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Medical Marijuana: Arkansas Doctors Come Out Against Cannabis Amendment

arkansas doctors oppose medical marijuana

Arkansas doctors called a news conference to voice their opposition to a proposed amendment to legalize medical marijuana. Dr. David Smith of Little Rock leads the group of physicians denouncing the state constitution change.

The group of doctors will release a statement noting their formal opposition to the cannabis legislation during a news conference at the Baptist Health Medical Center on Wednesday, ABC KAIT 8 News reports.

If passed, the proposed medical marijuana amendment would allow patients to buy cannabis from nonprofit dispensaries. Should voters approve the pot legislation, Arkansas will become the first southern state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use, according to the Houston Chronicle website.

Republican Congressman Tim Griffin also opposed the state’s marijuana legalization efforts. Herb Rule, the Democratic challenger seeking to earn Griffin’s seat in November, is not sure if he will vote for the proposed amendment, according to the Helena-Arkansas The Daily World website. Rule did state that he generally supports the idea of medical marijuana. Green party candidate, Barbara Ward, and Libertarian candidate, Chris Hayes, both reportedly support the issue.

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6 Responses to “Medical Marijuana: Arkansas Doctors Come Out Against Cannabis Amendment”

  1. Deborah Morgan

    It just BAFFLES me why doctors (presumably who hold actual medical degrees) choose to ignore medical and scientific evidence! Could it be that they are in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies?
    The American Cancer Society, the American Association of Family Physicians, and the American Medical Association all SUPPORT medical marijuana. Shame on these Arkansas doctors for choosing money over evidence…

  2. Bob William Knight

    to Deborah these quacks are a menace. hopefully cosmic justice awaits these people. i don't think they are pharma stooges as much as they are truly evil or meanspirited or maybe stupid

  3. Ronald Fuselier

    Doctors are employees of Big Pharma. If you start using cannabis, you will use less of their drugs. Then you will piss of Big Beer because you will drink less.

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