Carol DiMaiti, Charles’ Chuck’ Stuart: Pregnant Woman Murdered By Yuppie Hubby In Boston On ID’s ‘The 1980s The Deadliest Decade’

The case of Carol DiMaiti Stuart, the pregnant woman who was shot dead in her car by her husband, Charles “Chuck” Stuart, will air on Investigation Discovery‘s The 1980s — The Deadliest Decade. Authorities say Charles Stuart was a diabolical husband who shot his wife in the head and then wounded himself to fool police into believing that a black man had done it. Stuart was never brought to justice. He committed suicide by jumping from a bridge in Boston. The 1980s — The Deadliest Decade episode to profile the story is titled “The Yuppie Murder.” Commentary is expected by Boston law enforcement investigators and family members of the victim.

The 1980s — The Deadliest Decade: “The Yuppie Murder”

  • When a frantic husband calls Boston police to report that a robber has shot him and his pregnant wife after leaving a birthing class, the police are on the hunt for a black man. But when racial tensions in the city’s black community rises to an all-time high, a tipster comes forward to reveal that the ‘color of murder’ in this case, is anything but black.

The 1980s — The Deadliest Decade will convey how news of Carol Stuart’s death spread like wildfire in October 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts. It was then that police received a disturbing call from Chuck Stuart, who told police that he had been shot, along with his wife. 29-year-old Charles Stuart made the call from his car cell phone.

Police were unable to locate the suburban couple since Charles Stuart continued to drive his vehicle and was unable to give police an exact location. When he finally did stop the car, police were able to locate them.

Inside, they found the body of 33-year-old Carol DiMaiti Stuart, a Reading attorney who was about seven months pregnant at the time. She had been shot in the head at close range, according to The 1980s–The Deadliest Decade’s coverage.

  • Crime scene photos are shown here.

DiMaiti was transported to the local hospital, where she died. Doctors were able to deliver the dead mother’s baby by C-section. However, the infant also died.

Charles Stuart, who was listed in fair condition, stated that he had just attended a birthing class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital before they were attacked by a black man.

Carol Stuart’s funeral was particularly sad. Her mother was so anguished that she had to be carried in and out of the services. Charles didn’t attend the funeral since he was still recovering in the hospital from his injuries but sent a loving note, which stated the following, according to the book Erased: Missing Women, Murdered Wives by Marilee Strong and Mark Powelson.

“Good night sweet wife, my love. God has called you to His hands. Not to take you away from me or the happiness and gladness you brought me, but to bring you away from the cruelty and the violence that fills this world. My life will be more empty without you, as will the lives of your family and friends. You have brought joy and kindness to every life you’ve touched. Now you sleep away from me. I will never again know the feeling of your hand in mine, but I will always feel you. I miss you and I love you. Your husband, Chuck.”

In addition to The 1980s — The Deadliest Decade, the case was featured on the documentary show Rescue 911. The overly dramatic depiction sent shock waves through the community and made the area of Mission Hill a target for the stopping and frisking of innocent black men.

Two months later, Chuck Stuart’s brother, Matthew, admitted to police that the killer was Chuck Stuart. This devastated Carol DiMaiti’s distraught family even more. Detectives believed that Stuart wanted his wife dead so that he could use insurance monies collected to open a restaurant.

The movie, Good Night Sweet Wife: A Murder In Boston, is based on the case. The movie was inspired by the book Murder in Boston: A Woman Murdered. A City Town Apart. A Crime That Gripped a Nation. And That’s Just the Beginning by Ken Englade.

Watch The 1980s — The Deadliest Decade tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Remember the case of Laci Peterson, the pregnant wife who was murdered by her husband, Scott Peterson? Take a look at that case here.

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