Blac Chyna Snubbed By Kardashians At Christmas -- Everyone Gets A Stocking Except Rob Kardashian's Fiance

Blac Chyna Snubbed At Kardashian Christmas Party — Everyone Gets A Stocking Except Rob Kardashian’s Fiance

It looks like rumors that Kris Jenner banned Blac Chyna from the annual Kardashian Christmas party might actually be true. Not only did Chyna and Rob skip the family festivities, it looks like Rob’s fiance was left off another important family tradition. There were 19 stockings hung for the family on Christmas eve with one huge exception. Blac Chyna didn’t even get a stocking with her name on it.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have already made up, seemingly in less time than it took Chyna to get a moving truck and take everything she and her children own out of the house she was sharing with Rob. The controversial pair got super snuggly on Snapchat in the days before Christmas, proving that they aren’t going anywhere even if they tell the world that they have split up again.

There is a lesson in all of this for Rob and Blac. Hopefully, they will learn it and slow down with the public breakups. That lesson is that even though they have already forgiven and forgotten, families can hold a grudge forever.

It seems that the Kardashians are done dealing with Rob and Chyna’s constant bickering and breaking up and didn’t want to deal with it, at least not during the holidays. It wasn’t long after Rob announced that Chyna had packed up and left that reports flooded in that the Kardashian sisters don’t want anything else to do with either of them and they are sick of the constant drama.

Now it’s no secret that Kris Jenner celebrates Christmas like no other and her Christmas eve party is a huge deal with the family. Amid reports that Kris took back her invite to Blac Chyna after all the drama between the former stripper and her son, the Daily Mail reported that Kris made an even bigger snub than just banning her from the party.

There are pictures posted online of the 19 stockings that Kris Jenner hung in her home and seemingly everyone got one. There were even stockings for Rob and his new daughter Dream, who were not at the party. It was pretty obvious that Blac Chyna is the only one in the brood that got left out.

Kris can’t make excuses about Rob and Chyna not being married being her reason for leaving Rob’s fiance off the stocking list. Kourtney’s on-again, off again boyfriend Scott Disick had a stocking and so did Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga. There was even a stocking for Blac Chyna’s son King Cairo, just not her.

Khloe Kardashian didn’t have a stocking this year and wasn’t at her mother’s Christmas eve party. Instead, she was in Cleveland celebrating with her main man Tristan Thompson. He had to stay close to home for the holidays because the Cleveland Cavaliers played against the Golden State Warriors in a Christmas day home game.

As for Rob Kardashian, it was reported that he opted to stay away from the Kardashian Christmas eve party because his fiance Blac Chyna wasn’t invited. Naturally, their absence from Kris Jenner’s Christmas party is being played off as Rob and Chyna wanting to hang back and enjoy Dream’s first Christmas together.

This pretty much cements the fact that they are back together and Chyna wasn’t the grinch who stole Christmas, as depicted in several internet memes. Whether Kris Jenner and her daughters will want to deal with Rob, Chyna or any of their neverending drama is still up in the air.

TMZ recently reported that Rob and Chyna’s blowout fight a week before Christmas was definitely not preplanned for the cameras, even if the timing did coincide perfectly with the Season 2 premiere of their show Rob & Chyna. That may be part of the reason that Kris Jenner wanted to keep Blac Chyna away from her party and make sure there was no fighting on her special night.

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