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‘Open Marriage’: Lifetime’s Naughty Couple Movie Explores Dark Side Of Swingers Clubs, Starring Tilky Jones, Jason Tobias

Lifetime Television is sizzling things up this weekend with the release of their new movie thriller Open Marriage. The smoking hot new feature film, also known as To Have And To Kill, shows what can happen when a married couple decides to check out the underbelly of a swingers sex club. It is directed by Sam Irvin and written by Jason Byers. The cast of Open Marriage include Tilky Jones, Nikki Leigh, Kelly Dowdle, and Jason Tobias, according to IMDB.

Lifetime Movie: Open Marriage (To Have And To Kill) Synopsis

Ron and Becca are a young married couple whose intimate relationship is on the skids. They haven’t had sex in a while, and they are both feeling as though they need to spend some quality time together. Their problem seems to be solved when they reunite with a couple of old friends who swear that they have improved their marriage by swapping partners.

For Mindy and Max, an open marriage is the key to keeping things hot between a couple. To Ron and Becca, the indecent proposal sounds dangerous but intriguing all at the same time, prompting them to accept an invitation to an underground swingers club in town, where everyone gives into their deepest darkest pleasures.

When they arrive, Mindy and Max and Ron and Becca are swiftly escorted back to a private room, where they swap partners for the night.

At day break, the extracurricular adventures from the night before leaves Ron with a feeling of disturbance. He is in disbelief that their friends are into such an alternative lifestyle and is even more shocked that he engaged in the same risqué behavior.

Despite Ron’s feelings, the sexual interludes don’t end there. They are still hooking up with couples from the club, and Becca is shocked to find out that Ron has returned to the club without her. But Becca has a secret of her own. It turns out that she is pregnant.

Now, it seems all hell is breaking loose in their relationship since they have started trading places. First, a strange bouquet of flowers shows up on Ron and Becca’s doorstep. Then, a baby carriage with a fake doll inside is also found. But who else knows that Becca is pregnant besides Ron?

Ron is certain that Max is obsessed with his wife. While at the same time, Becca has noticed that someone driving an expensive black car is watching them. Soon trust turns into deadly betrayal after Becca and Ron suspect that a fifth partner is stalking them. But is it a fifth partner or is someone in their friendly foursome out for the kill?

WebMD has some interesting statistical information regarding open marriages.

“The number of adults with open relationships — be they formal marriages or more informal arrangements — is small. Probably about 4% to 9% of U.S. adults have some sort of open arrangement, estimates Franklin Veaux, 41, an Atlanta-based computer programmer and web site developer who also runs a polyamory web site. Others, including Steve Brody, PhD, a psychologist based in Cambria, Calif., put the number much lower. ‘It’s got to be less than 1%,’ he says. He has counseled thousands of couples in the past 30 years and has encountered very few instances of open relationships among his patients.”

Filmed in the United States, Lifetime’s Open Marriage is produced by MarVista Entertainment with Marguerite Henry as co-executive producer and Kimberly A. Ray as producer. The sultry music is provided by Nick Soole.

To see the seedy side of things, tune into Open Marriage this Saturday, January 14, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime, according to AJC. Did you see last week’s movie Boyfriend Killer on LMN?

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