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Rupert Murdoch Tells Chris Christie To Break Up With Obama

Chris Christie and President Obama

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has received a lot of heat for stepping up to the plate and partnering up with President Barack Obama to provide relief to the east coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. First Rush Limbaugh criticized the partnership, and now media mogul Rupert Murdoch is telling Christie to break off his “bromance” with Obama.

Though Christie and Obama are normally political rivals, with the former vocally supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the two set aside their differences to answer the crisis of Hurricane Sandy.

While the friendly pairing is primarily earning both politicians high marks from the media for showing Americans a clear example of how politics can fall to the sidelines in favor of cooperation, other high-profile figures have criticized the two.

A majority of the criticism has been from Conservatives to Christie, with Rush Limbaugh the first to criticize the acerbic New Jersey governor. Now, controversial News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch has warned Christie as well: Distance yourself from Obama, reaffirm support for Romney, or face the consequences.

Take blame for what exactly? Bipartisanship? Cooperation? Being American in the face of disaster? There isn’t even a final death toll from Hurricane Sandy yet, and the power is still out in a lot of places, and we’re already back to politics?

Many disagree with Murdoch and Limbaugh. In fact, several outlets have defended Christie’s cooperation with Obama as simply the right thing to do. Furthermore, if we must talk politics, several others have speculated that Christie’s partnership with Obama is setting him up for a 2016 bid for President. The Governor is demonstrating real leadership on the east coast post-Sandy, something that other Governors seeking a national seat don’t often get a chance to show.

I wonder what Rupert Murdoch will tweet if Chris Christie is on the Republican ticket in 2016.

We’ll put it to you simply: Do you think that Chris Christie and President Obama’s cooperation is good or bad for the country?

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13 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch Tells Chris Christie To Break Up With Obama”

  1. Dan Long

    Why do we give a damn what Rupert Murdock has to say? Isn't he the one responsible for tapping royal telephones in England? Isn't he responsible for the content of Fox News?

    I hope that ALL politicians take time to remember that we citizens depend on them, and that they quit allowing Daddy Whorebucks to set them up to fight like children in a sandbox. This was a good thing for the citizens of New Jersey, and a proper showing from Obama as well.

  2. Rebecca Enerson

    OK sports fans-isn't a known fact that the Murdocks, Rockefellers, Hearsts and others in the elite power group known now as capitalist extremists purposely control all the media so as to feed the sheep and lemmings what they should be thinking? this has been going down in America for a good 150 years -and the industrial age only served to power them further. It is also known they have private meetings about how to keep the rabble in line and what "social engineering" needs to be in place to divert the herd in the "right" direction and if need be in times of "their crisis" meaning they see their absolute control slipping-they create a stampede and use panic and fear to control the herd and even direct it to trample any they see as a threat-that is why they hated Ted Turner when he broke thru with CNN-and it seems that they have found ways now to at least keep a lid on Ted-maybe why him and Fonda had to part ways? Ted and Jane have family and to keep those 2 subdued they were probably used as leverage-this is how any who break the money barrier and dare to stand against them find that these scary mofo's have connections all the way to the ultimate power hungry enforcers -The Vatican-seems the Vatican just came out in support of a Mormon? Hmmm-that seems kind of odd- don't you think-it seems to be a tell of how nervous these people are getting-slipping words on tweets? predeclaring Romney has already won on Fox? the boys are showing some sighs of stress here-obviously Obama has them on their toes and has already begun to place laws and bills to restrict them -that is why they are desperate to get him out NOW!-and why WE need to get him in for another 4-I think the quality of life of the 97% is dependent on that-and why even though we all know Obama is not "the great black hope" all wanted him to be-he is on the right track -he has these a-holes on the ropes and we should have some faith in him-he is a quiet master he does speak loudly and too much -he does not blow his own horn and and I think he has some big plans to implement that would finally come to success if we give him those years-or the BIG STICK-I know he can wield it! besides a vote for Obama is not just for him it is AGAINST Romney and the 1% who seem to think that if they are NOT in control of the presidency for the next term that it will be "dire"–REMEMBER dire for them is victory for the rest of us-and NEVER think media owned by capitalist extremists is going to be fair, truthful or un-baised-it just ain't going to happen-wise up and show up for Obama–PLEASE for the sake of all who are TRULY the wealth of this Nation-US as in us-the 97%-the displaced middle class-the people they would make their eternal slaves if they just had the power-rise UP and take that power –in America we have that VOICE please use it do not be stampeded in false fear or we will all regret it.

  3. Michael Stone

    It is indecent for the head of a "NEWS" network to proclaim favoritism, or to direct any political official on how they should focus their support. He has only cemented what everyone already knows; FAUX News is just a propaganda machine for the GOP, and should not be taken seriously as a news organization.

  4. Marvin Hiker

    What happened to the Party of "FREEDOM"? Now the head mafia steps in and gives Christie an offer he can't refuse? If this doesn't wake people up nothing will. This republican party is turning into a Facism.

  5. Gloria Gilbert-Clark

    and of course, CNN, MSNBC & CNBC, are are all non partisan, right?

  6. Anonymous

    Gloria Gilbert-Clark Nope, they are not non-partisan, but they are not propaganda machines either, just shitty media.

    The idea of, "If you are not a neo-conservative, then you must be a RINO or a liberal." is utterly ridiculous.

    Anyone who practice "neutrality" are a blight upon the coming ages. It is not about how neutral you are, it is about how factual you are. There are no two equal opposite sides of any issue, there are only the sides with the valid argument, and the sides that doesn't.

  7. Ron Smith

    Gloria Gilbert-Clark : No one has ever said they were non-partisan, but being partisan and being a Propaganda Mouth Piece for the GOP / TeaVangelist Radical Fringe are two entirely different concepts.

    Roger Ailes, whom you may know as the President of "Fox News" ( a laughable description), while bunkered up in his bullet proof office. Saw a man of color in the hallway outside of his office on a security camera. He instantly locked down, and called "Fox Security" of Bill O'Reilly fame.

    The man who Roger the Nut Case assumed was a terrorist sent to kill his paranoid ass, was one of his own janitors vacuuming the hall.

    Comparing Fox News with any other Media Group, is like comparing Sponge Bob Square Pants to Walter Cronkite.

  8. Randy McKinney

    So, the Republicans would like to see the citizens of New Jersey suffer more and possibly die in order to try and get their crook in office? PATHETIC and UN-AMERICAN!

  9. Michael Stone

    Consider for a moment if the owner of CBS, NBC or ABC wrote something similar about Mitt Romney. That they said if some Democrats was helping the Republican nominee, "Must re-declare for Obama, or take blame for next four dire years."

    There would be howls so loud you could hear them in the Cayman Islands.

    And you know, they'd be right.

    News organizations — and we're most particularly talking about the people at the top who head those news organization and drive the direction — do not declare favorites, nor play them. Do not. Even in the past, when Rupert Murdoch has discussed fairness, he's done his best to seem richly impartial himself in public statements. (Though he's had a few, subtle slips, like mentioning donations to the Republican Party.) Indeed, even Mr. Murdoch has — at least publicly — understood the important foundation of journalism and played that public game well, and grasped that the public expects news organizations to be fair, to not declare favorites, to not play favorites. Because news organization — and we're most particularly talking about the people who head those news organization and drive the direction — do not declare favorites, nor play them. Do not.

    Yes, I know that the far right believes that the media is all biased, that it's a liberal media. It's not, but okay, I accept that the far right believes this. But even believing it, the far right has to acknowledge that none of the owners of these news organizations has had the indecency to not only proclaim favoritism, but a favoritism so monumentally grandiose that they're directing what candidates must do, while predicting disaster ahead if their side loses. It just isn't done. Ever. If you believe otherwise, show your work.

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