'This Is Us' Cast Spills Upcoming Episode Spoilers

‘This Is Us’ Cast Reveals Holiday Episode Spoilers: More Answers On Sibling Rivalry And Jack’s Fate Coming

Fans did not get to see a new episode of the hit drama This is Us last Tuesday due to the elections, but that did not stop the cast from getting everyone pumped for upcoming episodes. Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown shared some insight into what fans can expect as the holidays near. So far the show has done a great job of reeling fans in and keeping them on the edge of their seats with shocks, twists, and mysteries, with the biggest being Ventimiglia’s death on the show. Just recently fans learned the fate of Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia. Viewers were crushed to learn that Jack was deceased in the present day. It’s only a matter of time until writers for This is Us reveal exactly what happened to Milo’s character Jack.

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The cast of This is Us, including Ventimiglia, got together with Entertainment Tonight and revealed a few teasers for upcoming episodes. Fans will get to see the Pearson family gather for a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner on November 22. They will all gather at Randall’s house, according to Mandy Moore who plays Rebecca. Moore said, “Thanksgiving is Randall’s holiday.” Sterling K. Brown, who portrays Randall, added that the reunion will be fun. Brown said his character Randall lives for Thanksgiving. Sterling teased fans by saying, “It’s because of something in their past as a family that made Thanksgiving this incredibly special moment.” Of course Ventimiglia’s character Jack will not be in present-day parts.

As with a lot of family gatherings, it looks like Thanksgiving with the big three and their families may not go as planned. Brown also hints that some past issues will rise to the surface and create some tension. Milo Ventimiglia admits that the Thanksgiving episode is leading up to “a bigger thing called Christmas.” Fans will get to see the Pearsons celebrate and how their celebrations change over a few decades. Milo also hinted that perhaps a few more hints about Jack’s death may be revealed in the episode.

Fans were crushed when they learned Ventimiglia’s beloved character Jack was dead in the present day. Ventimiglia says it makes him want to cry when people say what a great TV dad he is. Milo says, “I want to reach out and I want to hug everyone and be like, OK, tell me how I can help. Tell me how I can help inspire, protect — whatever!”

Mandy Moore shared that while the This is Us writers may reveal little hints about Ventimiglia’s death, the complete answer on what happened to Ventimiglia will not come for some time. Moore says that some episodes will reveal bigger pieces of information than others, but all the pieces of the puzzle will be satisfying. Fans will have to be patient as the mystery unfolds into how Milo’s character died. Perhaps the holidays with the Pearson family will shed some more light on the story involving Ventimiglia.

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It’s been obvious for some time that things are not perfect between the three siblings. Sterling K. Brown shared that things are tense between him and his brother Kevin, played by Justin Hartley. Brown said that Kevin resented the relationship Randall had with their mother Rebecca. The jealousy created tension between mother and son and the two brothers. Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, also has a tough relationship with her mother. Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the show, shared that more vulnerabilities and more insecurities Kate has will surface. The holidays are sure to shed more light on these troubled relationships and hopefully take them a step closer to healing.

Aside from dealing with sibling issues in upcoming episodes, Randall will be facing another small crisis during Episode 7 titled “The Best Washing Machine In The World.” Spoilers Guide shared that Sterling K. Brown’s character will learn a secret that his biological father William has been keeping. The secret will be shared after Randall’s wife Beth spends time with William. The secret reveal will carry over to Thanksgiving where it is revealed that Randall’s heart is broken and his mother is involved. Could the secret involve Rebecca and the fact that she knew William, Randall’s entire life?

As the premiere season gets deeper and further into the episodes, more secrets and plot twists will be revealed. For example, there is speculation that perhaps Randall’s big home was built because his father was never able to finish building it for his family. Ventimiglia says, “It’s a beautiful home [but in reality] it’s a cold soundstage.” All will be revealed in due time and fans won’t want to miss upcoming new episodes of This is Us Tuesday nights on NBC.

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