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Navy Skipper Fired After Drunken Visit To Russia

Navy Skipper Drunk

A Navy skipper was fired on Saturday after it was determined that he had engaged in some unruly drunken behavior during a recent trip to Russia, according to Reuters. Three officers were also sacked as a result of the investigation.

“The officers demonstrated poor judgment including some officers being drunk (and) disorderly, and not adhering to established liberty policies,” a Naval Surface Force Pacific spokesperson explained.

Commander Joseph R. Darlak of the USS Vandegrift was relieved of his command after investigators discovered that the officer had engaged in some uncouth shenanigans during his visit to the port of Vladivostok back in September. The Associated Press explains that Darlak even posted about the trip on his Facebook page.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to visit Vladivostok and experience all the city has to offer,” he wrote. “Our sailors are especially looking forward to making new friends.”

In a recent statement on the matter, officials explained that the Navy skipper was fired “due to loss of confidence after demonstrating poor leadership and failure to ensure the proper conduct of his wardroom officers.” Captain H. Thomas Workman will assume command of the ship until it returns to San Diego later this month.

Unfortunately, Commander Joseph R. Darlak isn’t the only individual who decided to get drunk and rowdy during this drunken port visit to Russia. Lieutenant Commander Ivan A. Jimenez, the ship’s chief engineer, and operations officer were also relieved of duty “for personal conduct involving use of alcohol and not adhering to established liberty policies.”

The Navy skipper and his three officers have been re-assigned to fleet operations in San Diego while it’s determined what sort of additional punishments the men should receive for their unbecoming behavior.

Do you think the Navy skipper should have been fired for being drunk and disorderly during a port visit to Russia?

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64 Responses to “Navy Skipper Fired After Drunken Visit To Russia”

  1. Michael Valentine

    Officers should know better. Commanding Officers of Naval ships of war are always held to a higher standard as they should be.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow drunk sailor gets fired. Thank God we didn't have rules like this during W.W.II.

  3. Richard Pina

    Tail hook conduct again. Maybe w/o the women aspect but non-the-less they should have learned something about officer level expected conduct.

  4. Anonymous

    while officers are held to a higher standard, there is more to this story than we are reading here.

  5. Carlo Caroli

    These military folks, are representatives of my Country abroad and I expect them to behave with a certain moral conduct code when in public since they are paid with my tax dollars…..There are way too many good and honest citizens out there looking for good jobs while serving their Country with honor while abroad. Too much money and benefits, as the republicans love to call them…..have gotten to their brains…..And then we have people dying for lack of proper medical care because of luck of money…..UNBELIEVABLE……

  6. Juan Gomez

    I agree with MOST of what you said. Officers ARE held to a higher standard, which is why they were removed. The CO and CHENG especially should have known better. As far as too much pay and bene's.. I disagree. Maybe officers make a good living, maybe LT on up.. but I cam tell you from my experience, Enlisted did not get paid as much as you think. As far as better medical care, I would have rather paid to go to a civilian Dr. I have The re repaired dental and medical work to prove it.

  7. Harold Cranford

    YES, most definitely! The Commanding Officer of any U. S. Naval vessel should hold himself above conduct that might supply the enemies of freedom with ammo. HOWEVER, much of the blame can be attributed to glorification of alcohol by the Hollywood crowd. Also, does anyone remember Obama boozing it up with 'a beer' on the White House lawn?

  8. Carlo Caroli

    Juan, I certainly meant the higher ups not the rank and file…..Good luck on your medical work….Hopefully will have less military bases around the world and more affordable hospitals here in America for AMERICANS in need…….

  9. Lawrence Woznicki

    Sounds like some sort of over reaction to Obamm'as security detail and the dunking behavior with prostitutes…..Now everything is a big deal…..

  10. Jarvis Johnson

    You said it jbowen51, when i was in the service they got drunk wife swarp and all sort of things and all they would do to them when things were getting a little to hot at the base they just ship them out to another base an enlisted man they would BUST THEM ON THE SPOT. It take an act of congress to make them a gentleman and (and they still come out an asshole )and it takes an act of congress to Bust one so this thing is more than just being drunk.

  11. Jarvis Johnson

    You are so right Juan Gomez as an enlisted man i got piss poor medical and the officers got the best when i retired all the dental work that they did just fell out and then i had to get it all done all over again.

  12. Anonymous

    Of course not all the facts are not publicly available, they could of had him pick up cigarette butts off the grinder to start, wash bulkheads etc…

  13. Charles Underhill

    embarressing to the country and there selves, But look at the commander in chief, I guess they were following suit as he is not for the military. But no excuse on there part.

  14. Anonymous

    No. After serving in the Navy (and I love the Navy) I have witnessed officers being "sailors" just like any other "sailor". There is more to this story than is being told. You just don't relieve a Commander from duty and 1/3 of his wardroom for "drinking off duty". I am a salt of the sea and if you can't relieve some pressure, you have a tendency to crack. If you believe for one second that this is all to the story…your a dingy.

  15. Scott Dancer

    Like jbowen51 said, there is obviously more to this story than drunken Officers. If firing were standard for simply being drunk in foreign ports, the Navy would be 80% undermanned in the Officer ranks. I am not sure why this has to be a political statement ("As the Republicans love to call them") but if you think our "Benefits" are fat, I'd love to talk with you about my medical conditions, and the procedures I need to prolong life that my wonderful "Benefits" I earned for 27 years of dedicated Naval serivice won't cover. If you know so many "Good and Honest" citizens looking for work, send them down to your local recruiting station. Fact is, only about 10% of the US population qualify for military service, and only about 1/6 of those actually sign up. Hopefully you are wrong about less military bases, besides, different pot of money altogether. And by the way, military members pay taxes too…..Finally, if your Pres incumbant wins, ALL military, active and retired, will be slammed by Obama's plan to slash DOD funding for medical benefits. Now I ask you, where is the "Too much money and benefits" you speak of, because my retirement is spent homebound and in a recliner hooked up to an oxygen machine…..

  16. Jarvis Johnson

    And these idiots will retire at full pay and benifits as all ways so if you were working some place and get fired you would all your nenifits so where do you get the ideal that they WERE FIRED AND DRAWING FULL BENIFITS.—FIRED?

  17. John Chadwick

    "drunk and disorderly"? Sounds like a sailor being a sailor. Been happening since man has been sailing.
    However, I am guessing there is more to this story. What exactly did he do? Invite Russian hookers on board?
    I'm guessing it's something closer to that…..

  18. Anonymous

    It would have been rude to not drink Vodka with the Russians and would have then created a national incident. Can't win.

  19. Frank Miller

    Carlo Caroli Dosent sound like you ever served we need a strong military to protect our freedoms here Have you ever been stuck on aship for3-4months sometimes you have to unwind and make bad decisions

  20. Anonymous

    Should they have been fired? That depends. Was anybody hurt because they were drunk? Maybe a reprimand or suspension of pay would be more in order.

  21. Anonymous

    whew glad the PC crowd wasn't around in Thailand back during the VN war anybody who ever went on R&R to Bangkok or was lucky enough to get stationed in Thailand knows what I mean ;o) officers and enlisted. There must be more to this story than drinking?

  22. Anonymous

    yup the commander in chief odummy looked after our people in Benghazi real good with out tax dollars didn't he!!!!

  23. David Nivison

    YES!! I too served in the Navy and we enlisted quite often UNWOUND as the opportunity presented itself. Our Officer's did so, I'm quite sure, with the tact and decorum well behind the scene's as befitting there positions. Conduct unbecoming fits!

  24. Bill Berdrow

    No, unless there is more to it than what has been reported so far. The higher ranks of naval officers starch everything including their underwear. That's why they all walk around like they have a corn cob stuffed up their rear. Just how many senior officers can truthfully say they've never done the same?

  25. Fran Lemons Walker

    As a Navy veteran I say absolutely. Everyone aboard a visiting vessel is expected to be on best behavior but most especially those in command.

  26. Anonymous

    I think the key here is not just that they were drunk and disorderly but that he posted on his facebook that the ship was going to be in Vladivostok. Doesn't sound smart announcing your schedule on the internet.

  27. Jeffrey Thomas

    yeah, i was, floating around in my old mans nut sack jagoff

  28. Jeffrey Kicia

    Being former NAVY, I can absolutely adhere to the (3) three officers letting off some stream as it is essential for their sanity and post disposition behavior with their men. Please do NOT prejudge anyone until you have experienced their Military duties, pressures, and command in a foreign country. (Two Honorable Discharges & Three Service Medals with eight(8) years of Active and Reserve Duties…

  29. Isabel Kathryn Bell

    There is more to this story, having been a Navy wife and Ombudsman for 24 active duty years and 23 retired years, I know this can't be totally why he was relieved of duty! But, don't think they get great pay because they don't, your tax dollars don't even cover what these military men and women and their families go through to keep America safe and you are not stressed out and away from your family so please keep that in mind! People needing jobs should join the Military, but most won't because they don't get paid enough for what they would have to go through. And don't even think you know anything about the benefits because you don't! I could really give you a lesson in what Military life is like but my blood pressure would go sky high! So be thankful instead of crabbing cause you don't know sht from shinola bub!

  30. Fred Wright

    In some countries, and yes, Russia is one of them, it is considered rude not to drink with people that would be your contemporaries. In this case Russian Naval Officers. These drinking bouts are where lifelong bonds are created which are useful in difficult times. These bonds and the friendships they make probably saved the world more than once during the cold war.

  31. Isabel Kathryn Bell

    Jarvis Johnson Jarvis you are as bad as Carlo, you don't know anything! They do NOT redtire at full pay! My husband and I both have had to work because Military retirement pay is nothing compared to what you would get from your regular civilian job! and benefits bull hocky I amj 62 and have to pay for medicare so you don't get free medical care all your life either did you miss your anniversaries kids graduations, first words and steps, BIRTHS, birthdeays, holidays, motorcycle accidents etc etc. Did your wife raise your kids away from home, family, and you all by herself because you were out at sea all the time keeping all you civilains safe so you could be home with your families!? did you move every three to four years and have to leave your wife to deal with a new city getting the kids into new schools and unpacking not to mention finding a place to live all by herself because the minute you got to the new duty station your ship was pulling out or you had to fly to meet the ship? Ohhh don't even get me started! walk a mile in my shoes and my husbands shoes before you say anything about something you know nothing about! Grrrrrr!

  32. James Owens


  33. Anonymous

    YES! I'm still in the Navy and they deserved what they got. It will show the enlisted community that the officers aren't and shouldn't be immune with punishment.

  34. Calvin Rogers

    we got a crooked president trying to destroy our country, and the navy want's to fire a couple sailors for getting drunk/// give me a break.

  35. Kimberly MacRae

    NO! Did he hurt anyone as in assult? Open clubs back up on bases damnit! Re-Build the Clubs Now!

  36. Kasey Moss

    No. maybe take there rank down but don't punish them that harshly. I love the navy myself, spent 8 yrs and 3 wars such anderilane rush. They made a mistake. Just look at it this way the people higher than him get caught and nothing happens to them in our gov. Lets do the right thing.

  37. Clayton Carver

    Why didn't the Navy sweep it under carpet just like the Pres. try to do in Libra? The Navy high command no longer has its' back covered. Don't look Navy now you may get what you deserve…less officer requites.

  38. Clayton Carver

    Dad, US Air Force, Tech. Sgt WWII. Two uncles U.S. Navy seaman, WWII , one senor cousin "E9" US Air force, retired. My cousin, Alfred Gomez is still pulling watch on the USS Arizona. And me, Spec. 5, V.N.
    Hay Navy don't give me any shirt or I'll hit you in the head with an empty bottle of rum.Post that!

  39. Anonymous

    Charles Underhill – looking for any opportunity to politicize anything…poor judgement and ppor taste… regardless of your political choices

  40. Barry Scheesley

    this is the Obama administration.. where no one is held accountable or responsible for their actions… ie; Fast and Furiuos… Bengazi…… why the change in leadership style?

  41. Damien Kreiser

    Well I was enlisted for 12 years and I loved the Navy as for the enlisted Navy they would hammer us for something like this why not them Everyone things that Officers walk on water well to be honest with ya they put there pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

    They need to be made a example of.

  42. Michael Metric

    @Carlo…get off your soap box, your comments are ignorant and out of line…first off, to respond to the honest citizens searching for good jobs…our military is all volunteer, so any honest citizen who would like the same benefits as our military can go to the nearest recruiting station and enlist…then they would have those good jobs and good benefits as well. I'm sure every one of your tax dollars directly paid these sailors too. Who are you to say how they blow off steam after being at sea for months?? Try it sometime and come talk to me. Finally, if you took anything else away from this article, you should also know that there is more to the story than what was printed, several officers being punished for having a few beers, really? If they had really done something to deserve being punished as far as drinking goes, they would have posted details of that…for example, tearing up a bar or harassing local women.

  43. Anonymous

    Naval Officers off the ship on Liberty (or is that a miss leading term). Now being judged by us all after they came off duty from who knows where,,, into a Russian Port (stressful in itself) maybe going a little to far with the face book thing BUT to be Fired. I will not judge them. If they were my men I would speak to them Individually then as a group.

  44. Carlo Caroli

    Michael Metric, you are UNBELIEVABLE…..just because nobody is forcing anyone to join in the military…..that does not mean they should behave better….What would happen to me if I would do the same while at work? Too much money wasted on the MILITARY and not enough for good social causes……..You get off your stupid soap box. I had enough of you ignorant republicans.

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