several people have credited Obama’s victory to the minority vote. Latino voters, as well as black voters and LGBT voters, turned out in huge numbers for the president this year just like they did in 2008.

Longoria said:

“It was a huge night for a lot of people. For women …A huge night for the LGBT [community] that showed up for the president. And of course it was a huge night for Latinos, and I was very happy to be a part of that.”

Longoria was thrilled to see Obama re-elected but insisted that the battle wasn’t over. The Real Housewives star said that the important thing now was to end the gridlock in Washington.

Longoria said:

“It is time to shape the peace here in this country and to move forward, to end the gridlock that we’ve been seeing in Congress. I love what he said last night, ‘It’s not what can be done for us, but by us,’ you know, referencing JFK. I think this is the time…. Hopefully these partisan politics will end and [Obama] will be able to get more things done that he needs to get done.”

Are you happy that Obama won the election? Did you cry (tears of joy or sadness) last night?


eva longoria

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44 Responses to “Eva Longoria Was ‘In Tears’ After Obama Victory [Video]”

  1. Marshall Helsel

    Wait until they see their 2014 tax bill. Then they'll be crying for the RIGHT reasons. LOL!!!

  2. Dana Lakey Moore

    Yep, in tears here as well as an upset stomach and inability to sleep well last night. The only thing that keeps me sane right now is knowing that God is God and I am not, for he knows exactly what to do to glorify His kingdom. He never promised this life would be fair nor easy, but that He would never forsake us.

  3. Dana Lakey Moore

    Of course he did not forsake us, but saying the election results are proof of that is just crazy. God does not condone the liberal platform! Obviously we see things differently.

  4. Kim LaCapria

    Dana Lakey Moore Isaiah 55:8-9: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

  5. Dana Lakey Moore

    Abortion and same sex marriage is completely against God's teachings!

  6. Perry Read

    Hey Eva….You will be crying when the Gov't finally runs out of other countries that will lend us money or the ability to print more money and all services are stopped for all…and I mean stopped for all……I hope you fools that worked to get him elected are happy with yourselves….

  7. Kim LaCapria

    Dana Lakey Moore As are hoarding wealth, forsaking the poor, and while we are at it, haircuts and football and bacon and lobster.

  8. Anonymous

    Iwas moved to TEARS,,, 4 more years of B S ,,,, but who cares as long as the rich are happy.

  9. Anonymous

    What a stupid cunt. She's probably not legal anyway. He's already talking about raising your taxes. Hop all you stupid a…. enjoy it. Will be interesting how much he needs from all of us to spend his way into making us a 3rd world country.

  10. Dana Lakey Moore

    Kim- so eating bacon and lobster is the same as killing a baby?

  11. Caroline Mitch

    She is the new Hollywood Slut!!! You better watch out Mrs. Obama… She wants to bed down your man!!!!! I used to be a Fan… NEVER AGAIN!!!

  12. Loretta Snoopy Nug

    Crazy 1/3 of the USA wanted a Mormon to be president. If it happen how many 1st ladies would we have?

  13. Sone Metuge

    Good one Kim. Not only abortion and homosexuality are against Gods teachings. If I may add Adultery, Fornication,Disrespect for the president of your country. We are suppose to pray for our leaders not demonize them. God mandated that. And Point of correction Dana, Jesus was not a liberal nor a conservative. Do you know who were conservatives? Pharisees and they were the biggest hypocrites that Jesus exposed. Abortion stops a beating heart so does illegal wars. All this bible cherry picking need to stop. Where is the outrage with the rampant fornication and adultery in the USA? These are the route cause of abortions. Tackle that and abortion, gone.

  14. Leslie Vanover-Baker

    Eva Longoria's track record with men say it all. To the very ignorant posts below, bitter isn't what honorable debt paying, hard working people are,… we are sick of lazy, no good losers who draw welfare checks and believe running up debts in the amount of 16 trillion is a travesty. I can afford to pay my 130k, can you?

  15. Austin Wade Soulone

    Aww lets call the waaaambluance, we have a rethug having a conniption fit

  16. Austin Wade Soulone

    awww poor baby lets change your diaper and put you to bed, you have a bad day LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  17. Austin Wade Soulone

    @ Dana, is that the same god that killed every one by flood, killed first born children, and destroys cities during a tantrum, thanks but you can keep your serial killer.

  18. Anonymous

    Eva is awesome! I guess if I was rich I wouldn't really care that more women and people in general are living in poverty today than ever…cry me a river Eva!

  19. Anonymous

    Now we just have to get our leaders to enforce trade law with foreign nations and we can get our jobs back – it shouldn't matter who does it (Obama, Romney, whoever) but it MUST be done, or we're dead as a country going forward.

  20. Monte Le Gould

    More free stuff, I'm glad his record didn't impact the outcome and the press were able to suppress all the adverse lies from the right. Awesome more free money, free stuff and no work! What America is all about…

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