‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 850: Carrot And Chopper Explore Mirror World For Escape, While Pudding Reveals Her Terrible Intentions [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 850: Carrot And Chopper Explore Mirror World For Escape, While Pudding Reveals Her Terrible Intentions [Spoilers]

While the previous chapter of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece managed to hit its fans with several surprises, the current chapter manages to take it up several notches.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 850 spoilers/recap ahead.]

The current chapter continues with the daring adventure that Chopper and Carrot have embarked on within Brulee’s Mirror World. Having momentarily overpowered all of Big Mom’s henchmen, Carrot and Chopper are now desperately trying to figure out the finer workings and the layout of the Mirror World. While the duo has a basic idea about how the world is connected to every reflective surface on the Whole Cake Island, they do not know which mirrors offer the passages they require to complete their rescue mission.

Hence Carrot and Chopper are seen causing mild panic on the island as citizens seem shocked to see strange creatures in their mirrors. Interestingly, the duo seems to have gained control over Diesel, who had attempted to alert Big Mom about the daring escape. Moreover, they can only have control over the Mirror World as long as they are in “physical contact” with Brulee. Unfortunately, Carrot and Chopper have no clue about the whereabouts of Luffy and Nami. The duo merely knows the Straw Hats captain was planning to head to the Whole Cake Chateau, but are unaware that Luffy and Nami have been immobilized by Big Mom in the “Prisoner’s Library,” on “page 55.”

Meanwhile, a blissful Sanji is busy preparing a “Bento Box” meal for Lady Pudding. He lovingly thinks of Pudding while preparing the meal. In the previous chapter, mangaka Oda hadn’t shown Pudding’s whereabouts, which had caused Sanji to worry about her well-being. Hence, to ensure his love has something to eat, Sanji painstakingly prepares a meal as well as a large bouquet of flowers, which he carries to Lady Pudding’s room.

The scene shifts to the Prisoner’s Library, where Luffy is getting frustrated about his situation and tries to break from his shackles. Even though Nami warns him about the futile efforts that would only result in Luffy getting his arms torn off, the latter doesn’t listen, and instead asks Nami to join him in his crazed attempts at escaping the prison cell. Luffy is acutely aware that every moment that the duo waits, hoping for a miraculous escape, is being wasted. He adds that eventually Big Mom would step into the prison to kill them.


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The previous chapter ended with a deadly standoff between Pedro, the ex-captain of the Nox Pirates with a bounty of 382,000,000, and Baron Tamago, the “Knight” and fighter of Big Mom Pirates with a bounty of 429,000,000. The current chapter marks the beginning of an epic battle between the two equally powerful adversaries.

Oda utilized the current chapter to offer a brief glimpse between the bitter history between Pedro and the various members of Big Mom’s team. Pedro once trusted Pekoms. However, his affiliation with the Big Mom Pirates destroyed their friendship. Before the friendship ended, Big Mom had made Pekoms spin a roulette wheel that was to decide how many years of his lifespan would be confiscated by the Yonko. Unfortunately, the wheel rested on 100, and Pekoms only had 30 more years to leave. Big Mom had asked the Jaguar Mink to fill in the rest of the years. However, after Pekoms begged Big Mom, she agreed to reduce her demand to 50 years, which Pedro obliged.

It is apparent that Pedro, with his 50 years gone, is no match for Baron Tamago. But Pedro boldly confirms that he is back into Big Mom’s territory because the Straw Hats acted as saviors of his hometown. He adds that sacrificing the remainder of his life in the servitude of Straw Hats isn’t regretful at all, but he doesn’t plan on dying in Big Mom’s courtyard, at least not until the Straw Hats have achieved their goal.

While the duo is fighting, love-smitten Sanji makes his way to Lady Pudding’s chamber, only to be told that he won’t be granted entry. Even though he is repeatedly informed that Lady Pudding is busy, Sanji is determined to meet her, if only for a brief moment. Seeing no possibility of being granted an entry, Sanji sneaks onto Pudding’s Balcony in order to hand her the bouquet and Bento Box.

Sanji appears ecstatic upon hearing Pudding’s laughter, but appears confused and worried when he spots Reiju sitting still in front of the Big Mom’s daughter. Sanji’s mind goes for a spin when he hears the malicious undertone in Pudding’s laughter. Assuming no one besides Reiju is listening, Pudding openly admits that she never intended to marry Sanji.

Pudding adds that the marriage was nothing more than a small part of Big Mom’s plan. She gloats that her soft persona is a ruse, and no one besides the Big Mom clan is aware of her true nature. In the earlier chapters, Pudding had innocently stepped inside the prison cell to whisper something that had shocked Luffy and Nami. Oda reveals that Pudding had informed that she would never marry Sanji because she planned to shoot and kill the chef during the wedding ceremony. Pudding added that Luffy and Nami would be killed soon after.

With Pudding’s true and evil nature revealed, it is amply clear that she has been a key factor in ensuring it was her would-be groom, Sanji, who would insist on the marriage. Pudding confirms the marriage was nothing more than a sham to gain control over the “Clonable Army,” which, in its entirety, has been conveniently brought to Big Mom’s doorstep. The main prize is the “science” behind the Germa 66 soldiers. As a heartbroken and dejected Sanji listens outside, Pudding confirms that Big Mom intends to murder the entire Vinsmoke family at the wedding ceremony.

Chapter 851 of One Piece manga is expected to be released without a break. Will Carrot and Chopper free everyone from Big Mom’s clutches? Will Brooke get away with the poneglyphs? With the truth about Pudding now known to Sanji, how will he react? Hopefully mangaka Oda reveals answers to these exciting questions in the upcoming chapter.

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