Dr. Phil Exposes Serial Rapist Daniel Drill-Mellum At University Of Minnesota

On Dr. Phil, the case of a University of Minnesota serial rapist, Daniel Drill-Mellum, was brought to light and how the now-jailed and convicted rapist might have gotten away with his crimes and violations of women. One of Drill-Mellum’s victims, Abby Honold, spoke at length to Dr. Phil, explaining in detail what was done to her after an afternoon at a University of Minnesota tailgate party.

Dr. Phil seems to be scoring many huge and relevant interviews this season, including the brother of murder victim Jon-Benet Ramsey and the father of accused cannibal murderer Austin Harrouff, according to the Inquisitr. With a discussion about rape on campus and the importance of reporting these crimes, Dr. Phil was able to reach out on a topic that touches everyone.

On Dr. Phil, a rape case that turned out to surround a serial rapist almost went nowhere if not for a persistent victim, her lawyer, and an officer who kept pushing for prosecution, says the Star Tribune. Abby Honold, a victim of Daniel Drill-Mellum, bravely came forward to tell the candid story of what was done to her when she attended a University of Minnesota tailgating party.


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Now Honold is moving forward to work on the issues that the case against Drill-Mellum brought up about the reporting and investigation of campus rape cases. Kevin Randolph, the officer who opened the case of Honold’s rape back up after the police pushed it aside, also appeared on Dr. Phil, and he says that there is still a way to go, as someone like Daniel Drill-Mellum almost got away with violent rape and an attempt to tamper with the case by his fraternity brothers after the fact.

“The national pressure has been there for colleges to do more, but the scenario needs to be tweaked so that prosecutors are doing more to take on these serious cases.”

Abby Honold bravely pushed for prosecution when the police decided not to charge her rapist, Daniel Drill-Mellum, says the Star Tribune. Drill-Mellum asked Honold to come with him back to his apartment to get more alcohol for the tailgate party where they met. Honold was tipsy at the time, and after she realized Drill-Mellum was going to rape her, she begged to leave.

“Please, let me go!” she pleaded.

After the attack, which included an oral and anal assault, Honold was able to escape, and she called a friend for help. Abby Honold had bruises, tears, and cuts across her entire body, and even the ER nurses said they had never seen such injuries from a rape. During the rape, Drill-Mellum covered her mouth and pushed his fingers down her throat, which caused oral cuts and tears.

Pushing forward with the case against Daniel Drill-Mellum, Randolph heard about other victims of Drill-Mellum who were scared to come forward. Randolph begged the other victims to go on record.

“I know you’re upset because he’s controlling your life, he is walking around free after what he did to you. You have the power to change that. You have the power to take control over his life if you come in.”

By this time, Drill-Mellum had left the country to live in Australia, and so it was a waiting game. Randolph watched social media and found out Drill-Mellum was returning to the U.S. to attend his sister’s wedding just before Christmas. Randolph got an arrest warrant and cuffed Drill-Mellum while he was still on the plane. Randolph called Honold to tell her he had a Christmas present for her, her rapist’s arrest.

Daniel Drill-Mellum is now serving eight years in prison for his University of Minnesota rapes. Dr. Phil thanked the whole team for being so candid about the evolution of this case.

Do you think the way rapes are handled should change?

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