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Pastor Charged In Murder Of Fiancee’s Daughter

pastor charged with murder

A Michigan pastor has been charged with the murder of his fiancee’s daughter.

According to Fox News, ex-convict and current pastor John D. White confessed to police that he had killed 24-year-old Rebekah Gay in her trailer in central Michigan. White, who is engaged to Gay’s mother, was reportedly fulfilling a sexual fantasy when he beat and strangled the young woman.

White told police that he beat Gay with a mallet and used a zip tie to strangle her. The pastor also said that he stripped the woman naked before dragging her out to the woods. The pastor said that he did not remember if he fulfilled his fantasy of having sex with her dead body.

Police report that, after White took Gay’s body into the woods, he returned to the trailer to help the woman’s 3-year-old son get dressed in his Halloween costume.

Donna Houghton, a 76-year-old who was partly responsible for hiring White at the Christ Community Fellowship Church, said that she was “absolutely floored” to learn about the pastor’s confession.

The shock that Houghton experienced may have come from the fact that White organized a prayer service shortly after Gay went missing. Houghton said that White called her up and asked the 14 members of the church to start a prayer chain to help find the missing girl.

Houghton said that the church was aware of White’s criminal past when he became a pastor. According to the Associated Press, White was released from prison in 2007 after serving a 12-year sentence for the manslaughter of a 26-year-old woman.

Houghton said that White found the lord and turned away from sin. The devil, however, had other plans for the pastor.

Houghton said:

“He was absolutely contrite. All kinds of people turn around and meet the Lord and they are a different person. He was doing a lot of good in the community … He was doing a lot of good and Satan did not want him doing good, and Satan got to him.”

White led police to Gay’s body on Wednesday. He was charged with first-degree murder and is currently in jail without bond.

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28 Responses to “Pastor Charged In Murder Of Fiancee’s Daughter”

  1. Gene Gilmore

    he did not turn away from his sin, he fool all of you. the devil know he can not cast god out of a person and the devil.
    and god cant not dwell in the same body jesus said my sheep hear my voice and will not follow another this guy is a wolf he was going to marrie the mother I hate what he did but if some one really had god spirit this wolf would have been foundout. the devil come to steal, kill, and to destroy he came in sheep clothing he was not of god.

  2. Lynn Peters

    White was a wolf in sheeps clothing. Thank goodness he will get true justice in the end. Feel sad for the little boy.

  3. GrandRaw Pits


  4. Greg Skaalrud

    Of Course the Church was aware of his past. You have the Catholics and their perverts so what is wrong with throwing in a little murder to boot? And the ones not going to church and following these "leaders" are the "Sinners"? Please…..

  5. Pepe Le Pea

    "He was doing a lot of good and Satan did not want him doing good, and Satan got to him."

    I doubt that very much. Perhaps he played the role of doing good, so he could continue doing bad and nobody would suspect him. They make it sound like he's a victim by saying the devil got to him! HE is the devil. To me, THAT is what the devil is. The devil isn't some red guy with horns, it's the evil in us.

    I can't believe they put him in a position of trust like that with his background. They ought to be sued jor have charges brought against them for allowing him to be in that position. Did ALL of the church members know about his past? I bet the woman he killed had no idea and she just lost her life, partly due to the church allowing him to be a pastor.

  6. Steve Dustcircle

    The Dissenting Heretic is not please. Good people do good things. Bad people do bad things. But to make a good person do bad, that takes religion. Or maybe this prick was just bad through and through.

  7. Belle Craig

    The devil made him do it…what a crock! He admittingly planned this for at least two weeks. Everytime he looked at this poor woman his thoughts of her murder (and poss. rape?) would excite him — revolting! How could she have known what horriffic intent was before her? She was so lovely and young, while he is so ugly and worn — wish she could have kept her doors locked for her and her child's safety, and left that demon on the outside to wither away.

  8. Tonee Rhian Rose

    Sick bastard! This is why I don't believe in organized religion! You never know what kind of sick freak is running the church! SMH

  9. Austin Wade Soulone

    why do you pray to something that by the words of the bible attacked this planet and killed MILLIONS with a flood.

  10. Candice Hiler

    Austin Wade Soulone , you obviously don't know what the Bible says or what it teaches. D

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