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Chelsea Houska On Aubree And Social Media: Is ‘Teen Mom’ Star Protective Of Her Kids?

Chelsea Houska has been in the public eye since she got pregnant with Aubree. Chelsea started filming MTV’s Teen Mom 2 after giving birth and fans already knew her story in regards to Adam Lind from 16 & Pregnant. Houska has been one of the young mothers, who stuck with her plans to complete school and work after graduating, and she recently revealed that she had gotten married and was pregnant with baby number 2. However, there is one part of Chelsea Houska’s life that has to be addressed, including social media. Now that Aubree is getting older, she may be starting to express an interest in how she’s playing a role on social media networks.

According to a new Tumblr post, Chelsea Houska read what people were saying about her on social media and her daughter’s role on the networks. Thus far, her daughter doesn’t have her own accounts like some of the other children in the franchise. And Houska is very selective when it comes to what pictures she’s sharing of her daughter. One can imagine that Chelsea Houska wants to protect her daughter and her soon-to-arrive son from the public eye, which means she controls what gets shared. And she recently reacted to a Tumblr post, which was written by someone else.

“In response to the Aubree commenting on social media discussion: I think it’s good that she talks to Aubree about social media. At 7 my boyfriend’s daughter was posting photos (with supervision) on my Instagram account, she was aware when I posted a photo of her–and would ask to see the follow up comments and likes,” a person wrote on a Tumblr account called Teen Mom Truths after Chelsea announced her pregnancy on Teen Mom 2.

“For good or bad, it’s common place in our society to have social media and keep active profiles. Kids are aware of that, and unfortunately for Aubree she was born into the public eye and will get more attention just because of that. She needs to know how to response–or not respond–to some of the harsh comments she’ll unfortunately get. I mean, look at Sophia’s account? That poor girl gets dragged through the mud because of her mother,” the person continued, slamming the way Farrah Abraham had handled the way Sophia is portrayed on social media in comparison to how Chelsea Houska handled the online world.

Of course, Sophia has her own online accounts, which often posts things that are for sale. Farrah has used her daughter’s fame to create products and to run a business, which doesn’t sit well with other viewers. Leah, Amber Portwood‘s daughter, also has a Twitter account, but it is not very active. However, the majority of children from the Teen Mom franchise are not on social media, and their parents are not using them to make money. And Chelsea Houska felt it was necessary to set the record straight.

“It wasn’t like I read her any tweets. I simply said that it was brought to my attention that it could’ve made her feel bad that I didn’t mention her sister when I told her I was pregnant and that I wanted to make sure she didn’t feel that way,” Chelsea Houska replied to the Tumblr post via Twitter, revealing that she learned something about how she shared her pregnancy announcement with both Aubree and the MTV crew.

One can imagine that Houska didn’t even think about hurting someone’s feelings when she decided to share her pregnancy news, even if she did it online.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska’s comments about social media? Do you think she could be protecting her daughter from the public eye, as she herself hasn’t always received positive comments?

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