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Limbaugh ‘Man Love’ Allegations: Radio Host Accuses Chris Christie And Obama Of Bromance

Limbaugh Man Love Accusations - Radio Host Accuses Chris Christie And Obama Of Bromance

Rush Limbaugh has suggested there is “man love” between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama, after Christie recently praised Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy.

Limbaugh’s “man love” remarks came on the Wednesday edition of the conservative radio host’s show. After describing how Republican Christie “has decided to play the role of a Greek column for President Obama,” Limbaugh huffed:

“Let’s just put it this way: Is it wrong for one man to love another man? That man love out there is isolated in the state of New Jersey.”

In the segment, Limbaugh also attacked Governor Christie and President Obama for their tour of the Jersey shore, an area that suffered some of the worst damage from Hurricane Sandy. Limbaugh criticized Christie and Obama for surveying the area, which he points out is dominated by wealthy property owners:

“President Obama and the Greek column Chris Christie will be walking the coastline, viewing properties owned by the 1 percenters.’ “

Governor Christie is a leading Republican figure who gave the keynote speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention. However, Christie’s praising of Obama has been viewed by some Republicans as a breaching of party lines, and a betrayal that will be keenly felt just days before the November 6 election. Speculation suggests that a rift has appeared between Christie and GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney since Christie stated his admiration for Obama’s handling of the crisis.

Rush Limbaugh’s “man love” comments are not the first controversial remarks the radio host has made about Hurricane Sandy. Earlier this week, Limbaugh argued that the media would use Hurricane Sandy in an attempt to make President Obama “look good.”

In the same segment as his “man love” remark, Limbaugh claimed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had endorsed Republican candidate Mitt Romney. 24 hours later, Bloomberg had announced his support of President Obama.

You can listen to Rush Limbaugh’s “man love” segment below.

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23 Responses to “Limbaugh ‘Man Love’ Allegations: Radio Host Accuses Chris Christie And Obama Of Bromance”

  1. Kim Brandell

    I didn't know this clown stilled donned the airwaves. What he says doesn't matter because it's senseless and only heard and believed by idiot automotons.

  2. Stanley Timms

    This man (Limbaugh) is a bonified disgrace, a natural disaster is no time to posture for political brownie points. The President and Governor did what they was suppose to do to address this national tragedy in the affected areas. For the 'dito-heads' who continue to follow this asshole, shame-on-you. Personally I don't believe even he believes the crap that emulates from his mouth. However I hope he continues to talk, the more he talks, the better the President looks!

  3. Mike Easton

    Well soon you stupid idiotic democrats can destroy the country. Then maybe you can finally be happy.

  4. Ginger Curry

    Mike graduated from Southside HS in 1985. No education since then. So this genius considers himself qualified to call other people stupid and idiotic… big words he learned in HS. LOL!

  5. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    I am with you Kim, what is the draw. What kind of people are listening to this idiot and to Glen Beck. Now there is a Bromance !! I have a feeling it is the same folks that watch, believe in and give money away to televangelists. Can I have an AMEN !!

  6. Kenny Stroner

    This guy only says whatever after its been pasted and approved 1st by Bain Capital. Lots of useless garbage. He must be crying a river today. Sad he didn't do what he claimed and move out into another country with Universal Health Care, like he said after he found out that Obama Care Passed! lol

  7. Robert Miller

    He is going to make himself irrelevant fairly soon. He sounds more and more like a delusional Howard Hughes – hiding in a bunker somewhere, surrounded by those that only reinforce his grandiose thoughts and self esteem.
    Society could use journalists such as Edward R. Murrow more and more every day to deal with these rabblerousers.

  8. Helen Nunnelly

    Paul grew up with him! lol Rusty went to school with his siblings.

  9. Arthur Kelly

    Ahhhhh—jealous much Mr. LIMPBAUGH. Married 5 times now and still cant get it up, little alone get any. Jealousy is such a waste. Espically since not even a GAY man wants you. THAT MUST REALLY HURT. :) Just like and old stray dog. You keep kicking it, throwing rocks at it, shooting that 22 rifle in the air to sacre it away and it still will not leave.

  10. Kenny Stroner

    Did you know Costa Rica already has univeral health care? That even Rush Limbdick was claiming to run away from. Also once on his vacation there, he took advantage of it. Something most don't know. :)

  11. Arthur Kelly

    Now, there is a true dick for ya. The bastard spawn of gwb & cheny

  12. Mark Saylor

    Unfortunately his minions will still follow and obey his commandments.

  13. Mark Saylor

    Unfortunately he is still on the air. However, many, many of his advertisers have pulled out. I have to disagree when you say 'what he says doesn't matter' . I think it does matter because of the sheer number of the idiots that believe his word as THE TRUTH! Those people are dangerous. (remember them shooting some doctors that performed abortions?)

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