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Mitt Romney Collecting Donations For Hurricane Sandy Victims In Ohio

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Kettering, OH – Mitt Romney suspended his campaign schedule in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The Republican presidential candidate was captured breaking a sweat while picking up bags of canned good and cases of water donated by supporters in Ohio. The GOP nominee was busy thanking residents in the Dayton area not for their vote, but for their acts of charity for the storm victims.

During his brief remarks at what was slated to be a campaign trip to the swing state, Romney noted that Americans have “heavy hearts” today when thinking of all the suffering along the East Coast. The GOP presidential candidate did not utter any partisan rhetoric or mention President Barack Obama’s name during the Ohio event.

Hurricane Sandy relief items collected at the Romney event include canned food, diapers, water, clothes, and toothpaste, according to the Washington Post. Romney thanked those who donated items, telling them that their generosity touched his heart. The candidate also noted that he had spoken with the governors in the area affected by the hurricane, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Mitt Romney had this to say during the relief effort:

“We have a lot of goods here that these people will need. We have heavy hearts, as you know, with all the suffering going on. There are a lot of people who were hurting this morning, who were hurting last night. We’re going to box them [donations] up, then send them into New Jersey.”

The candidate has also asked supporters to send monetary donations to the Red Cross to help the storm victims. Although the Red Cross prefers that people send money instead of collecting needed items, the South Jersey Red Cross is already prepared to take the items generously donated at the Romney relief event. The candidate’s victory centers across the state are also accepting items to send to Hurricane Sandy victims.

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44 Responses to “Mitt Romney Collecting Donations For Hurricane Sandy Victims In Ohio”

  1. Carol Ottinger

    Is Romney stupid? The RED CROSS does not want canned goods or diapers. They want cash. They will not be happy when Romney rolls in with a truck load of canned goods. He has been so busy calling FEMA and Republican Governors but he couldn't bother to call RED CROSS and asked them what they needed? If Romney had ever donated to the RED CROSS in all his life, he would have known that!

    And why is he calling FEMA? His is not the President. He's a civilian, just like you and I. So this is how Romney acts in an emergency? Collects peas for those who have no homes but wants to get rid of FEMA?

  2. Barb Miller

    Did you read the article Carol? There is nothing wrong with what he is doing. There is no difference between this stupid spin you want to put on it, than everyone spinning earlier today that Obama did wrong by acting to quickly to set up relief. People who can't get diapers and drinking water will APPRECIATE these things. What's the matter with you?

  3. Kim LaCapria

    The Red Cross has repeatedly asked people not to donate goods as it can divert resources during a crisis. That's not spin, the Red Cross says so.

  4. Barb Miller

    Bottom line? “We have a lot of goods here that these people will need. We have heavy hearts, as you know, with all the suffering going on. There are a lot of people who were hurting this morning, who were hurting last night. We’re going to box them [donations] up, then send them into New Jersey.” The items are not necessarily going to the Red Cross. However, the Red Cross has agreed to accept them. What more do you need, blood shed? When Katrina hit, I asked a very good friend who is a biggie in the Red Cross what we could do BESIDES donate money to the Red Cross. "Get stuff to the communities, get stuff to the churches, missions, etc." That's what we did. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. IT IS WHAT AMERICANS DO. IT IS WHAT NEIGHBORS DO. We brought loads of stuff. Clothing. Diapers. Drinking water. Dog food. Cat food, even, so people could know how they were going to take care of their four leggers. We';ll probably be doing something similar this time around. The Red Cross is not the ONLY way to help. Donate blood. Give money. AND COLLECT DRY GOODS, CANNED GOODS, GOOD USED AND/OR NEW CLOTHING AND GET IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT NOW, NOT BY THE TIME THE RED CROSS GETS IT TO THEM. Maybe the Red Cross doesn't need diapers, but a mom in NYC, Atlantic City, etc., etc., etc., etc. with two small children might. Who is going to get them to her quicker? A big ass money grabber like the Red Cross, or you and me serving our world and the community? Did the same for Indonesia, Chile, and other areas that have been stricken. Only a bunch of totally biased morons would think this isn't the right thing to do, WHOEVER DOES IT.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    Barbara, the Red Cross itself says please do not do that: "The American Red Cross does not accept or solicit small, individual donations of items for emergency relief purposes. Small items such as collections of food, used clothing, and shoes often must be cleaned, sorted, and repackaged which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel that are needed for other aspects of our relief operation. The Red Cross, in partnership with other agencies, suggests that the best use for those types of donations is to support needy agencies within donors' local communities. The best way to help a disaster victim is through a financial donation to the American Red Cross. Financial contributions allow the Red Cross to purchase exactly what is needed for the disaster relief operation. Monetary donations also enable the Red Cross to purchase relief supplies close to the disaster site which avoids delays and transportation costs in getting basic necessities to disaster victims. Because the affected community has generally experienced significant economic loss, purchasing relief supplies in or close to the disaster site also helps to stimulate the weakened local economy."

  6. Joan Driscoll Cordeniz

    Red Cross only wants cash donations, or pre-authorized donations of goods direct from the producer, already wrapped and on pallets, shipped to a pre-authorized location. These kinds of mixed goods donations are pretty useless to the Red Cross- imagine the manpower required to sort through a truck of odds and ends, and then matching the goods to such a massive need need. It's too inefficient for the volume of people Red Cross is serving.

    If Romney wanted to do something useful with this truckload of miscellaneous donations,he should offer it to the soup kitchen in Youngstown where Paul Ryan barged in after hours for a photo op. Their donations tanked after Republicans pulled their support in response to the director's comments that Ryan should not have been allowed in because they are an apolitical operation. The soup kitchen is a smaller scale operation, and is probably equipped to better handle the large variety/small quantity donations.

  7. Barb Miller

    You just are not going to listen to reason, are you? We are saying exactly the same thing. Except that you want to say that it is wrong to allow people to give from their hearts as well. This argument always comes up. The Red Cross is not the end all be all relief for everything. WE have an obligation to each other as well, and to find fault with people who want to help is wrong, whoever that person is. You do not need to provide me with links to the Red Cross. I have a direct phone line to an actual PERSON there. And they do not have the market cornered on the only way to help people during a disaster. Yes, give to the Red Cross for this event. But also, as decent human beings, do what we feel compelled to do to help. Don't take that away from ANYONE.

  8. Nidia Giron Garcia

    Does anybody know of an address in New Jersey? Ney York? Where I can ship donations of clothes/diapers/wipes

  9. Kim Miller

    Do you really think this is the right way to respond to someone/anyone who is trying to do something for those that are hurting! What a hateful post! You are so busy bashing the Republicans that you can see that someone was just trying to do something nice for someone who was hurting! Your response is sad! And Romney said he would like to look at doing away with FEMA by turning the services over to the states for them to manage. He didn't say he wanted to do away with the service FEMA takes care of.

  10. Andy Wilcox

    Call me cold hearted, I will NOT donate cash to the red cross for them to misappropriate. I am more than happy to donate food blankets and supplies. The head of the red cross was given 652000 of our generous donations alone…

  11. Carol Ottinger

    Red Cross responds: You are NOT helping. "Items such as collected food and used clothing must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported… which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel."

  12. Robin Love

    Carol – to answer your first question – YES! & Kim – the can goods were purchased by Mitten's campaign at Walmart & cost $5000 – this was done for a photo opt. And, Mittens did say FEMA should be sent to the private sector. So, to think Mittens was attempting to do something "nice" is rather naive, especially since it was for the 47% who don't pay taxes. Speaking of taxes, how is it Mittens got away w/ only disclosing two years of tax returns on his millions? That has never be done by a presidential candidate before this one?

  13. Carol Ottinger

    All he had to do was look at their website or ASK what they needed. These poor people have no homes, no jobs and need money. They do not need cans of peas. This was Romney again jumping into something without proper information and racing ahead full speed but always in the wrong direction.

  14. Carol Ottinger

    Andy Wilcox ….That would be great for the Salvation Army. The Red Cross does not do that. If you (and Romney) ever actually donated to them, you would know that.

  15. Carol Ottinger

    Barb Miller ….It is what the Salvation Army does, not the Red Cross. People need homes to rent and money to get set up.

  16. Carol Ottinger

    They sure would have appreciated the $5,000 more than the food. They are homeless. I guess they get to wander around town carrying boxes of food with no where to eat it? So, don't do what the Red Cross wants but do what you want I guess is Romneys moto. Add even more of a workload on those people there trying to help that are already overwhelmed.

  17. Robin Love

    Kim – sadly, you are wasting your breath. Anyone who has ever worked in any disaster relief knows leaving the purchasing up to the experts speeds up the process. Bunches of can goods and diapers often end up being tossed because they cannot be used; plus the Red Cross knows what is needed & how to get it to those who need it. If Mittens really wanted to help he would have written the Red Cross a big fat check from one of his overseas bank accounts.

  18. Carol Ottinger

    People don't seem to know the difference between Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army from The Red Cross. Yikes

  19. Kim LaCapria

    Abby M Newbary the Red Cross themselves says that these donations DIVERT RESOURCES. And why would anyone comment on Benghazi? Is that all there is to say when Romney clearly screws up? BENGHAAAZI there, I'm sure all the soaked people in New Jersey feel about as helped as they do when someone in Ohio donates an old shoe.

  20. Robin Love

    Okay Abby – this is a quote from the article you posted. "The Red Cross and other aid organizations like FEMA have long said that donations of food, clothing and other small in-kind items force them to divert crucial resources away from relief efforts and toward sorting and cleaning donations." And, although it is not illegal to donate goods, it actually impedes the relief effort & one would think Mittens would know this. And, at this point this conversation has become hopeless because the diaper donation brigade refuses to accept the reality of the situation. Mittens & his campaign purchased $5000 worth of can goods at Walmart for a photo op, not because it was something "nice" to do. This was not done to be nice or generous it was done for publicity & they look like fools. Good luck Kim L & Carol – your attempts to educate the people on this thread have been noble.

  21. Lara Nunes

    Robin Love You dont know exactly how much Romney probably donated. your getting your information for the Obama news source . $5000 was for can goods and other items that you would be surprise how many peoople would actually be greatful for FOOD AND WATER. where these people lost their homes there is NO stores for them to buy food because it was destroyed. So what is the red cross going to feed them Money orders and paper money ?

  22. Lara Nunes

    Carol the only stupid person is YOU . Who is campaign for Obama.Using this disater as a Obama bashing campaign. I like to know where is the red cross going to buy the stuff people need ? people needs FOOD AND WATER to survive or is this going to be another Katrina. Oh btw Obama when he was senator voted against a Bill that would help the Katrina victims . Yes he was one of 14 senators.

    H.R. 2206 (U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007 ) Obama was among 14 senators who voted against the bill. –

  23. Lara Nunes

    Red Cross and Fema loves money . remember Katrina victims and how many people died from lack of food and water. Did they get the help they needed Nope .people seems to think money will feed them and people can drink money too. I will never donate money to Red Cross. I remember what happened to the Katrina victims.

  24. Lara Nunes

    Kim LaCapria Listen not everyone needs the red cross ok . Do you not understand "Get stuff to the communities, get stuff to the churches, missions". yes church and missions help alot more then the red cross does. Obama supporters who bashes other people who does help others in a different way needs to understand. your actions will not win the hearts for Obama.

  25. Lara Nunes

    Carol Ottinger the only thing you know is bashing others who refuse to donate $$$$ . You dont understand people do NOT trust the Red Cross for many reasons we all know Obama supporters loves hand outs that is why they ask for MONEY .

  26. Barb Miller

    Robin, you are an arrogant boob. I have actually worked disaster relief And it is you, your friends Kim and Carol who are not listening. RED CROSS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO HELP PEOPLE ON THE EAST COAST. And we brought in truck loads of items to Mississippi and Louisiana. AND IT WAS A RED CROSS WORKER WHO GAVE US THE LOCAL CONTACTS WITH CHURCHES THERE TO DO IT. This is in ADDITION to any money that was donated to the Red Cross. And not until AFTER we could safely get in and out without getting in the way of the bigger relief organizations. I am no Romney fan, trust me, but you folks are so blinded by your liberal rabid hatred that you cannot see that people are basically GOOD, and want to HELP. Why take that away from them? Sounds like you just want everyone their drab brown clothing and march in line only accepting what is given to them from the collective.

  27. Richard Smith

    In response to Abby M. Newbary's question "Any comments on Benghazi anyone?": We're still waiting on the president to comment on it. And don't tell us about a stupid You Tube video, Mr. President. How stupid do you think we are? Waiting for Barack Obama to speak the truth is like waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

  28. Spencer Petersen

    Last time I checked, the Red Cross didn't have the market cornered on providing help in a crisis.

  29. Paige Morrison

    Ignore these ignorant comments. They don't understand people who depend on people for help and not the govt. you can't help them or teach them anything. It is willful ignorance

  30. Andrea Barlow

    I live in southeast Pennsylvania and while new jersey and new york were ravaged worse than us, we still have flood damage , damage to homes from giant uprooted trees that were tossed onto homes from the wind like they were nothing. Roofs that need redone because 75 mile an hour wind destroyed them. hundreds of dollars worth of food lost because we were out of power for days, some of which are still sitting in the dark! People that are low income and struggle to support their family and are now out of three days worth of pay because they couldn't get to work because the state declared a state of emergency and virtually every business was shut down. And while everyone on this thread is arguing about what candidate did what and what should be done , truth of the matter is , while you are on here arguing about what to send and shouldn't be sent someone on the east coast affected by this hurricane is struggling. Someones life was turned upside down. Someone's child lost all of their toys. Some family's have lost all their clothes, cars, " their Peaceful life".

    And on my soap box about FEMA. I live in Lancaster PA and last year hurricane Irene / tropical storm lee , destroyed our area. I work with a single mom that has four kids , and her home was flooded to the tune of 50,000 worth of damage. Her flood insurance would only cover up to 25,000 , and because she had flood insurance FEMA would not help her! So what good is FEMA anyway when victims whom need help are turned away because of "Technicality's". And I thought Obama promised "no red tape" for the victims and states affected? if that's the case , then why are NON- Union workers being turned away in New Jersey to help with recovery efforts? Those Non-union workers are being re- directed to parts of new york , but their not good enough for new jersey?

    When it's all said and done this isn't a matter that should be argued over, people shouldn't be chastised for any kind of help their trying to Give, and while it's common for people to think they know what the other needs best, ANYTHING that is offered is appreciated to those of us that have lost EVERYTHING!

  31. Robin Love

    This is for you Abbey – Thursday, November 2, 2012 – The CIA on Thursday released a timeline that showed how it responded quickly to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11. In doing so, it also revealed that it had a larger intelligence-gathering location a mile away.
    Okay – who else do you want to expose and put in harms way? Oh, really, it wasn't just a diplomatic mission, these guys were CIA operatives.

  32. Jack Long

    "Big ass money grabber?" Jesus, Barb, what kind of screwed up logic have you been injected with? Let me see you get supplies to needy families faster than the Red Cross. I'll bet you're voting for Romney, too, eh?

  33. Jack Long

    Andy Wilcox If you are under the impression that the Red Cross (capitalized for a reason btw) is going to misappropriate monetary donations, what makes you think they aren't going to "misappropriate" anything else you give? And so I take you up on your offer to "call [you] cold-hearted." What is WRONG with you?

  34. Barb Miller

    Jack Long what screwed up logic have you been inFected with that you glom on to two words that I've said and not read any of the others? And no I'm not. I'm voting for John Lee Hooker. lol Screwed up to think that people, individual people, helping other people is a bad thing? I guess I'm screwed up then. You take a look at the Red Cross annual report and you tell me they aren't a money generator by the way. Just to keep their people paid and the lights on. They do AWESOMELY good things, and I'm not denying that, but the amount of money they have to take in has to somehow be higher than the money they put out for aid. Simple mathematics should tell you that. Now don't insult by assuming who I want to vote for. You have no idea what I think.

  35. Jonathan Francesco

    If Romney had written a check, these same people would be criticizing him for that. These attacks against Romney are nothing but partisan mud slinging. Romney's helping people and if people aren't satisfied with "how" he is doing it, than they can do it the way they think is best. Problem solved.

  36. Telena Martin

    It really irks me at Carols response to this. It doesnt matter who is doing what as long as its getting done. More people like our government should have this attitude.

  37. Sandy Benedick

    Perhaps I would donate if their upper management didn't receive such incredibly large saleries from the donations it receives. I prefer to donate goods, often churches will organize a collection of goods.

  38. Evelisse Sumantie

    I have a question … Well let me firstly say I have already made my donation to the redcross as well as spread the word about donating to them. Yesterday someone brought to my attention an issue that happened with the money that was collected by the redcross,for the victims of the earthquake in Hati back in 2010. I myself wasn't aware of the accusations against them at the time of my donation or me spreading the word to donate to them,but after researching the story,I found that there's some truth to what I was told. What do you think about that?

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