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USS Minnesota Christened On Saturday

USS Minnesota Submarine Christened

The USS Minnesota is the newest addition to the Navy’s submarine stock and was christened on Saturday, in Newport News, VA.

The attack submarine will be equipped with a crew of 134 officers and personnel to navigate the $2 billion, 7,800-ton, 377-foot-long USS Minnesota. The submarine has the capability to dive deeper than 800 feet and, when submerged, exceed speeds of 25 knots, The Star Tribunereported.

The USS Minnesota is equipped with a nuclear reactor which will not necessitate refueling during the planned lifetime of the ship. The submarine is expected to become part of the Navy’s fleet when it is commissioned next summer.

The ship’s sponsor, Ellen Roughead, who is the wife of former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead and a native to Minnesota, broke a bottle of champagne against a plate which was welded to the ship’s hull.

A teenager from Roseville, MN, Jakob Bartels, was awarded a college scholarship of $1500 and an all-expense-paid trip to the commission ceremony for designing the ship’s logo. The USS Minnesota’s logo features a Viking whose helmet glistens with north star and a Latin inscription, “From the North, Strength.”

There have been other ships in the past which were also named after Minnesota. In 1855, a wooden steam frigate was launched and in 1905 a Connecticut-class battleship with the same name was launched, The Pioneer Newsreports. In 1921, the last Minnesota was decommissioned.

In August of 2008, the similarly named USS Minneapolis-St. Paul was decommissioned.

The USS Minnesota is expected to excel in anti-ship, anti-ship, and strike warfare. The ship will be capable of operating in both shallow and deep waters, Naval officials said.

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20 Responses to “USS Minnesota Christened On Saturday”

  1. John Swanson

    I'm proud of this SUB.Let any body who wants to hurt the USA take notice that SUBS like her will exact vengence on the people who hate us.

  2. Willie Courthers

    This one submarine fully loaded can wipe out an entire continent. The US has I think 75 nuclear submarines more than any other country in the world.

  3. Jess McClure

    does obama know we still have subs – I think he thinks its a hero sandwich –

  4. Chris Hessel

    Well, you can never have enough compressed, deep sea-diving, missile launching tin cans of death. Besides, this is 'Merica!

  5. Ty Riehle

    This is an attack submarine not a trident missile submarine. It is capable of a lot of conventional destruction but not capable to destroy a whole continent. You are getting trident boats and attack boats confused. being a veteran of the submarine fleet this is an important distinction. Our missions are completely different. In the cold war attack boats were designed to hunt down and kill other missile boats of the soviet commie bastards. I was on a fast attack the USS Jefferson city SSN 759. We carried out a lot of different missions like monitoring radio transmissions from rouge nations all the way to tracking Iranian subs in the Gulf. It is true we have enough firepower with our Trident subs to destroy the world. Its called a deterrent, and it works!!!!! I am not sure what your comment is implying but smells of liberal ignorance and a unwillingness to accept the dangers we face in this world. So I guess because we have more subs than anyone else we should stop innovating and improving our sub fleet so the rest of the world can catch up? Is that what you mean? If you are an Obama fan then I am not surprised. How very redistributionist of you!!!

  6. Sheila Marie Mahnken

    And then when we are all owned by foreign interests, they can turn all that weaponry on our land and get rid of our sorry arses….but maybe when they own our boundaries, they won't want to ruin their own property…conundrum there…

  7. Richard Cagney

    my brother, eddie, served on boomers during the vietnam war…he was TM2…his job was to be sure missiles were launched if needed…he said the responsibilty was tremendous, but he would do his job…he died in may, but he was always proud of his service…as with other former submariners, he is now on "eternal patrol"…

  8. Howard Schneider

    I'm not really sure just why the Navy let all this information out on this boat! In my day, they used to keep this type of information classified. I think that their public Affairs Officer (PAO) slipped up. The average person shouldn't even know about this craft. At any rate, good job and lets' go get them. Love the Navy!

  9. Verne Olmstead

    Umm, he knows what they are. Rumknees was the ignorant tool on this subject. Try again tool.

  10. Verne Olmstead

    It's just the basics. There are going to be sailors serving on this thing for years, the average person will hear about it. They didn't tell us anything critical, so take a deep breath.

  11. Verne Olmstead

    @Ty Riehle, Anyone with an opinion gets the liberal tag? I think Willie made a statement, and didn't take an ideological stance or even say we shouldn't have. You're putting words into his mouth. Lighten up tuff guy.

  12. Verne Olmstead

    I think we should work on why people hate us. Maybe stopping our long history of supporting dictators (like Saddam, thanks to Reagan) would be a start. Vengeance breeds vengeance.

  13. Anonymous

    Ty Riehle idiots like you make make me laugh. Willie didn't know about the different classes of sub so he's a liberal? Guess what I'm a Democrat that doesn't believe in the trickle down effect that Republicans believe in and Obama's plan isn't raising taxes on the rich its taking away there tax breaks. I do believe in stimulating the the economy by giving more money to the lower and middle class. I do believe in a woman's right to an abortion if she is raped, other then that I don't believe in abortion but Republicans want to take them all away. I do believe in sending illegals out of the country they can come in legally. I believe in gun laws because I know my hunting rifle, shotgun and hand guns won't be taken away and I believe no one needs an automatic rifle with a 100 round clip or a hand gun with a 30 round clip. I believe that republicans like Romney/Ryan have no clue about how to help the lower and middle class(middle class is $250K ring a bell). I also know that the bailout for the auto industry saved it, the debt is not all on Obama since he didn't lie to create a war and he didn't destroy the economy by deregulating. I also believe that you have to pick what to vote for and I chose to vote for the economy and women rights.

  14. Ty Riehle

    @ Verne Olmstead Its people like you that make the world less safe. Refusing to understand why the Muslims hate us. They hate us because we have freedom. They hate us because we are not Muslims. When you do not identify your enemy you have already lost the war. But thanks for your Chamberlain like insights, its cute to see how naive you liberals are.

  15. Willie Courthers

    Okay, so I am correct; however, I inadvertently stated the wrong information about an attack sub versus a trident submarine. Okay I got it. I am also honored to have Mr. Riehle respond to my comment. I meant no harm in my confusion. Not did I mean anything about the number of subs we have in a negative manner. I apologize if I offended anyone from my mistake.

  16. Jess McClure

    Verne Olmstead wow a tool? i made a joke and you call me a tool. looks like you beed a mirror. is this president ur dad? you really need to chill out and go to a comedy club – je whiz !

  17. Jess McClure

    ya know this prez has spent the last four years trying to divide us and its apparent by looking on some of these hateful post – I thought we were ALL AMERICANS first – take a moment before you comment and be civil to others – because after the election we all have to live in this land together OK –

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