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Netflix Originals: When Will ‘Glitch’ Season 2 Be Released?

Glitch is one of the many Netflix Originals any subscriber can enjoy. Season 1 of Glitch was released to Netflix subscribers on October 15. It didn’t take long for this cool Australian show to pick up steam and become one of the more popular Netflix Originals. Anyone who has had the pleasure of binging their way through Glitch Season 1 has just one question on their mind – when will Season 2 be released to the Netflix library?

Warning: If you haven’t watched Glitch Season 1 yet, the remainder of this article does contain spoilers.

Glitch is a paranormal series that opens watching six different people struggling to crawl out of their graves. Each of the individuals are covered in mud, disoriented, and confused about what is going on as they sprout from the ground. For anyone who hasn’t seen Glitch yet, the series isn’t actually about zombies. In fact, the individuals end up getting checked out by a doctor and appear to be in perfect health outside of the fact that they just rose from the dead.

A doctor and a policeman work together to rescue and retrieve the individuals who have risen from the dead. Drama quickly unfolds when the policeman James Hayes recognizes one of the individuals who rose from the dead as someone from his past life.

You can check out the extended trailer for Season 1 of Glitch below.

According to Netflix Life, Glitch was a well-received series in Australia and it was awarded with two different honors for best drama. Fortunately, Season 1 of Glitch was so well-received that the series was renewed for a Season 2. Season 2 is expected to air globally on Netflix (outside of Australia) in 2017. Unfortunately, Glitch Season 2 does not have a current or confirmed release date. Shooting for Season 2 is currently underway, so chances are pretty good it will not be released to the Netflix Originals library until the later portion of 2017.

Season 1 of Glitch is only six episodes long. While no real details have been released about Season 2 at this time, fans can only expect for the Season to be roughly the same length. Given the short number of episodes, Glitch is an ideal choice for anyone looking through the Netflix Originals library for something to binge through. Fans are reporting the series to be very addictive, so it isn’t something a Netflix user with a habit to binge is going to want to start watching until he/she has a chance to watch the entire thing in one sitting.

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It didn’t take long for fans to start comparing Glitch to another popular series found in the collection of Netflix Originals. Many fans agree Glitch is the next best thing to hit Netflix Originals since Stranger Things. These fans have gone on to claim the series does a good job of satisfying the desire for Season 2 of Stranger Things to get released.

The only real reason why someone might not like Glitch as much as they like Stranger Things is because of the child actors. Stranger Things is well-known for having an entire cast of child actors and actresses. Glitch doesn’t have a cluster of children actors and offers some different feelings to those who watch it.

If you’ve had a chance to check out Season 1 of Glitch and are impatiently waiting the release of Season 2 be sure to let us know what you think about the newest addition to the Netflix Originals collection in the comments section below.

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