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Justin Bieber’s Sex Doll Sells Out Or It Was Pulled

Justin Bieber Sex Doll Sells Out Or It Was Pulled

Looks like everyone wants their piece of the Bieber! So by now you’ve heard that Justin Bieber has his very own sex doll that was created in his own image. Well now it appears that Bieber’s anatomically correct sex doll, which the singer does not publicly endorse, is said to have sold out.

The unofficial doll appropriately called “Just-in Beaver love doll” is said to be already off the shelves, which doesn’t make for a very promising holiday for the average and legal Bieber fan. The news spread a few days ago that the doll could be under a fan’s tree for the cheap price of $32. 95, and apparently they flew off the shelves, Furby style. However, some counter that it might be that the doll was quietly pulled from shelves entirely from Justin’s legal team.

The doll, which was made by Pipedream Products, is said to be “out of stock.” Since then, images of the “barely legal doll” cannot be enlarged on the site. Instead of the display screen, a new image is in place that reads, “New product coming soon,” which leads to believe that the product was pulled altogether.

However, some Bieber believers have said that this may just be a hyped up decision by the company to create interest in the product and that the doll might be back on the shelves at a later time. This isn’t the only legal battle Justin may be involved with. Earlier Bieber took legal action against an app that parodied his image as Joustin Beaver.

What do you think happened to the Justin Bieber sex doll?

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6 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s Sex Doll Sells Out Or It Was Pulled”

  1. Anonymous

    I know for a fact that it was pull by their legal team not Justin. They didn't want to look like a company that to advantage of his celebrity and their a little thing in the contract which told them that they will not make any more blow up doll else it was endrose by the stars it shelf. from when milly had to theaten sue. So they were in valolation of their company stander and their stand that they sign to so it had to get pull or they would of felt the angery belieber not what you want if they have they should I told Justin bieber about on twitter and facebook pages I think his manger saw it and call his legal team. You can not make money off any likeness or name even the first name. His name is now most likely copywriten now.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh and only he can use it. I think if Joustin Beaver did work I do not think they want a lawsuit.

  3. Anonymous

    But that was from a friend I heard that close to the situration here.

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