‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 847: Carrot And Chopper Facing Death While Luffy And Nami Imprisoned And Pedro Serves As Bait For Brooke To Steal Poneglyphs [Spoilers]

Chapter 847 of the popular Japanese manga One Piece turned out to be one of the most anti-climactic. While majority of the Straw Hats pirates have been imprisoned or captured, the rest are facing even graver risk.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 847 spoilers/recap ahead]

Chapter 847 of One Piece manga opens up with a rather gruesome scene of Carrot dangling from a rope, while she is being slowly lowered into a large bowl of “exquisite soup” that Big Mom’s henchmen are preparing in Brulee’s Mirror World. While Carrot cries out to Chopper for help, the latter attempts explaining that she isn’t a real rabbit. However, the hideous creatures mock Chopper. Brulee’s guards call Chopper a “strange reindeer creature,” and claim that once Carrot has been added into the soup, he would be added to Big Mom’s collection of strange beasts.

Interestingly, a burgeoned Chopper has been in “heavy point” for more than six hours. Since Brulee’s guards have chained Chopper in his currently ballooned state, Chopper reasons that he could easily shrink and escape.

Meanwhile, Big Mom is gloating about her collection of strange creatures that she has managed to compile over the years. Pointing to some strange animals, like a man-eating lion with the face of a man to the Vinsmoke brothers Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji, and their sister Reiju, the Yonko narrates how she managed to collect them. She adds that none of the creatures will ever age, and she has Mont D’Or, one of her children, to thank for the barbaric preservation technique.

The sheer size of the library, and row upon rows of books, are a clear indicator of Big Mom’s vast collection that the Vinsmoke children appreciate. However, when she tells them about a “Longlimb human,” they appear upset. Judge Vinsmoke, on the other hand, casually admires the collection and its diversity, which pleases Big Mom, but adds that he hasn’t seen any giants on her Whole Cake Island. This observation displeases Big Mom, but she dismisses the Judge’s words, stating he might have failed to see them. Right then, one of the soldiers approach the party and inform Big Mom about “the two” that she has asked for. It is apparent the soldier is referring to Luffy D. Monkey and Nami that the Yonko had ordered to be captured alive.


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Bidding farewell, Big Mom hastens with the guard towards the “Prisoner Library,” where Luffy and Nami are being held on “Page 55.” The prison is being guarded by Charlotte family’s eldest son, Perospero. Licking hard candy, Big Mom teases the prisoners, who are drenched in mizuame.

Surprisingly, Big Mom transforms right before Luffy and Nami. It appears Big Mom is a Den Den Mushi, a snail. Infuriated at being held captive, Luffy lashes out but is restrained. Big Mom jokingly asks Luffy why he didn’t bring the entire Straw Hats crew with him as he had promised her back on Fishman Island. Luffy clarifies that he isn’t here to battle her, but has come only for Sanji. However, he notes that he is ready if Big Mom wants to battle.

Having complete control over Luffy and Nami, Big Mom warns the Straw Hats captain not to be so presumptuous, and notes that she needn’t even be physically present if she wanted him dead. However, she offers Luffy a chance to walk away alive by giving up on Sanji, and adds that Black Leg’s marriage with her daughter, Lady Pudding, is very important to her. The Yonko says until the wedding ceremony is over, the duo will be kept imprisoned.

As if Luffy’s current predicament isn’t insult enough, Big Mom reveals how he foolishly handed over all of King Neptune’s treasure in exchange for eating all of Big Mom’s candy. In that treasure, was the “infamous legendary treasure box of Fishman Island” called the “Tamatebako.” Big Mom promises that she will be opening the box at the tea party for everyone to see.

Ignoring Big Mom’s gloating, Luffy appears hung up on Sanji, and blathers out that Pudding is a mutual friend and would never marry the chef if he talks to her. Nami warns Luffy not to divulge such sensitive information. Scoffing at the idea of Pudding befriending pirates, Big Mom asks Nami if she killed Lola for the Yonko’s vivre card. Nami angrily says Lola is a friend, and she had willingly given the vivre card, mentioning that the card would allow the Straw Hats group to meet Big Mom in time of trouble.

Nami delivers Lola’s message to Big Mom about her well-being. But Big Mom silences Nami, and adds that she preferred Lola was dead. Despite being her own daughter, Big Mom suggests sending an assassin to have Lola murdered. The Yonko clarifies that she hates Lola because the latter abandoned the Charlotte clan as she didn’t want to get married. Her refusal to get married destroyed the ploy that would have made Big Mom a pirate king.

Despite all the drama about Big Mom’s daughters, Luffy refuses to lose sight of his mission, and claims he will get Sanji back. Meanwhile, Sanji is quietly sitting in one of the guest rooms, hoping Luffy and Nami don’t do anything rash. In the previous chapter, Black Leg had managed to convince Big Mom to spare the lives of all members of the Straw Hats pirates. In exchange, Sanji promised he would marry Lady Pudding and keep her happy.

The scene then shifts to the Room of Offerings where Pedro and Brooke were plotting a very daring heist. In the previous chapter, Brooke had asked Pedro to be bait, while he stole the poneglyphs. It appears Pedro agreed. Baron Tamago is surprised to see Pedro, while Brooke readies himself for a “special live concert.”

Will Brooke be able to pull off one of the most daring heists? Will Luffy and Nami escape Big Mom’s prisoner library? Will Carrot and Chopper escape a horrific ending? Will the gang meet Jinbei? Hopefully, upcoming Chapter 848 of One Piece manga will answer these questions.

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