Michael Savage

Talk Radio Host Michael Savage Returning To Airwaves

Michael Savage, the San Francisco-based conservative gadfly who presides over the “Savage Nation,” is coming back on the air with a new syndicator. His new gig, starting October 23, is with Cumulus Networks.

Michael Savage’s talk radio show will air at a new time, 9 pm to midnight Eastern, rather than his previous 6 pm to 9 pm time slot.

In late September, Savage won a lawsuit against Talk Radio Network, his previous syndicator, which in effect canceled out his contract. Other than a few Ustream appearances, he has been away from the media during this hiatus.

According to World Net Daily, “The arbitration panel awarded Savage more than $900,000 and ordered TRN to turn over to him all archived tapes and other recordings of his show.”

In the third quarter of 2012 (before he left the air), Savage was the number one most-listened-to talk radio show on the internet according to Talk Stream Live.

With a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in nutritional ethnomedicine and the author of 28 books, Michael Savage freely admits that he wound up in talk radio only because affirmative action policies denied him a job in academia.

His amped-up opinions on “borders, language, and culture” may be off putting for some listeners, and, sometimes because of his explosive intensity, it may even a challenge to listen to him beyond small doses even if you are predisposed to his viewpoints.

But even if you disagree with his politics, when Savage talks about his Bronx childhood or his day-to-day encounters in San Francisco, for example, he can be tremendously entertaining. Given Savage’s scientific training, listeners can also learn a lot about holistic health and nutrition.

Back in December, Savage offered New Gingrich $1 million to drop out of the GOP presidential race.

Do you listen to Michael Savage?