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Atlantic City Underwater As Hurricane Sandy Looms With 6 PM Landfall Expected

atlantic city underwater

Update: 7:35 pm EDT

Atlantic City, reportedly still underwater due to pre-coastal flooding, is currently being walloped by Hurricane Sandy.

Dark has fallen on the coastal Jersey Shore city, and with it, harsh words from New Jersey State Governor Chris Christie for residents who failed to evacuate before the eye of the storm hit the beleaguered seaside town.

During a 5:30 pm press briefing (video below), Chris Christie tore into Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford for not urging residents of the low-lying area to evacuate, defying Christie’s orders. The governor said “gave them comfort for some reason to stay,” and that at the time of the briefing there was “no other way … to go in and get them.”

Christie added that Atlantic City residents were “going to have to ride out the storm there until at least 7 o’clock tomorrow morning,” and continued:

“I cannot in good conscience send rescuers in as the storm is about to hit in the next hour, nor can I send them in in the dark given all the various hazards that would occur potentially for them.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, Christie lectured the stranded residents of Atlantic City, admonishing them:

“So for those of you who are on the barrier islands who decided it was better idea to wait this out than to evacuate, and for those elected officials who decided to ignore my admonition, this is now your responsibility … We will not be able to come and help you until daylight tomorrow.”

Christie also took to Twitter to reach residents he may have otherwise been unable to chide, tweeting:

Christie added:

However, Christie had some words of praise for the president in a show of bipartisanship unusual for this campaign, tweeting:

Original story:

Atlantic City is underwater as Hurricane Sandy threatens, with the storm expected to make landfall in the Jersey Shore hotspot at between six and seven pm tonight.

Atlantic City’s underwater status has been heavily documented on Twitter as users upload shocking accounts and images about the devastation that has been recorded even before Hurricane Sandy has officially hit the city.

Twitter users following as Atlantic City is underwater have been posting about brave weatherman from CNN Ali Velshi “literally swims” in the floodwaters currently soaking the much beloved vacation spot.

For the most part, Twitter is concerned about Velshi’s safety in an underwater Atlantic City and tweeted:

atlantic city underwater pics

Others have tweeted generally about the damage in an underwater Atlantic City, with tweets including:

Instagram is also lighting up with images of Atlantic City underwater, and most reveal a devastation even greater than expected for the still-to-come ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

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22 Responses to “Atlantic City Underwater As Hurricane Sandy Looms With 6 PM Landfall Expected”

  1. Kevin Fox

    Since when is it the 'much beloved vacation spot'? Um, anywhere else in the US I get it, but not here. But I hope evreryone's ok.

  2. Nina Wright

    With all that's going on the best you can do is "rude?" So sad. Will be praying all night for my family and the rest of the fine people in the area

  3. Ron Ravielli

    Well since I am the family ure talking about I assume figured id let u know that we are doing ok its really bad hear buy so far were safe inside figures my mom and brother would want to know that

  4. Thomas Elisha

    he Governor is right, he alerted the communities statewide well in advance, his (the state's emergency) web site is the only one accessible w/o a very long lag time. Blame should fall on local authorities that didn't heed the warning. Thanks for your time.

  5. Phillip Szokowski

    Food supplies are NON-EXISTANT becuse that "Fat-Ass" Governor bought up every item on every shelve! Rush Limbaugh blamed Democrats for the storm. Good thing that "Leipzig Stallion Guy" is long gone from FEMA—a GWB appointee!

  6. Alice White

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  7. Eric Price

    I don't blame him for being upset And also for not sending help to the people who were fools to stay …

  8. Johnny Syko Greenhorn

    man i fucking called you you being disrespectful to me on my facebook status is unacceptable. ask kat how much i have cried and worried i understand that U 2 have issues but dont bring it to my posts not asking for much and i love you dearly but DONT BE AN ASSHOLE

  9. Paweł Jędrzejkowski

    Maybe now (or after the next "designer storm") city planners finally admit that nothing permanent should be ever constructed below sea level + 20 feet. This includes NY subway and its many suburbs. Manhattan should be a national park and the whole lot relocated to a higher ground. Sounds fantastic? Sure it does, for most people, however they should embrace for equally fantastic, recurring damages…

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