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Presidential Polls: Obama Holding Off Romney As Pollsters Await Effects Of Debate

Presidential Polls: Obama Holding Off Romney As Pollsters Await Effects Of Debate

Presidential polls have been moving ever so slightly toward Barack Obama since Mitt Romney closed the president’s widening gap with a strong showing in the first presidential debate, but, with an Obama win in the second debate, pollsters now wait to see whether the president can take back the commanding lead he once held.

Obama once held leads in national polls of four to six points, but those margins have disappeared with Romney’s post-debate bounce.

Presidential polls released in the time directly before and after the second presidential debate show a variation. Some national tracking polls, like those from Gallup and Rasmussen, show Romney holding an edge in the election and even passing the 50 percent barrier among likely voters. But other polls show Obama ahead nationally, and state polls give even stronger numbers.

Obama has consistently held leads in the critical swing state of Ohio, which is seen as critical to both candidates.

As Obama holds steady in presidential polls, political analysts wait to see what bump he could receive from his strong performance in the second presidential debate. As The Huffington Post noted, Obama was seen as the winner in a number of snap poll, though results on specific topics were mixed.

A CNN survey of registered voters watching the debate found that 46 percent said Obama won the debate and 39 percent said Romney did outside of the survey’s four-point margin of error.

It’s not known whether Obama can erase the nearly 2.5-point bounce Romney received from his own debate win, but election expert Nate Silver warned not to look too much into polling disparities seen now.

The FiveThirtyEight blogger wrote:

“This is a curious distribution of polls. While on average the polls showed almost an exact tie in the race, none of the individual polls did so, each lining up on the side of Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney.

“What to make of this pattern? Not much, I don’t think. On Monday, the national polls did seem to form a nice, tight distribution, clustered around the mean. On Tuesday, they didn’t. If the differences persist, they will be worthy of our attention, but the strong suspect here is simply statistical noise. People spend far too much time trying to determine which polls are right, when the correct attitude is to endeavor to infer which polls are less wrong.”

Silver said he is looking forward to presidential polls in the coming days to see if polls converge on a number and if Obama’s debate win will have any positive effects for the president.

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563 Responses to “Presidential Polls: Obama Holding Off Romney As Pollsters Await Effects Of Debate”

  1. Clancy Young

    A poll is what the organization taking the poll want's it to be.Some what like the unemployment numbers.The only poll that really counts is the one on November 6,2012.

  2. Joshua B. Hughes

    That was what Obama winning looked like? I didn't see a strong win.

  3. Christopher Carroll

    Nate Silver of the 538 blog is the best numbers cruncher in the game. Most accurate daily information leading up to all the elections on November 6th.

  4. Joshua B. Hughes

    Yeah Tyrone I think you are drinking the kool-aid man. That was not a win. He didn't lose but he certainly did not win.

  5. Paul Dombeck

    Jon Stewart show had a funny bit last night on the stupid minutia of a lot of this polling, where he had John Oliver asking one polling focus group to do a poll of another polling focus group., pretty funny.

  6. Joe Kleinkamp

    This story seems to want us to believe that Obama won the second debate. Candy Crowley had to come clean the next day apologizing for abetting Obama's lie when he said he called the Benghazi murder of 4 of our Countrymen terrorism which he most definitely did not. Obama and his Chicago gang will say whatever they need to get reelected.

  7. Esther Johnson

    Obama, you have positioned yourself for one term! Goodbye! Hello Romney!

  8. Jim Keller

    Dude, are you serious? How about this? If you're black and you vote for Obama because he's black like you, YOU are the racist. If you vote for Obama because you think he's smarter than Romney, you're a fool and no matter who is in office, you'll still be a loser that has no grasp on the english language.

  9. Jim Keller

    Dude, are you serious? How about this? If you're black and you vote for Obama because he's black like you, YOU are the racist. If you vote for Obama because you think he's smarter than Romney, you're a fool and no matter who is in office, you'll still be a loser that has no grasp on the english language.

  10. Anonymous

    Yeah, Romney up 52-45, that's moving back toward Obama. The left media has become a laughing stock of in-the-tank hacks.

  11. Anonymous

    Yeah, Romney up 52-45, that's moving back toward Obama. The left media has become a laughing stock of in-the-tank hacks.

  12. Anonymous

    Spoken like a compassionate, tolerant liberal. Do you realize that unemployment among African Americans, Hispanics, and women has skyrocketed under Obama? He has NO plan for job creation, has consistently lied to me and you about the attack in Libya, has spent his entire campaign criticizing Romney rather than talking about his own accomplishments (because there have been none), and has no strategy for the economy (if he had one, he would have already used it in 4 years). You have been brainwashed by the Democrats who have conned you into believing they are the party of the "poor." They want to keep you poor. If you actually succeeded you wouldn't need them anymore. They lie year after year that Republicans are going to take away this or take away that. Guess what? It never happens. They think you are stupid and will keep falling for it just so they get your vote. I know this would crush your entire world view, but it's the truth. More and more former Obama supporters are waking up and realizing they have been scammed. I hope you are one of them.

  13. Shirley Temple Kearney


  14. Janet Warren

    How dare your racist remarks! May you burn in hell…by the way, this African American female has a doctorate degree in Urban Educational Leadership…where did you say you got your education???? Oh, you did not…I guess that explains your insignificant, worthless, meaningless, unimportant, immaterial, and inconsequential comment.

  15. Shirley Temple Kearney


  16. Chris Jackson

    An "Obama win" in the second debate is purely subjective. Many non-committed voters saw it the opposite way…especially since Obama would rarely answer a direct question.

  17. Chris Jackson

    An "Obama win" in the second debate is purely subjective. Many non-committed voters saw it the opposite way…especially since Obama would rarely answer a direct question.

  18. Joseph Turro

    He was referring to the snap polls taken by networks like cnn and cbs directly after the debate that showed obama winning the debate by 7% margin or so and even more from other networks polls. Whether you think individual polls are biased or not is one thing, but he wasn't using his OWN opinion about who won the debate, just the information available.

  19. Mark Wakeley

    Anyone is a huge step up from Obama! President Obama lied. He PROMISED to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, He added 6 trillion dollars to the deficit over 3 years. He PROMISED to lower the unemployement rate to less than 8 percent, it has been over 8 percent for a consecutive 43 monthes. Before he took office 32 million people were on food stamps, now we have 47 million people on food stamps, Before he took office gas was $1.80/gallon, now the gas is over 4 dollars. We are far worst now then we were before he took office…. and yet people are so blind that all this doesnt matter he is still the one of the "best" Presidents.

  20. Anthony Napolitano

    I am from Massachusetts. All you flip-flop lovers – be warned, be careful who you vote for. Lets take abortion for one example (I could give you many). During the primaries Mitt was asked if a bill to overturn Roe v Wade crossed his desk whould he sign it? Answer – "I would love to sign that bill". Now: I'm not against abortion. Mitt is a man that would say anything to get elected. Can't believe there are so many fools on Yahoo that fall for his crap.

  21. Jewel Eccleston

    I've got to agree with Joshua and I'm a Democrat. President Obama is capable of doing much better. That, or he shined against the horrible opponent, Senator McCain.

  22. Christopher Justice

    tyrone is only saying that because he is black. All black people like oboma not because of his politics, but simply because he is black. Thats why this country is in the mess its in

  23. Jewel Eccleston

    Christopher, that's like me saying: All white people dislike Obama because he's black. That simply is NOT true. Could it be that we relate to his ideas more than Romney's? I mean, c'mon. Are you serious? That's your argument???

  24. Jewel Eccleston

    Mark Wakeley, MItt Romney lied by saying he cares about 100% of Americans AFTER he admitted that 47% of Americans are not "his" problem. LIE!

  25. Joshua B. Hughes

    I have to agree with Jewel. We don't know why Tyrone likes Obama unless we hear it straight from his mouth. As long as we all think along those lines are we really living up to MLKs dream? I dislike his policies, and his guiding ideals but not him personally. I don't know him personally. I think what's wrong with this country is we all need to get past the color of a mans skin and look at the conduct of his character. The longer people vote based on skin color or suspect that others are doing so we know that racism is still alive, well and still rearing its ugly head.

  26. Joshua B. Hughes

    Btw when I said I dislike his policies etc I was talking about Obama.

  27. Abel Torres

    I a m not black and I like Obama you must be a racist. Your probably voting Romney

  28. Abel Torres

    I a m not black and I like Obama you must be a racist. Your probably voting Romney

  29. Randal Phillips

    Funny. Gallup has Romney 7 pts. up on Bummer as of 10 a.m. this morning in the nationwide daily poll. That's a point more than yesterday, bot of which were taken after round 2. Sounds like this was written by one of Barry's presstitutes.

  30. Randal Phillips

    Funny. Gallup has Romney 7 pts. up on Bummer as of 10 a.m. this morning in the nationwide daily poll. That's a point more than yesterday, bot of which were taken after round 2. Sounds like this was written by one of Barry's presstitutes.

  31. Christopher Justice

    Jewel I'm not racist, and I'm not dumb either. I know a lot of white people voting for Obama. But I have never meet or heard of a black person voting for Mitt Romey. They are not voting for Mitt because he is white, and they are voting for Obama because he is black. We are not talking about a few black people, we are talking about ALL black people. There was a black girl on twitter that said she didnt care for obama, and she got millions of death threats from black people calling her a trader. Stop and think about it lol

  32. Jewel Eccleston

    I'm sure that you are referring to Stacy Dash. And because a few idiots sent her death threats for having her own opinion, you now label all black people? Are you THAT closed minded?

  33. Randal Phillips

    Shirley, you've GOT to stop listening to Pravda. First of all, you don't need compassion. That's not the place of the government. Second, a little more of Barry Soetero's compassion and we'll all be digging thru the dump trying to find something to sell so we can eat. Don't you get it that he has absolutely trashed our economy. I suppose he's had a good deal of compassion for himself and his wife. She's spent $10M of the people's money jet setting it around the world like royalty. How come you don't get hacked off at that? As for Mitt, yes, he did close some sinking businesses. You have probably never run a business, but anyone who has knows that businesses that aren't run to turn a profit go out of business. Those are grown up decisions that have to be made and, yes, sometimes innocents get hurt in the process. Would you have been happier if he had NOT closed the unprofitable divisions and let the whole company die? Then you would be complaining that he didn't know how to run a business.

  34. Mark Wakeley

    I understand that fixing our economy isn't going to be over night but look at the number… things are worst now that they were before he took office! And we cannot as a country continue in this path that he has us on.

  35. Randal Phillips

    Joseph Turro Snaps are highly unreliable and the actual polls this week have shown Romney gaining. Whoever wrote this article is NOT a journalist; a media whore, perhaps. A sycophant for Obama, but no journalist.

  36. Randal Phillips

    I am not in love with Romney, but I'll tell you this: he has one absolutely irresistible trait: He is NOT Barack Obama.

  37. Jewel Eccleston

    Take into consideration propositions and acts that were proposed, but blocked by the house and senate republicans. Use critical thinking. It would help both parties understand each other a bit better.

  38. Ruthie Lewis

    Mark Wakely, from CBS news: "In June of 2008, the price of gas was four dollars and ten … to fall until the price averaged $2.07 just after Election Day in November". Gas was not under $2.00 under Bush, and only went under a few months before the election. What a short memory you have.

  39. Robert Gardner

    You are a liar Mark! He did not add $6 trillion nor did he ever promise that our cumulative deficits would be cut in half by the end of his frst term. You are lying and making numbers up. First of all, the very worst spending year under Obama was his first, in 2009 and that spending was the budget approved by GW Bush and signed by him in October 2008, FACT! Obamas unemployment record during his first term is actually superior to Ronald reagans, another FACT! Dont think so? Go google "US Historical Unemployment rates by mont", compare the two and come back in here and try to tell more lies. Unemployment is currently at 7.8% it is under 8.0% and he inherited the worst jobs situation since the Great depression. During Ron Reagans first term in office the unemployment rate was 7.4% when he took office and 7.3% when he was reelected, FACT! During Reagans first term we had 10 months of unemployment over 10%, 19 months of unemployment over 9%, 27 monthls of unemployment over 8% and 47 months of unemployment over 7%. Prior to Reagan entering office in January 1981 the unemployment rate had gone lower in 8 of the 10 previous months – he inherited an improving jobs picture. Prior to Obama entering office in Jan 2009 the unemployment rate had gone HIGHER in 20 of the 22 preceding months. He inherited a clearly deteriorating jobs picture and when he took office we were losing 800,000 net jobs a month, FACT! When Obama took over the unemployment rate was 8.3% and it is now 7.8%. Google "US Historical Unemployment rates by month", and try to come back in here and lie and claim it isnt true. LOL

  40. Gary Levey

    The President didn' actually promise to cut the deficit in half. That has been taken out of context by the right wing media.

    Response to Mark Wakeley: How can a President promise that. So much more is involved, just like with gas prices. The same goes for unemployment. Besides, if you hold him to that, you have to accept that the Republican Congress fought him every step of the way and never gave the programs he wanted so how can he be accountable given that?

    The Bush recession hadn't bottomed out so of course food stamp usage will grow. Did you want people to starve? Your gas argument is to naive to even address. Read something about how gas prices are set internationally and apologize later.

    We are NOT far worse than when the President took office. That is simply delusional, a need by Republicans to create an alternate universe so they can take a crack at solving a problem that they created.

    As far as best Presidents, that is in the eyes of the beholder. The only President who presided over a secession of states, one who suspended habeas corpus, and lead a war where hundreds of thousands of Americans died on American soil, that President is considered our greatest President. A President who makes bad times better is as valuable to our country as a President who makes good times better.

    We are not so blind that we don't recognize the blindness in you.

  41. Al Ritter

    Are you kidding me…….this is the ONLY group left that sees Obama as leading in the polls……'s great to see that someone will be left looking like an ass in the jounslistic areana!

  42. Ruthie Lewis

    So nice to hear someone displaying some wisdom on Yahoo comments instead of the usual BS rhetoric "Obama hates America" garbage spouted by the idiot population.

  43. Gary Levey

    It is incredible how someone so limited intellectually and so emotionally bent is willing to type his bigotry for all to see.

  44. Joshua B. Hughes

    I know a few African Americans who are voting for Romney. I think the question is, "How many people in this country did not vote for Obama in 2008 because of his race?" There will always be people who vote or make decisions because of race but that is not everyone.

  45. Gary Levey

    It is true that a high percentage of blacks will vote for the President but can you blame them. Is there really another intelligent choice? You are confusing the causality here. There are so many people, blacks included, who lose big time with Governor Romney.

    I'm sure that conservatives must feel the same way, although given how much George Bush gave conservatives that they didn't want or ask for, how they can vote for Romney and more of the same? This is sillier than the reasons that you accused Shirley of.

  46. June Jo

    Mark Wakeley people expect miracles from Obama, and no one is looking at the fact that he was able to get some of the things he said done….. so that's a plus considering everything was completely messed up to begin with. I was undecided on who I was voting for, but after watching the debate…I'll take my chances with someone who's trying to help everyone, and not just some. He's trying to do more than recover the economy; he's trying to make a real different and unite people…. which is very hard to do because there are so many people who are so ignorant, and have so much hate in their heart.

  47. Robert Gardner

    Google "US Historical Unemployment rates by month" and compare Obamas record to Reagan and then come back in here and tell lies about how he has ruined our economy"!! You cant do it because you are a coward who evades reality! Obams 1st term record on jobs is not ionly superior to GOP icon Reagans IT IS WAY BETTER given the relative jobs situation that each inherited when they took office. You claim about him adding $6 trillion in debt is also a lie. The worst year of that spending was the budget signed by GW Bush in 2008 which covered the 2009 fiscal year, FACT! You are a mindless GOPtard who ignores reality and probably has the bulk of your so called facts spoonfed to you like a toddler from some trash talk show host.

  48. Dawn Sines

    Obama has done so many shady things which cannot be blamed on anyone else but the most disturbing is him giving all that money away to the muslims, the very people who have killed so many americans…wake up! o-joke

  49. June Jo

    No one was complaining when Mitt Romney won the first debate….geez!!!!!

  50. Robert Gardner

    Mark Wakely is another ignorant, fact evading GOPtarded liar. He has tried to lie and claim Obama has ruined our economy when in fact his record on unemployment is very good given the situation he inherited. Google "US Historical Unemployment rates by month" and compare Obamas record to Reagan and then come back in here and tell lies about how he has ruined our economy"!! You cant do it because you are a coward who evades reality! Obams 1st term record on jobs is not ionly superior to GOP icon Reagans IT IS WAY BETTER given the relative jobs situation that each inherited when they took office. You claim about him adding $6 trillion in debt is also a lie. The worst year of that spending was the budget signed by GW Bush in 2008 which covered the 2009 fiscal year, FACT! You are a mindless GOPtard who ignores reality and probably has the bulk of your so called facts spoonfed to you like a toddler from some trash talk show host.

  51. Tom Yarborough

    Shirley, I don't agree regarding the first debate, but I do think that Obama was taken aback by Romney's lying about the $5 trillion dollars…and I think he was prepared in the second debate. I am sorry that when Romney said "Governments don't create jobs"…that Obama did not retort with "Ask Franklin D. Roosevelt about that"…because if it was not for Mr. Roosevelt's "New Deal" which spent government money to build the infrastructure (which is what Mr. Obama also wishes to do) we would have still been in a Depression when WWII hit.

  52. Ruthie Lewis

    Mark Wakeley, you're mixing up the national debt and the annual deficit. Deficit: The amount by which the government's total budget outlays exceeds its total receipts for a fiscal year. In 2012 it's 1.089 trillion, in the beginning of 2009 it was 1.413 trillion. Don't worry, it's a common mistake made by people who shoot off at the mouth without bothering to educate themselves first :)

  53. Christopher Justice

    Are you that closed minded to not understand that 100% of black people are voting for Obama. Not because of politics, because if it was politics then maybe he would get about 40 to 50% being democrate. But nope Its because he is black. If he was a white guy with the exact same politic beliefs then black people wouldnt even give him a second look. But since he is black then all black people think he can do no wrong and he is just amazing. Give me a break, for all of us who see what he is really doing I would give him a C- as president, at best

  54. Karina Amaral


  55. Jewel Eccleston

    My friend, Valerie, who is black will not be voting for him. She believes that he is a socialist which you may believe also. Me, I'm bi racial…raised by my white father, will be voting for Obama. Not because he is black, but because I believe in his effort and ideas. So, with that said, your 100% theory does not hold true.

  56. Tommie Cooper

    Mark Wakeley Let's be real Mark . Obama has done alot for America , plainly put . You talk about gas but do you remember the gulf oil spill ? You talk about the deficit , but honestly , that's because he was trying to help poor Americans . You talk about jobs , but those jobs are "NOT" comming back to the USA and Romney or no one else can do anything about it ! Why would companies pay "US" $24 /hr when they can base in China and pay them $4 and a bowl of rice to do the same work ? Funny thing is , everyone complaining bout jobs , are the ones working . I don't agree with everything Obama does and say , but I'm not gonna back a person who can tell a room full of rich people he's not concerned with 47% of the people he asking for votes from either ! Romney is a business man who wants to keep his money flowing . Keep following Romney ….

  57. Anonymous

    Shirley, why would you say Mitt Romney has no compassion? He has shown compassion in many ways through his church and through his wealth. Just because he's rich doesn't make him evil, it just makes you sound ignorant and unintelligent to suggest that a successful business man would hurt our crumbling country.

  58. Kim LaCapria

    And there's no way he'd jeopardize his brand by not crunching the numbers as well as he does, since he is the most prominent individual expert on the matter. I believe Nate Silver.

  59. Joshua B. Hughes

    I agree. I can name off the top of my head about 8 African Americans who will not vote for him. There are a lot of African Americans who are strong pro-life and there are a growing number moving towards the Republican Party. We only see what the media shows us and we all know the media likes to keep crap stirred up.

  60. Robert Gardner

    Dont bother Ruthie, I would venture a serious guess that this walking d-i-ip-s-h-e-o-t named Mark Wakely does not even know the difference between debt and and a deficit. The idiot probably thinks his party represents "fiscal consrvatism" too??? LOL Another mindless GOPtard spewing a few talking points ladeled to it by its favorite KoolAid dispensing trash talk show host. Here's a fun question for all you GOPtards who claim your party represents "fiscal conservatism". Tell the board how many balanced budgets your GOPtarded Presidents have signed off on since Nixon??? How about does 0-28 ring a bell?? Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr and GW Bush and you dolts couldn't balance a budget and you claim you represent conservative spending????? Only a GOPtard would consider 0-28 in signing off on balanced budgets proof of "fiscal conservatism." But then again, these same mindless morons argued for years that Iraq WMD was valid and Saddam was partly involved in 911 because their talk show puppets told them so. Little things like facts have never meant much to them. No cure for GOPtarde stupid, none. Ron White, Tata Salad. LOL

  61. Kim LaCapria

    Christopher Justice, could it be, maybe, just maybe, that Mitt Romney belongs to a church that until 1978 had undeniably racist policies and beliefs and that he never, ever has denounced that? Have you even taken that into consideration at all?

  62. Francisco Balagtas

    Rob Mills is the EXACT prototype of why this great nation of ours is going down the dumps!!!!! Why can we not accept the unavoidable FACT that the American demographics is changing? Instead of embracing the ideals of universality, these constipated white supremacists do nothing but whine, gripe and think that they are being robbed of the nation that they robbed out of the Indians in the first place! And what is wrong with INTEGRATION, anyways????????? The whole world has integrated……only FASCISTS do not embrace change…..and you, Rob Mills, is one of them! I think the general problem of people who get scared of the word SOCIALISM is their own ignorance! They usually and commonly associate socialism with CUBA and VENEZUELA……ignorant people keep forgetting that the richest countries in the EU — France and Germany — have socialist forms of government…..AND OH we must NOT go out of our own backyards!!!!! MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY are in truth SOCIALIST PROGRAMS!!!!!!! GOTCHA!!!!!!!!! You, Rob Mills…..are probably benefiting or will soon benefit from this country's TWO GREAT SOCIALIST PROGRAMS!!!!!!!

  63. June Jo

    I was undecided, but think Obama genuinely care about people, and trying his hardest to turn this economy around. With all the private comments that was made by Mitt Romney it seems like he doesn't care about people he's only saying and doing what he think people want to hear. I would love to hear Mitt Romney's plan to turn this economy around that would maybe sway me to his side, but for now Obama has my vote. Kicking one person out for breaking some promises, and putting another in that has absolutely no plan or direction in which he want to go; doesn't solve the problem. I think both of them lies, but would rather vote for someone who cares about everyone than someone who only want to look out for rich people. My family is doing well, but that doesn't mean we s*** on the ones who isn't, and not have a place for them in this world!

  64. Joshua B. Hughes

    Once again we jump out of the furnace and into the frying pan. We move from race to religion. Are we looking for ways to discriminate? This is not about race or religion. This is about who has a better plan for America.

  65. Joshua B. Hughes

    For the record I am not a Mormon and do not care at all for the religion.

  66. Christopher Justice

    Are you people serious. Are you all that blind. I'm not racist, some of my best friends are black. I personaly don't see color when Im talking to someone. But I mean come on, I was using 100% as a metaphor. Its really like 95% of african americans are voting for him because he is black. There is nothing terrible about that, the world is not going to end because of that lol, but it is absolutly true. Prove me wrong. Just look at all the comments from everyone on this page, a lot of them are from black people, and everyone of them is pro Obama, think about it jeez lol.

  67. Kim LaCapria

    Joshua B. Hughes When people say black people vote for Obama because of his race, though, it may not be accurate. I think that it would be tremendously difficult for a black person to vote for a man who believed as his religion that black people were cursed and evil. And has never denounced those beliefs. The mormon church did not change its position until 1978. Romney was well into adulthood at that point. He could easily address black voters and denounce espousing that view. It is a legitimate beef and not at all because someone is black and wants to back up their brother.

  68. Joshua B. Hughes

    Kim, you are discriminating based on religion. Bottom line you are a different kind of bigot. The man addressed that issue in USA today a few years ago. Two bigots going after each other… Sad…

  69. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley, yeah, well Congress is responsible for the spending.

  70. Anonymous

    Shirley Temple, its a nice sob story acting like you're concerned about a couple hundred jobs but having zero concern for the 1.2 Million Jobs Obama gave away when he passed his little "dream" act which is really a grab for latino votes. 1.5 million non-americans competing for 175K new jobs. Not to mention the 17 Million foreign work visa's his administration has allowed to enter the country in the last 4 years. Now as for retirement the Democrats did bail out the Auto Industries Pensions using our tax dollars but the stimulus did not cover the 20 Thousand Non-Union Auto Workers. They all lost their pensions. Why? Because Non-Union workers do not typically vote for Democrats or pork. But hey, you stick to your two hundred "Out Sourced" Bain Jobs.

  71. Kim LaCapria

    Joshua B. Hughes Laughable. If you were black, you would vote for a man who believed for much of his life that black people were, as dictated by God, inferior? Don't reject facts because they don't fit a narrative. I and anyone has every right to say this is a valid reason to believe he is racially insensitive to black people. It's a known fact that the church didn't revise this til 1978.

  72. Anonymous

    You support Obama because he is black, which is racist. Enough said, end of story!!

  73. Kim LaCapria

    Joshua B. Hughes From your link:

    "In a 2007 Meet the Press interview, Tim Russert noted that Romney was 31 when the priesthood ban was lifted in 1978. "Didn't you think, 'What am I doing part of an organization that is viewed by many as a racist organization?'" Russert asked.
    "I'm very proud of my faith, and it's the faith of my fathers," Romney answered. "And I'm not going to distance myself from my faith in any way.""

  74. Anonymous

    after all results are in the pollsters have to add 25% to obawannas tab due to ““affirmative action “““.

  75. Joshua B. Hughes

    Don't pick and choose your facts… You are a bigot against a religion.. Bottom line… It's sad because your supposed to be a liberal.

  76. Anonymous

    Tasheena Scantlebury …..Then please explain why there have been numerous presidents that have been able to help the economy IN FOUR YEARS.

  77. Anonymous

    Lady you are delusional. Start thinking about the country and not your favorite color…black.

  78. Kim LaCapria

    Joshua B. Hughes You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means. Also, I am not a liberal, what makes you think I am supposed to be anything? Check the voter rolls, I'm a registered Libertarian, baby.

    You saying I am a bigot for correctly stating black people may in fact be put off by a church that itself admitted its own racism is as patently silly as people saying black people vote for Obama because he's black. Read Mitt's own words that I pasted above. I'm WHITE and I am horrified people are letting this slip by, ugh. It's appalling. We owe the black citizens of this country far more than a President who believed into his 30s that black people were the cursed descendants of Cain. That's a horrifying factoid.

  79. Anonymous

    Tyrone Parker ….Hey Tyrone, take your head out of Obama's butt long enough to look around at the country.

  80. Anonymous

    Serge….What you thanking Obama for? Your Obama phone or your food stamps?

  81. Leo Tanner

    So if blacks are voting for President Obama cause he's black then you are saying you not voting for him because he is black….Did you say those things when all the candidates use to only be white???

  82. Leo Tanner

    So if blacks are voting for President Obama cause he's black then you are saying you not voting for him because he is black….Did you say those things when all the candidates use to only be white???

  83. Joshua B. Hughes

    Kim first of all, I know exactly what bigot means. It is you who is struggling with the concept. Again you picked your facts. He said that he wept when the church lifted the bam because he had longed for the church to change its policies. That does not sound like a man who believed into his 30s that African Americans were inferior. That sounds like a man stuck in between family traditions and changing values. I deplore the teaching ofJoseph Smith and find those ideas as wrong as you do. However, you assumed his racial positions without any word from his mouth to support it except something you twisted and used out of context. Then you assumed that all Mormons were the same. Then you took it upon yourself to correct Chris over his assumptions. You need to st judging people unless you have real facts about that. An. Obama sat u dear a Pastor who said horrible things about this country. Obama says he does agree, I can'trove otherwise so I will assume he is telling the church. Not voting for a man because of his church is bigotry.

  84. Joshua B. Hughes

    Obama sat under I meant to say. This iPad spell check stinks sometimes.

  85. David Moseley


  86. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley If u think Obama lied then what is it exactly that u think Romney is doing? When and if he gets in office he's not gonna look out for no one except for the rich ppl. He want to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Majority of these politicians say that they're gonna do one thing then does the total opposite when they make it into the office. I'd rather have Obama in office over Romney any day.

  87. Joshua B. Hughes

    Chris, you assumed Tyrone was voting for obama because of race.

  88. Janice Baker

    Can't wait for this to be over. So we can get back to some real headlines.

  89. Shave BarberLounge Murfreesboro

    47 of the people don't pay taxes ! ! which means they like the way things are now !
    Free Obama hand Outs and Obama phones ect…… Lazy Dummies who watch Kardashians all day.. Thats what he was talking about …

  90. Amy Lewinson

    Can someone please name one President that managed to cut the National Deficit in half?
    I'll be checking back for an answer…
    What some of you people are looking for is a "SAVIOUR" and you're going to have to take your asses to church to find him…
    The President is a "MAN" A simple "MAN" He is not "GOD".
    And some of you really have some nerves calling "MY PRESIDENT" a liar… Romney has done nothing but lie, and he continues to lie, and he'll have his family lie for him if it'll benefit him..

  91. Anonymous

    Shirley. You have no idea how many American jobs were saved by Bain Capital, how many Americans continue to work in America due to the risks taken by Bain Capital.
    Is your ignorance willful, or are you just too incompetent to research the track record of Bain Capital to find out for yourself?

  92. Anonymous

    Anthony. What will happen with abortion if Roe V Wade was overturned? Do you know? Have you thought through this to the end game?

  93. Anonymous

    Shirley, I agree with you, Mitt Romney sucks! Obama gave me a free phone so all those folks that support Barry Obama don't forget to vote Wednesday November 7th.

  94. Nicole Sewell

    Christopher Justice That is a immature thing for u to say, our voting for Obama has nothing to do with color of skin, we vote for the person that we feel is best suited to run our country and make things better by not jus looking out for the rich but for the ppl with little money as well. If ppl felt that Romney was a better catch for the position of President then we would vote for him but he's not so he get's no votes from us and yes it's white ppl voting for Obama as well so I guess that they're racists to huh!!!!!!!!

  95. Jacqueline De Cima

    Romney clearly won the second debate! Of course they had to give to Obama just because he did a little better than the first debate! Pathetic.. I am voting Romney.Obama has had 4 years and has not done much..

  96. Raymond Carter

    It is sad, but it is true, these guys don't care about the deficit or the fact that Romney will lie to get elected. His so called supporters don't really like him, because he is Morman. They just hate the fact that a black Man iis in the White House, a house built by slaves. Now, that is What's Up.

  97. Shane Clark

    I can tell your a racist prick. I guess you will have on your white sheet this weekend.

  98. Harvey Lester


  99. Randy Jay Pena

    Yeah it's crazy on how many people believe anything Mitt Robney says on yahoo, and I bet you anything that if Romney wins the people that voted for him will start to whine and complain just like the idiots who voted G.W.Bush twice.

  100. Agi Arnold

    President Obama did a fantastic job at the second debate, but that is not why he should win the election. He should win because he is the better man. He does what is right for America and who knows what Romney will do since he will say anything just to get the vote of whoever is listening at the time.

  101. Tonya Simmons

    President Obama is the MOST disrespected President there has ever been. He inherited a country that was in the worst shape since the " Great Depression". Nobody could have fixed this country or made things better in 4 years! You Republicans kill me. You all wanted BUSH and then after he F@#Ked everything up you put him back in 4 more years! Mitt Romney is a joke! There is no way in hell as a woman, middle class american, tax payer and minority I would vote this man in. He cares nothing about women or poor people. He is very un-realistic and he is a liar! If he was to win (which he is not) this country will really suffer. Republicans hate President Obama so much they will support anybody! I don't agree with all of the presidents choices but his good out weighs the bad! He is for hard working americans period! You people talk about the deficit but what has Romney said that make sense about re-building this country? He thinks that a middle-class american should pay the same taxes he does…He is a joke! John Mccain should have ran again. At least he made since. TEAM OBAMA ALL THE WAY!

  102. Tonya Simmons

    @ Mark Wakeley your facts are NOT correct and gas prices were never $1.80 when Bush was in office!!

  103. Don Hine

    Rob you poor child your living in the 50's still thinking like a redneck.This is America a great country made great by blacks,whites,asians,muslums,native Americans and every nationality known to mankind in this world.And each of us whether it's a Family member or ourself has fought for this country and stood proudly behind it.It's people such as yourself and your thought process that try to ruin a great nation.I'm a retired white male.I'm also voteing for President Obama I think he's better to lead this country thats just my opinion.I give to squats if someones voteing for Gov Romney thats there right.Should he win I would be behind him 100% because thats what we as a united people do.Except for a few fools such as you.SAD

  104. Tonya Simmons

    From reading some of these comments its obvious this is about race period!

  105. Don Hine

    You only like Obama because he is black and you are to."Prove me wrong" that has to be the most ignorant statement I've ever read on here.Let me enlighten you Chris ya think just maybe Shirley could be voteing for Mr Obama because she believes he's the better person to lead this country after Romneys clone G.Bush ruined it.It's thinking yours that at times make me embarrassed to be a white person.SAD for u.

  106. Don Hine

    Great post Tonya.I'm a white retired middle class Registered Republican.I made a mistake in voteing for Mr Bush and do believe President Obama deserves 4 more yrs to fix the great mess and bill Bush left on this country.

  107. Mark Waldee

    In 2006 Obama said:

    ds to be sent to everyone you know:

    "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."
    I want to know why Romney is not hammering him on this garbage.

  108. Jeffrey C Schubert

    Racist what are you afraid of? Me I just keep playing the stock market and winning. Keep it coming Obama. I let George Bush bring the market down and Obama bring the market back up. Prove me wrong ..

  109. Michael Gold

    hey mark ask yourself why the upper northeast of the country is voting for the president and not mitt romney he cant even carry his own state that he was govenor in isnt that odd.H many jobs has mitt romneys company sent to china over the last decade. thats why we cant create jobs here in the united states my boy think about all of the out sourcing mitt romney has done. the unemployment rate is high because of outsourcing jobs and replacing workers with robots in the auto plants and lower wages due to outsourcing again wake up mark before your future disappears.

  110. Michael Gold

    also mark during the bush years gas prices for most of the country was over 4 dollar a gallon from an oil owner so if you were paying 1.86 you were very lucky.

  111. Lisa Carney McWilliams

    The only reason you are voting for Obama is because hes black. I am voting for America. I want my country back with freedom. Obama is destroying America. Wake up people. I am voting for what is right not by color.

  112. Jeffrey C Schubert

    Really Joshua, Where is your binder full of woman? After Candy Crowley CORRECTED the "I mis spoke" Romney on the Libya comment he became a cowering moron. Obama trapped him twice and he took the bait!

  113. Tonya Simmons

    @Don…thanks…i agree too. I don't agree with everything President Obama has done or supports but I feel he is the better choice.

  114. Barbara Meadows Chapman Stronach

    If Romney gets elected I can die. He is going to take away my special drug program that Obama put in. At the beginning of the year my drugs cost me about 25.00. As soon as I hit the "donut hole" my cost jumps tp 140.00. The retail price set by the drug company is 795.00 for 3 containers of medicine that I have to have to breath. I live on less than then 1300.00 a month and am 83. I have worked since I was 14 and don't feel I am one of the"47% that Romney has written off. also, don't forget the supreme court, the next president may appoint one or two new people and I don't want business men in there. They'll probably move to China where it's cheaper!

  115. Sidney Denker

    to mark wakeley…get your facts straight, you sound just like the idiot running for pres. from the republican party. He also does not have facts straight, and do you think he cares about poor and middle class citizens? Obama may not have done all he promised, but he did a lot of good even though the republican house gave him a very hard time. check it out.

  116. Michael Mutascio

    Pretty interesting poll numbers … Though people shouldn't say " You're voting for Obama strictly because he's black " because enough of the racist rants.. but it is kind of funny how one sided that vote is.

    Romney 50.6% Obama 36.7% + 14

    Obama 50.7% Romney 41.6% + 9.1

    Romney 54.6% Obama 40.1% + 15

    Obama 66.1% Romney 30.2% + 36

    Obama 90.2% Romney 4.5% + 86

    Romney 56.8% Obama 36.5%

  117. Tonya Simmons

    I just hope Presdident Obama can win Ohio. No president can win and loose to that state with all the delegates they have. Obama won over North Carolina where I live in 2008, but as a swing state I'm concerned for him here. They still have that southern good old boy mentality here. We need women , Young americans and minorities to vote.

  118. Don Hine

    Mark presidents have no control over the cost of fuel if they did Denmark and Turkey just 2 examples both pay over 9.50 a gal geeee guess what they don't blame Obama.Speulators along with the fact China and India are now consumeing 5 times more oil then just 4 yrs ago drives the price of gas at the pump demand increases supply decreases.This president inherited the worst mess possible Bush opened the wallet for wars problem was he did'nt have anything to pay for them so he left the Bill for the next guy.Thinking Romney can fix this country when he could'nt fix his own State he was Gov of is wishful thinking.His state ranked 47th at least he was'nt last as far as creating jobs and the Gov of Mass today said Romney left that state in fiscal disarray.Gov Romney wants to cut out the capital gains tax thats fine for people like myself who might make a small profit in the market it's hugh for the wealthy it's tax dollars they don't have to pay.These are facts Mark that you can look up and verify.As far as Ryan as he says he's a numbers kinda guy but when asked for numbers that don't seem to remotely add up on how there going to bal the budget his answer and I quote well they add up on paper he was asked again for the number he finally said it would take to long.You will here his numbers answer should he get elected after they election and his record in congress tells me you and a whole lot of others ain't gonna like them.I respect what you think Mark I just don't agree with it.

  119. Michael Mutascio

    I'm from MA. too… what's your point? I'm sick of seeing a president in office who does nothing for our country. Who cares of Romney is pro-life as apposed to pro-choice.. it doesn't mean he'd get anything passed… Are you going to not vote for Obama now because he likes lord of the rings more than star wars?

  120. Jeffrey C Schubert

    qwerks7 I'm thanking him for for my stock market gains. While you were playing hate games, money was to be made. I can tell by your comments you were to stupid to realize that. Moron

  121. John Marshall

    What are the GOPers going to do after Nov 6? Suggestion: If you cannot stand another four years of Obama, please move. I am looking fo some cheap houses to flip.

  122. Don Hine

    I'm so sick of hearing how Obama is the reason gas is so high on may 7th 2008 Bush was pres and the cost of a gal was 4.08 on avg in this country.Presidents don't set or have control over the cost of crude oil period.Speculators,world events and more then anything supply and demand is what drives the price of crude up.

  123. Joshua B. Hughes

    Then Candy corrected Obama for his mis-statement. What about how Obama is going to make it better for women? He is going to make it easier to get contraceptives and abortions. That was the crux of his answer. However, he was asked about he was going to improve the pay grade. He did not win that debate. Like Tyrone you are drinking the kool-aid… Actually, Obama never explicitly called Libya a terrorist attack in the speech. It was sort of inferred. Sort of…. Look your guy sucks this time. He sucked the first time. He did better this time but in fact still did not best Romney. As long as he can fog a mirror you liberals will claim he won. He failed in his speech and he has failed the American people.

  124. Ashraf Ahmed Milon

    Mark Wakeley , gas was over $4 a gallon in 2003, 2007..while war monger Bush was un elected president! Look all the facts and figure when Obama took office. American people will not elected flip flop Romney who never tell us truth! Look Oct 1994 Kennedy and Romney debate

  125. Koch Jnr

    How dumb can you be. You mean you expect the president to fix the 800+ jobs loses a month in his first term, the housing crisis, credit crisis, unemployment, 2 wars, etc in just 3 yrs ??? Obama is cleaning up the mess he found when he took office and since he's not doing it fast enough for you, you therefore want to fire him. Is that so ? Go hit you head on a rock and cry to mama.

  126. Ken Clute

    shirley temple kearney, he would do for this country what he did for bain capital and the US Olympics…make it successful!!. It is the stupid people like you who obviously partied her way through pfieffer university who can't even spell or grammar check her post and drinks oblamers koolaid that five liberals a bad name.

  127. Koch Jnr

    Mark Wakeley Yes. look at the numbers. What numbers are you looking at. What issue are you looking at. Is it the public or private sector, is it the housing market or financial firms ? It will take some time before we get things back to the way they where. Some sectors are already stabilizing. As long as the Bush Tax Cuts is still there, the gap between the Rich and Poor will continue to increase tremendously – Look at the numbers

  128. Koch Jnr

    Lisa Carney McWilliams , How is he destroying America – you need to be more specific when you say that. I bet you didn't think Bush was destroying america when he blew all the surplus we had…

  129. Anonymous


  130. Koch Jnr

    Mark Wakeley, is just as ignorant as Fu6k, get your facts right before you start blabbing-

  131. Richard Harville

    Christopher Justice Why in the hell is the color of a man an issue?! It does'nt matter if he is purple,he can and will fix America.Mitt Romney has said he isnt worried about anyone but himself and all of the other rich f*ckers…I bet if Obama was white no one would give a shit..

  132. Mary Ifland

    As I recall it he didn't say that 47% of Americans were not his problem; what he said was more like this:
    Mitt Romney Statement In comments during a fundraiser that were secretly recorded, the GOP presidential nominee said the 47 percent of Americans who "don't pay taxes" won't vote for him, as they "are dependent upon the government, who believe they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it."
    Key words being THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING. Basically he is right. Just look at some of the you tube videos out there of people saying vote for Obama he is going to give me you name it or he has already given them whatever. Mostly those who have learned to work the system and use it any way they can off of other peoples labors and taxes.
    Read more:

  133. Jeff Rowe

    Exactly Claudia! The country is in the tank, we are bank-rupt, there are no jobs, but hey…..I can go have sex, conceive and then decide I no longer want it……yeah….I am sure that is more important than our country's recovery……..

  134. Chris Mulder

    Mark Wakeley Gas hasn`t been $1.80 a gallon since 1995 where are you coming up with this stuff?All I hear is what you want! Doesn`t anyone care about Liberty or freedom any more?

  135. Don Hine

    Twanna if your thought process was as good as the profile pic I'd reply to your stupid post unfortunately dear it is'nt.

  136. Koch Jnr

    Lisa Carney McWilliams You need to go back to your room and cry like a baby – you're not making any sense

  137. Mary Ifland

    You are blinded by color and need to do some research on Obama, he is not what you think he is. Germany first went to Socialist before becoming communist. Obama socialist anti colonialist.

  138. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley By your standards then, ALL presidents are liars -none of them can GUARANTEE that the deficit will be cut in half or that the unemployment rate will be under a given amount – they can TRY and aspire to it but to call those broken promises is quite a stretch. As far as the other talking points you mention, the country is having a very difficult economic time which is related to the mess of Wall Street, those expensive wars that W started and problems even before that. And blaming the price of gasoline on ANY president is just ignorant – the president cannot do much about the supply of energy in the short term – BUT he can recognize that fossil fuels are limited and will get increasingly expensive as time goes on – so we had better look for alternatives that are also environmentally benign.

  139. Koch Jnr

    @Joseph Turro – Why are you even explaining anything to Ernest – He thinks MITT won the debate because he believes he's right. Let him enjoy his own fantasy.

  140. Mary Ifland

    Why don't you look up who told the most lies in the last debate and how many Obama has told since being elected. He is not an American citizen per say he is a UN loving globalist. Check out the $35 mil home he may be living in come January 2013.

  141. Koch Jnr

    @Robb – You see, it's people like you that support Mitt – racist arrogant fools just like your father

  142. Anonymous

    Yo bitch! Learn to type you fucking twat before you start spewing typical Obama phone BULLSHIT! Get a fucking education than MAYBE we'll talk. An individual like you has nothing but one thing. A big mother fucking mouth that talks the stupidest shit. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. If you can't realize that Obama has ruined this country far worse than any other President in United States their is something wrong with you. But, with an outlandish fool like yourself, your political views mirror that of the average American who indeed, could not give two fucks about education until they where in their mid-40s. Complaining, as you do now. SCREW YOU. I don't believe Romney to be the man for the job but he dominates Obama by a margin through his successes. What the fuck are Obama's? He has drove our whole economy in to a destructive overdrive and he has spread this malicious sort of new, tacky I must add, propaganda that has infected the mind of most of America with blatant and basic bullshit. It's pathetic. Makes me sick. You're a virus, lady. Like all the other Obama supporters. Why listen to your dumb ass? I can go on Youtube and pop on a video of Obama campaigning. Or him eating some shitty ass Chicago pizza. Or him even debating with Romney. And you know what lady. It might as well be you standing up their. Preaching to America. Lies. Crap. Passive propaganda. It might as well be you. Because fucking America would be that fucking dumb to listen to someone as foolish as yourself. The proof is fucking Obama. And what I'm saying here is. Obama's intelligence level is not that much higher than yours. And, I'd say that's around Ground 0, dig? Jesus, I read back at your comment and I am somewhat ashamed to live on the same plot of land as yourself, no matter how far you may be in the continental United States. You're not crazy. You're not stupid. You're definitely not smart. You're brainwashed. And, ignorant. Sorry to burst the blue bubble, but I have a feeling Obama is going to win this God damn election so you know what? You'll be having a fucking block party probably once he does win. So, I like to dish the cold nice and rotten and cold just for YOU. And, another thing this ain't about black or white you idiots! And, to you black people getting on the ass of the stupid red neck! Why, don't you pretend to just shrug it off like Obama does with every issue faced in America! Lol I mean come on big fucking deal, what some dumb white trash thinks. Don't start pulling that stupid racist shit yourselves. It might be just a little too much for you too swallow. This is between two people. NO SKIN COLOR APPLIES IN A CIVILIZED WORLD. Herman Cain would've been a delight by a light year in comparison to Obama. Who is half Caucasian, do you ignorant Obama phoners tend to forget that? I think so, use your whole brain not 10% of it people.

  143. Thomas Sands

    Mark Wakeley, you have your facts wrong kid. I hope you are not getting your facts from one of those right wing publications there in Arizonza. Find out the truth from an independent source. You'll find that Obama is one of the very best presidents that this country has ever had. That is why he will be re-elected next month.

  144. Mary Ifland

    You ae swallowing the cool aide and not doing your research dude.

  145. Koch Jnr

    @Mary Ifland – You need to remove your head from your ass and focus on the main issues –

  146. Rodney Daunais

    One thing to keep in mind here people is that Obama had tried to get a lot more and I say more cause he's done a lot so far, except for the last two years the Republican congress had done everything it can to block Obama, like the jobs bill for example. Wake up and smell the roses. Romney is not in this race for us, he's in it for himself and his rich friends.

  147. Rodney Daunais

    How true, Anthony. Why do people not realize that the state of mass was greatful to get rid of him. That State hates his ass.

  148. Don Hine

    Kim LaCapria mind if I add to that what the Morman church said until the late 70's for a black person to enter the gates of heaven they would enter as a slave.This was there belief yrs after laws were finally enacted in this country concerning desegregation. People were all Children of God.The man upstairs don't give a squat what color you are.But a man running for the highest office in this country continues to support his churchs thinking unreal.

  149. Christopher Justice

    lol Im not racist. Some of my best friends I have ever had are black. Heck Im white and I make fun of my own race all the time lol. All Im saying is that Obama's political veiws have nothing to do with all this love hes getting from african americans towards him. I mean come on, just look at all the comments on this page, out of the hundreds of comments if you find one african american on this page who says they are not voting for obama because of his political veiws I will say I'm wrong, just one, but you aint going to find it. I honestly dont mean to hurt feelings, I wish the best for all of you. I just cant help but to notice this stuff. Let me just say this, I am not taking back what I said because it's true, But i'm sorry if I hurt anybodys feelings

  150. Rodney Daunais

    Christopher Justice – will dick head, I'm white and I'm for Obama sorry to see that your a racist.

  151. Yram Nannab

    Obama is a man that says anything to get elected. He said that he was Christian in order to get the Christian vote. He is not Christian. He is muslim. Why do you think he loves giving everyone's money in support of terrorism? Explain that if he isn't a crap president!

  152. Don Hine

    Joshua B. Hughes he also said he will not go back on the beliefs his church holds or held.When asked to be more specific he said talk to my church ministers pastors whatever.

  153. Joshua B. Hughes

    i see that you are Catholic.. Would you like to start talking about the little boys who are constantly being molested in your church group?

  154. Anonymous

    Christopher– Alan Keys a "BLACK" man only received 2% of the black vote when he ran for president. I would rather vote for a an alien over a republican. Blacks are just as able as white people to draw conclusions without considering race, (that is race of another white person, because clearly, many of you have problems with the President's race). My advice to you however, is to vote for the person whose views are more in line with your own. I know I am! Obama 2012!

  155. Lori Smith

    Jewel Eccleston You're part of that 47% and you shouldn't be aloud to vote because you're so ignorant.

  156. Yram Nannab

    It's true Christopher. 9/10 this is the case. Look at the homeboy Jay-z. There are some black people who want a change for the better and can't stand Obama. Example is Stacey Dash. She caught so much hatred for her choice against him.

  157. Lori Smith

    Tasheena Scantlebury , you're black so you worhip Obama.. sicking.

  158. Joshua B. Hughes

    If you had read the article I put up you would see what he said. But hey lets discount the guy for his religion… Lets not take into account that his Father went against the church during the Civil rights movement… Lets remember that it is far more serious to come against your church. Lets not forget that he is a 5th generation Mormon who has a lot to lose in going against the hierarchy of the church. He has not said anything so you cannot actually accuse him of anything. You are just against him for his religion and that is bigotry.

  159. Christopher Justice

    Jewel Eccleston, If you are reading this I want to say I'm sorry. I felt really bad for a while thinking about arguing with you, and thats just not me. So I take back what I said before if thats possible lol. And I hope you have a good day

  160. Lori Smith

    "Some national tracking polls, like those from Gallup and Rasmussen, show Romney holding an edge".

    An edge? AN EDGE? You call a 7-point lead an edge? And the media doesn't have a liberal bias? LOL! Sure!

    Mitt Romney opens a stunning 7-point lead over President Obama in latest Gallup poll.
    Daily tracking poll reveals Romney widens to a 52%-45% advantage nationally among likely voters.

  161. Anonymous

    You people surprise me. This man has lied to the american people. He is dismantling the constitution and no one cares. He bow to a muslim king. The president of this country doesn't bow to anyone. His dad was Communist and everyones fine with it. He's selling your house and country away at 40 billion a month and you don't even know it or looked it up. Wake the f### up people. He's not helping you! very soon you'll find out he's taking away your rights but by that time it will be to late!

  162. Scott Swenson

    Mark Wakeley you are COMPLETELY CORRECT. How can anybody ignore these facts? Obama supporters, the definition of insanity- doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The next four years with Obama would be the same fucking thing and it's not going to change. I am 22, just graduated college, and do not want to be paying the interest for this ridiculous spending for the rest of my life. As Romney said, the Obama administrations spending is simply "immoral."

  163. Anonymous

    Jewel Eccleston
    actually, the 47% don't pay Federal income tax is the fact. Many of us pay state income tax, social security tax, but not Federal income tax. Mitt Romney said 47% people don't pay Federal income tax, not state or social security tax. His opponents distorted the truth for their political advances. So who's the liar?

    Tasheena S. no one expects president Obama to change the world (maybe you and people who voted for him). All we just want is paying for the gas, or grocery bills the same amount or at least a little more, not double.
    It's time for people to deal with the truth, not trying to fool yourself. If you tell your children the truth, make them to wake up for school, do their homework, instead doing whatever they want, hanging out with whoever they want, does that mean you don't love your children?

  164. Todd Pettit

    Mark oil production is the highest it has been in decades. You can't put gas prices on Obama. Obama made the mistake of promising too much but you think continuing the Bush policies into a McCain Presidency would of been better? You think unemployment would be better if we laid off 1 million employees of the auto-industry? You would prefer we go back to the party that brought us 2 wars and let Wall Street tank the world economy? You believe Romney is going to cut taxes for everyone, create 12 million jobs, retain medicare and social security, enlarge the military and it is all going to be "revenue neutral"? Seriously. You believe in magic then because if you think Obama promised too much then Romney is taking you to the cleaners.

  165. Christopher Justice

    You are all right, and I am sorry. I got to thinking about what I said and it was rude of me. I mean I cant help but to notice things that happen in this world, but from now on I will keep my big mouth shut lol. I hope you all have a good day. And Jeffrey Schubert, ouch lol

  166. Anonymous

    Who the hell made abortion a major issue for an election as important as this ? And who the hell defined abortion as a "woman's health issue".It has nothing to do with health! If women wanna screw like rabbits and get frequent abortions, they are and will continue to be free to do so, despite whoever is elected. You libs make an issue out of it so you can piss women off !

  167. Todd Pettit

    Yes, things were much better when we were destroying the economy and starting wars off the books. Your party can't even invite its last President and Vice President to its own convention. Your party is an embarrassment.

  168. Todd Pettit

    Claudia Deziel The threat of overturning Roe vs Wade is why you would vote against Obama… You don't even know which candidate is which.

  169. Kim LaCapria

    Joshua B. Hughes, repetition does not equal truth. "It ought to be borne in mind that Romney is not a mere rank-and-file Mormon. His family is, and has been for generations, part of the dynastic leadership of the mad cult invented by the convicted fraud Joseph Smith. It is not just legitimate that he be asked about the beliefs that he has not just held, but has caused to be spread and caused to be inculcated into children. It is essential. Here is the most salient reason: Until 1978, the so-called Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was an officially racist organization. Mitt Romney was an adult in 1978. We need to know how he justified this to himself, and we need to hear his self-criticism, if he should chance to have one." – Christopher Hitchens (

  170. Anonymous

    Lets call a spade a spade here. If you blacks are saying you dont vote for Obama because of his skin colr than how in hell is he getting 90% of the black vote ? Just a cooincidence ? Thats a statistucal impossibility. And whose racist here?

  171. Kim LaCapria

    Christopher Justice Wait, you're NOT a bigot for saying all black voters ONLY vote on race, but I am because I point out accurately that the Mormon church held official positions of blatant and hideous racism until 1978? Wow.

  172. Raymond Carter

    Oh OK, now I understand the not being a citizen thing alittle better. As far as lies, I follow fact checkers. Oh I forgot, dont believe the facts or the polls, unless its in your favor.

  173. Todd Pettit

    Christopher Justice I am white. I am voting for Obama. You are a racist.

  174. Sheila Castillo

    Tom Yarborough – Thank you! I thought the very same thing! President Obama was being too polite and calm, which are also reasons I support him and contributed to his campaign (I only make $10 per hour) but I believe in President Obama. I want our President to be intelligent not slick and not a "flip flopper" or (I am sorry) a Mormon. Mormons have very narrow view points on gender issues/ orientation and on women rights. Besides how can Mitt and Anne even come close to knowing what it is like to shop at an Aldi's, a Dollar store, pump gas into a 2002 Corolla or live in an efficiency or live on the southside of Chicago???? Hey Mitt, "who let the dogs out"?

  175. Chris Malone

    The Gallup poll is a 3-day tracking poll that does not take into effect the 2nd debate fully. The next one will be the true indicator.

  176. Chris Malone

    Good god. Just shut up, ya whiner. You people just cannot accept anything that does not go your way. It's always some kind of "liberal trick". It's pathetic. Grow the hell up already. You're making a fool of yourself.

  177. Kim Masterson-Leaderbrand

    Give it up LIBERALS….. GALLUP – – ROMNEY 52%… o'blamer 45%… He's TOAST!

  178. Chris Malone

    Teabaggers magically believe in polls again. Within a week, they'll be back to crying "CONSPIRACY!" again. What a bunch of LOSERS.

  179. Joshua B. Hughes

    Kim, he apologized. He realized that lumping everyone under one banner was wrong. That seems to be an issue you can't understand. You are trying to spin the story to say you are trying to bring the truth to light. You have no evidence to actually convict the man. Like Ron Paul said on the Jay Leno show "It is wrong to discriminate against Romney because of his religion." He is right. Unless you have evidence that he has expressed racist comments you are blowing smoke and revealing that you have a deep-seated bigotry against another religious group. You should take your own advice… repeating something does not make it true. It is not true because I am repeating it, I am repeating because it is true… kim=bigot

  180. Shelley Merwin

    The cencus is in…I am a white female, I am not racist and I vote to keep Obama! The women in Florida are going to pull Obama through. After it is over…we will swing through this swing state. Women for Obama!

  181. Rodney Daunais

    It's called FLIP/FLOP depending on whats happening at the time is what Romney will say to get a vote. He doesn't give a rats ass about the middle class or women. Must be the reason he never answered the question on equal pay for women at the last debate.

  182. Sheila Castillo

    President Obama said it all when he asked Mitt, as a businessman would he (Mitt) accept the plan/ business deal that Mitt was offering! No! It is shady/ weak! So come on Mitt, get your people to come up with a good plan. Get your running mate from WI (I am embarrassed I am from WI) to come up with a plan that you can tell the voters what the hell your are going to do and HOW? WI is moving FORWARD!

  183. Rodney Daunais

    Mary Ifland Maybe we should check out all the homes that Romney owns or will buy in the future from his protected overseas accounts where he doesn't have to pay taxes.

  184. Todd Pettit

    Well you might as well forget Roe V Wade if Romney is elected. He would get 2 Supreme Court Justice appointees. It was Bush's appointees that gave us Super Pacs. Obviously if you want to throw prescedent out the window then go for it.

  185. Don Hine

    let me get this straight jim.He Bow to a muslim King,his dad was a communist and he's selling my house interesting and you have the nads to tell people to wake the fxxx unreal where do you people come from.Thank God you don't live in my neighborhood.

  186. Todd Pettit

    Ask a woman who she thought won. The whole little lady routine did not go over well.

  187. Roy A Erickson Jr

    read Obama's book, any works of Frank Marshall Davis (or just look him up, realizing this man was the greatest influence in Obama's life) and then read the "The Road to Serfdom"… or prepare to apologize to any offspring or what you have brought to the country…

  188. Todd Pettit

    He most definitely did win. Romney completely insulted women throughout the debate. Then Romney condscendingly tells Obama he did not call the attack in Libya an "act of terror" and gets fact checked immediately to which the entire audience laughed.

    Even Romney's son says he wanted to punch Obama. I would feel the same way if someone embarassed my father in front of the entire nation.

  189. Jennifer Brown

    you all stupid asses why not wait until after the election,no one knows what outcome come is going to be.

  190. Charles Perkins Jr.

    all you stupid obuma lovers….if he keeps runing this country in the ground, The people who do make the money will either leave this country or srart a revolution or both. all theses taxes to people to sorry to work and think the guberment should support them. bull shit. voting skin color is not right. 98% SOMTHING WRON HERE!

  191. Scott Swenson

    I voted for Obama in 2008 expecting great things. Everybody has their own opinion, but I feel he has failed on many levels. Four years shoud be enough time to accomplish something… show me something! I am voting strictly based on the numbers dealing with the economy, unemployment and the deficit…that's it. I'm sick of the bullshit regarding who said what, whether it be Romney on the 47%, or Obama "lying" about the attacks of Libya. The name calling and finger pointing is just noise. Vote based on the numbers, PERIOD. For the reason, I cannot with a clear conscience vote for Obama..and I cannot vote for Gary Johnson knowing that my vote could potentially allow another Obama victory.

  192. Todd Pettit

    That is actually a requirement of his cult, I mean religion. What makes him evil is he is rich and wants to get richer at the expense of everyone else. His business plan is the Wall Street version of a pyramid scheme. Whether he succeeded or failed he made a profit and on top of that he uses a loophole to claim all his gains as capital gains on which he pays no tax. This is why you will never see his tax returns because 13 percent is the most he had paid in decades. He might as well be slinging snake oil.

  193. Anonymous

    Posters on here are dumb as dirt as Suzie Q Liquor would say, Shirley Temple is my youngest and dumbest! May God help to enlighten her and encourage her to drink more of Obama's coolaide! Forgive my daughter as she is collecting all kinds of free handouts from the Goverment!

  194. Todd Pettit

    Almost as predictable as the tirade of immature comments by those who cannot admit when they have lost. Liberals overwhelmingly admitted Obama lost the first debate. Ryan and Romney lost the last two debates decidedly so and you cannot face facts.

  195. Anonymous

    Don, I'm glad I don't live in your area to because you don't check anything out or read anything! Keep your head in the sand you'll be ok in obama's world.

  196. Anonymous

    C'mon @Joshua B. Hughes–Drinking the Kool-Aid joke and your race card has played out a long time ago..Sonny-Boy…

  197. Todd Pettit

    What money? You are just being racist. If you are referring to Egypt and Libya then so did every President for the last 40 years. If you weren't so racist you might realize that not every Muslim is a terrorist just like every Christian isn't a fundamentalist.

  198. Don Hine

    He did'nt lose but he certainly did not win sooooooo which is it Joshua.Now I don't drink koolaid and I'm guessin Tyrone does'nt either cause unless you fell asleep 30 minutes after the debate and just woke up this morning every poll except for laughable Fox news had him clearly winning.

  199. Andrew Deterding

    Mark Wakeley dude, if we went by what every president promised, all presidents would only have a one term presidency because they always make promises and never keep them. That's why people should vote based on the person's record, to see if they fit what you believe and stand by what they believe. As for the economy, its going to take more than 4 years to see improvement to the second worst economic time in U.S. history. It took a decade and a world war to get us out of the Great Depression that had 25% unemployment, tent-cities inside cities full of homeless, and people trying to feed themselves every day. Like they always say, its the darkest before the dawn.

  200. Rodney Daunais

    Then your voting for the wrong person, Check the facts from the last debate and see who's lying which I might add is nothing new for Romney.

  201. Charles Bowles

    Mark, I see that you are a FOX VIEWS Geek, mislead and understandably ignorant or too stupid to comprehend and analyze true facts.

  202. Joshua B. Hughes

    Todd he did not win. He did not answer the questions. He also got called on the facts in this same comment. Look at Obama. He was asked what he was going to do about women and the pay scale issue. His response was he was going to give them better access to contraceptives and abortions. really? that is a winning response? smartway we quit the race thing a long time ago. Get with the program.

  203. Todd Pettit

    That doesn't even make any sense. If you are just going to be a complete racist just keep it simple. You are not smart enough to understand socialism and colonialism.

  204. William Dixon

    Romney was fantastic on the debates. That is who we have decided to vote for. Not only will he create thousands of new jobs, he is for driling for oil in the states to lower our gas prices. stop baby murdering, and faith and Family.

  205. Joshua B. Hughes

    I think they basically tied. CNN did not consider Obama a winner either. the other polls were close all around.

  206. Todd Pettit

    Thats a pretty big insult to Obama considering your party fielded Rick "frothy" Santorum, Michelle "immunizations gave me coodies" Bachman, Rick "niggerhead" Perry, Ron "gold standard" Paul, Herman "999" Cain and lest us forget Sarah "lipstick on a pig" Palin. I guess its appropriate you settled on the complete tool.

  207. Charles Bowles

    Randal Phillips It is imposible for Mittens to be Barack Obama, in that he would have to be born again to a modest working class family, and not to a paternal inheritance from a rich politician father of the Mormon faith, also, he would have to have five spoiled son's who also stand to inherit paternally from their father, rather than having two lovely daughters. So yes, they are not alike, thank God for that blessing.

  208. Rodney Daunais

    Stop baby murdering, dumb ass, Romney made 49 million on a company that disposed of fetuses along with other hazardous waste when he was with Baine.

  209. Charles Bowles

    Claudia Denziel, your vote is a "Fool Vote", maybe it will end up in a trash can.

  210. Charles Bowles

    Darrenwells, as you would like to say goodbye to Obama, I guess that you would like to say hello to a Narcissistic self centered idiot who cares about 53% of the american people.

  211. Todd Pettit

    Obama made the mistake of pandering to people like you Mark. He should of stuck to the truth which is Bush's mess is going to take many years to repair and that anything worth doing takes time. Imagine if you were the CEO of Amazon when you did not make a dime for your first 6 years of business. Would you call Amazon a failure? Hell no, somethings take a serious investment of time and money. It is so sad so many in this country think everything should be instant gratification. We would never had the internet or the interstate highway system with such short sighted pessimistic attitudes.

  212. Charles Bowles

    Ernest J. Archie Couture, ok, this is Burger King and you can have it your way, since you believe that Romney won the last debate, OK, the Mormon won, now are you happy, and is your pappy smiling?

  213. Todd Pettit

    Teabaggers will believe in anything that supports their opinion. Everything else is false.

  214. Don Hine

    Joshua B. Hughes yes I'm Catholic and I certainly don't condone what some priest in my religion have done its unexceptable and thats all Romney had to say its still his religion but he does'nt condone the beliefs or doings of everything his Church has done or stands for.No man or woman or relgion is perfect.So all he needed to say was he does'nt agree with some of his Churches past practices.

  215. Charles Bowles

    June Jo Isn't that the truth, in that no one complained when Mittens was given the first debate by Obama, so that he could go home and celebrate with wife Ann, Tag and the other 4 boys. Oh, and don't forget the rest of that extra large Mormon clan.

  216. Charles Bowles

    David Moseley He did, only in your very sick and warped mind.

  217. Derun Wilson

    Mark Wakeley are you even old enough to vote– and yes gas is high but it went over 4 dollars several times during the GW presidency– gas prices have been on a rollercoaster for a while– and is anyone asking about the RECORD PROFITS

  218. Charles Bowles

    Rob Mills, I don't think that you have the IQ to analyze betweeen stupidity and intelligence.

  219. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley Do you know why gas was so low then? DO you know why the Debt is where it is at? (bush tax cuts) Do you know what happens if you are spending 83 billion dollars a month on two wars EACH?

  220. Anonymous

    Listen most of these Americans are so stupid that Ryan and Romney stupid selfish speech that they make they praise them both for it.Look at all the problem that this country faces over all these years and the only person right now getting all the blame is obama give him a break and let him run the country in the correct way,in the way that is right in the sight of the country.

  221. Todd Pettit

    Yes. They stopped the depression, stabilized the economy, killed Osama (Bush stopped looking), put the cost of Bush's wars on the books, and saved the auto industry.

    You think allowing 911, giving us Guantanamo and the "Patriot Act", drowning New Orleans, starting the Afghanistan war, starting the Iraq War on fabricated intelligence, and then touting deregulation up till the day Wall Street cost many Americans their life savings was better???? You cannot even invite your previous President and Vice President to your own convention. I suppose you think that is hilarious too.

  222. Todd Pettit

    Hardly. Romney was insulting and degrading to women and the last time I checked women make up 51 percent of the population.

  223. Charles Bowles

    Joshua Hughes, do you understand a win from a loss? Apparently, the one whom you like, never loses, and the one whom you hate never wins, WOW, you are some type of youthful character with a warped mind, and I seriously doubt that you wil become less ignorant later in time.

  224. Jeffrey Harden

    Mark Wakeley if you have learned anything from graduating high school, you would've known that government does not control gas prices..

  225. Charles Bowles

    Jefferyleath, Shirley is correct in her analysis of this self centered paternally rich inheritance wimp, name mittens.

  226. Charles Bowles

    Jacqueline De Cima, I hope that if Romney wins, that you lose your job, and you can't buy milk for your babies, and maybe someone will donate a Jersey Cow for you to milk, you dummy.

  227. Charles Bowles

    Jeffrey C Schubert I like that comment, and it was great timing and with meaning.

  228. Randal Phillips

    Charles: Narcissistic??? Self-centered? Idiot???? All of those are perfect adjectives for Obama. And the 53%? If what you are implying were true (it's not) it would still be a 53% improvement over the jackass in chief we have now.

  229. Anonymous

    the truth is that he is really a nice and decent man.

    He saved the 2002 Olympics from disaster and said he would not take any money for doing so unless he turned it around to be in the black. He turned it around to be ahead by over 300 hundred million dollars. So he took the 250k that he was supposed to get and donated it all back to the Olympics for helping future athletes. Doesnt sound like someone with out compassion for the people if you ask me.

  230. Ethel Thomas

    I am pleased whatever the outcome of the elections might be. My son will go to college in two years. If Obama is elected I have a better chance at free ed for him and an Obama phone. My wife is Hispanic so we will claim the Latin half (beat Obama at his own game) Come to think of it I might divorce her and keep living with her so she can get single mother benefits. A Muslim sympathizer who claims to support women and gays is like George Wallace giving to the Rainbow Coalition. Choose your side Barack. Send Sandra Fluke as ambassador to Libya. Youtube what the Muslim Brotherhood would doto that poster child. Barney Frank would be a good choice also. You either are or your are not.
    If you do not think Barack favors Islam, then dare to read the facts:

  231. Zack Riley

    Todd Pettit If you knew anything about how taxes actually worked you would not have written that. If you say he is taxed 13% then he is being taxed. You are right in the fact that it is capital gains but you have to realize that capital gains have already been taxed once as income before they are invested. Should they really be taxed again at 35% I think not. Capital gains is money that has already been taxed by income taxes and the basic pay check taxes. When it is taken out of the investment it is taxed agian at a certain percentage and it should be lower because it is a secondary tax.

  232. Todd Pettit

    Michael Mutascio It is hardly funny. GOP policies have been racist and sexist for years. The drug war has filled our jails with minorities because the laws are racist. If Paris Hilton is caught with several ounces of cocaine she will not spend a weekend in jail but get caught with a few ounces of crack and you can go to jail for years on your first offense. Gay marriage wasn't even on the agenda until Bush wanted to court the votes of Evangelicals and make it a national issue. Bush is the one who ended the farm workers program that made it so migrant workers moved here permanently instead of traveling back and forth to Mexico. It is Republicans that want to legally racially profile to harass any latino. There is no reason for minorities to ever vote for a GOP candidate. If anything is racist it is whites voting overwhelmingly for a white candidate since they have a stake in the policies of both parties but obviously support the anti-gay, anti-immigrant policies willingly. If you want to blame hispanics for being here legally then stop complaining about the cost of food or grow it yourself. I am white by the way I am just awake enough to see the blatant pandering to racist interests by the GOP.

  233. Don Hine

    Joshua B. Hughes his religion comes into play because he's running for the highest office in this land.A land thats very deversified.Black,White and people from every country on earth and as a person running for president he simply could have said I don't agree with some of my Churches practices is what I believe he should have done.Now your putting a different spin on it he's been in the religion a long time so he can't upset the Church.I'm not saying he's not a good person or the Morman Church is evil.What I am saying is when questioned about some of your religions beliefs about a race or color of ones skin is he should man up and say that was wrong or that I don't agree with that.Same as I don't agree with alot of what my religion says or does and have gotten in many an argument with Family member for speaking my mind.

  234. Joshua B. Hughes

    Charles, your comment was completely inappropriate. Actually, I did not vote for Romney in the primaries and will likely vote for him in the general election because I don't care for the Libertarian candidate. I actually like Ron Paul and would prefer him. However, because I don't agree with you then that makes me ignorant. I believe that Biden won his debate… I just did not think Obama was that strong and it was a pretty even match. He flubbed and flat out lied a number of times…just like the other guy. He avoided questions and failed to defend his awful record. Everything you said to me, actually applies to you it seems. I see you were a teacher. It is shameful that you would speak a young person that way. It is teachers like you that damage young minds and hearts. I know I am a teacher too and I would never speak to a young person like that.

  235. Michael Mutascio

    Surprised how many of you don't know the difference between " your " and " you're " … Really people? And you're the ones trying to have serious conversations about who will run the country. ( which clearly shouldn't be Obama by the way )

  236. Timothy Nick

    OK, so Romney has a polygamous "masturbation binder" and feels the need to confess it during a presidential debate. With that nervous voice and those crazed eyes, it should come as no surprise he's blathering about his binder.

    The really sad thing is that when Romney whacks off he doesn't think about screwing his binder girls; he thinks about screwing the middle class.

  237. Todd Pettit

    Zack that is such BS. Thats not true for Bain Capital. They take fees from the company as capital gains. Bain Capital never pays tax on that income the company they are liquidating does. Bain is able to claim ALL of their income as Capital Gains even though they are not the actual company. So yes they sure should have to pay 35% they never pay any taxes at the expense of the company they are manipulating. Bain collects money as Capital Gains whether they are able to restore the company (usually through layoffs and restructuring or whether they ship the company overseas. The last time I checked income is income. If you buy a car you pay tax when someone buys that car, guess what, they pay tax. This double taxation argument is just double talk for rich people shouldn't have to pay taxes.

  238. Don Hine

    Sorry meant to say Family members.Anyway hope you understand the point I am trying to make.

  239. Michael Mutascio

    That's not true at all! Obama has been on multiple vacations and has played over 600 hours of golf.. Oh, he's also appeared on a large number of talk shows and late night shows…. He should stay in the pages of the gossip magazines and out of the white house

  240. Joshua B. Hughes

    I understand Don. I am not saying that the Mormon church was right. Here is what he said in USAToday. "But Romney also said that he had been "anxious to see a change in my church" and recalled weeping when he heard that the ban had been lifted.
    "Even at this day it's emotional, and so it's very deep and fundamental in my life and my most core beliefs that all people are children of God," Romney said." You can believe him or not. Should he leave the Mormon church? In my opinion, yes. However, I don't have any reason to suspect him as a racist. I think that is jumping the gun. According Charles I am an idiot so what I know. I judge a man individually and I don't think that is fair to judge him.

  241. Christopher Justice

    Todd Pettit you are right, you can vote for whoever you want. The Lord corrected me and what I said I take back. African Americans should be proud of Obama. Even though I dont agree with his views on life or politics, He is still my President and I am blessed to be in a free country to call him my president. I hope Mitt wins, but if he doesnt then I will still proudly call Obama my president. I am sorry if I offended anybody earlier with my comment, especially Shirley

  242. Kim Allen

    Fact Check ………… It is the truth!!!! Gallup Poll out 10/18/2012 shows Romney up 52% to Obama 45% in Swing State polls (rolling 7 day poll that showed Romney up 51% to Obama 46% on 10/17/2012.) This poll is among LIKELY VOTERS with a margin of error of ±2 percentage points. The poll done of all registered voters showed Romney 48% and Obama 47%. Check it for yourself at Don't believe everything MSNBC is trying to sell ya!

  243. Anonymous

    If Romney were elected and at the same time we slipped into a full blown depression, would republicans hold Romney accountable. Would he be a hero if he stopped the slide? How about if during his 4 years all economic indicators were trending in the right direction? Republicans would be calling Romney a great American hero. They should stop playing politics and do the same for the man sitting in the oval office right now. We can go back to when gas was a $1.80, but let's not forget it was because no one could afford to drive. Simple supply and demand. Finally, comparing Reagan's recovery to Obama's is like comparing a sniffle to pneumonia.

  244. Wolff Bachner

    Charles Bowles so basically, according to your thinking, anyone who has the nerve to disagree with you and vote for the person they choose deserves to lose their job and see their children starve. you are a lovely human being.

  245. Derun Wilson


  246. Kim Allen

    Zack Riley is CORRECT!!! Romney has investments in Bain Capital; however, he left Bain Capital in February of 1999. He has other businesses which are required to file BUSINESS TAXES (Form 1120, and/or 1120S depending on if it is an C Corp or an S Corp). The profits of the company are taxed at 35%. A Schedule K is produced from this tax return for him as an investor that is used to report his portion of profit or loss from the business on his PERSONAL tax form (Form 1040). Since the income has already been subjected to a 35% tax rate, the Capitol Gains tax ranges from 10% to 28% depending on how much and if it is short term or long term capitol gains. The media and democrats have focused on his 1040, but they do not discuss the tax on his business he has already paid. They also do not let you know that 8 of the richest 10 elected officials in Washington are all DEMOCRATS!!!! Democrats hide their wealth…….. but who thinks The Kennedy's are poor? Does Barak Obama's multi million dollar land fall from his book sales help him feel $4 a gallon gas prices?

  247. Derun Wilson


  248. Bill Breeding

    Mark Wakeley presidents don't set the price of gas it is not under his control. the stock market and oil companies do that. he has created jobs all though not as many as people want it is getting better. When Obama took over were were on the edge of another great depression hundreds of thousands of people were losing their jobs a week. Obama stopped the bleeding and has started to turn things around. I know in this tech crazy world we think everything should happen NOW but it doesn't always work that way. Romneys experience with creating jobs, when he worked with Bain they got rich destroying american jobs, stealing their retirement and sending their jobs to china. When he was Govenor his state was 47th in job growth. This is not the kind of job experience I would waste my vote on.

  249. Derun Wilson


  250. Derun Wilson

    Ms. Stronach– my heart goes out to you– I am in a similiar situation and I hope that we make the right decision -President Obama will win!

  251. Bill Breeding

    yep he did, nailed it, Romney was used to telling his lies on the campaign trail and no one would call him out. He wasn't able to do that in last debate when he lied which he did often he got fact checked

  252. Wolff Bachner

    And how exactly do you know that Obama cares about everyone?from his political speeches which he tailors to the specific racial or social demographic of every audience he stands before or by the articles written by adoring reporters who are so in the tank for Obama they have never once criticized the man?

    why don't you look at the state of our nation instead. still losing lives in a futile effort in Afghanistan, 16 trillion in debt, 4$ a gallon gas, 47 million on food stamps, 23 million unemployed and the middle east on the brink of nuclear war. and blame Bush doesn't cut the mustard. Hopey has been president almost four years.

    that's not leadership. thats a disaster.

    and by the way, have any of you asked the president this question. why is it that after 12 years of a massive military presence in Afghanistan, the country still grows the poppies that provide 90% of the world's heroin? why haven't we destroyed the poppy fields? Heroin is killing American and our military is not permitted to destroy the poppy fields for fear of upsetting the warlords who run Afghanistan. I guess Obama doesn't care as much as you thought he did or he would instruct our military to wipe out the poppy fields and to hell with what the warlords think. they are killing our children.

  253. Deborah Foster

    Mark Wakeley ,you obviously are not wise enough to hear truth…focus…unless you are rich Romney will not evern help you finish college … attention to the debates and his words..he is for the rich.End of story.

  254. Peggy Ann

    mdg111990 AND SO WHAT if ssome blacks are voting because President Obama is black…THERE ARE MANY WHITES VOTING AGAINST President OBAMA because he is black too! Just like some mormons will vote for Mitt because he is mormon…it's been happening for years….and I HOPE EVERY black person in America that is registered to vote VOTES for Obama…because Mitt Romney is a bigger freaking joke than George Bush! Look at his record in Mass as governor and he is not even leading in Mass either…look at his history at Bain Capital…almost every company that he has ran or had his hands in WENT BANKRUPT and he sent jobs overseas…and his has flip flopped on every freaking issue ever talked about. Not to mention that there is not one person that knows what the hell his 5 point plan is in detail nor can they really explain it…Trust and believe if Mitt Romney wins…we will see another Great Depression…he is a crook, he is indecisive, and only interested in lining his pockets. There are so many positive signs that are right before us in the housing industry, unemployment rate in 30 states being lower than the national average, the auto and banking industries rebounding, wall street stabilizing, the war in Iraq over, tax cuts for middle class, student loan rate decreases, etc…The problem is some Americans are just too damn critical and impatient and expect a quick fix. MOST ALL financial analysts stated it could take 10 years to recover from Bush's mess…TWO WARS will cause the deficit to continue to increase and spending had to happen to stop the bleeding and stabilize these markets. and they you have people that will believe anything without even checking out the facts…these are the people Romney counts on and the rich. I am not at all worried…Obama will win again…as people who are not wearing rose colored or racist glasses see right through Mitt Romney…Loose lips sink ships. Besides…truth is consistent and never falters or should I say flip flops…they are way more people in America who are realizing that each time Mitt changes his mind again and tells them he will tell America what tax loopholes he will cut after the election…and I am guessing, we will have to wait until after the election to know what his real plan is to…I don't think so…. My vote is to continue moving forward with Obama!

  255. Al Wilson

    Jewel, like so many other people, you probably got the soundbite instead of actually hearing the entire quote in the context it was said. He was having a conversation about where it would be wisest for him to spend money for campaign advertising, stating that there was a certain element of the population he could not sway to vote for him no matter what. He was talking about 47% of the voters he couldn't possibly sway. Do a little bit of leg work, instead of just listening to what your candidate says about a topic.

  256. Virginia Thrall

    Here is a fact about the Obama adminstration.
    Today marks the the third year since the Democrat controlled Senate has passed a budget, and the White House does not seem to care.

    The Congressional Budget Act of 1974 mandates that Congress must approve a budget each year by April 15. In the Senate, where Democrats currently control 53 seats, only 51 votes are needed to pass a budget. Considering it one of the few legislative pieces that cannot be filibustered, Senate Democrats should have had no problem passing a budget.
    Meanwhile, the national debt continues to rise exponentially with debt at roughly $15,690,572,000 at the time of this article. With an estimated US population of 312,674,813, each person’s share of the debt is a whopping $50,056 – debt that will primarily fall on the backs of America’s youth.

    What makes the situation even more frightening is that the Obama administration does not seem to care about the rising debt or the lack of a budget.

  257. Peggy Ann

    Claudia Deziel and I hope they do it again! Romney is a crook, a liar and only knows how to line his personal pockets. I am white and I proudly vote for Obama who may not be perfect but he has done a lot of good and things are improving and that cannot be denied. Trickle down economics takes time to get to all sectors and to all states…impatience leads to nothing but disaster. I am not going to vote for a man who has a different stance every time he is asked. His track record for job creation HORRIBLE..his track record for outsourcing EXCEPTIONAL. His favorite legal act: BANKRUPTCY…That is the real Mitt Romney.

  258. Jacqueline De Cima

    Charles Bowles You are the dummy that is concerned with what my opinion is want to bring my kids in this .. You are a pathetic man !!! Old ass man that is miserable go croak no one will miss you !! Lol

  259. Leamon White

    Breaking News: That's a LIE!!! He used One Million Dollars from his dad to buy a house and go to school on…and back in those days that was a lot of money…NO YOUR FACTS!!!

  260. Joe Ingram

    Compassion= food stamps and welfare. I want someone who won't keep me needing gov't services, I want a job creator. Obama had 4 years, he did nothing. Oh wait, he did

    He regulated banks so now instead of free checking, I have to pay $12, which I barely have

    He instituted mandatory health care, and is going to fine people like me who don't buy it. I can't afford it.

    It goes on and on.

    And Tasheena, a term is 4 years, he shouldn't have promised to solve everything if he couldn't. Instead of halving the debt, he doubled it. He didn't do a thing on immigration, lied on Libya blaming a Youtube video, attends a church that thinks Whitey is the Devil, and claims he didn't know. He's a liar an a fraud. Most Romney supporters aren't blindly following him, there are many things I disagree with, but he never claimed to be the second coming like Oabama has

  261. Joe Ingram

    See, Randal gets it. It's not that we want Romney, it's that we want Obama out.

    And for all you crybabies that think "Whitey be racist" . I want Bush out both times. I liked Clinton, and Reagan was decent. It's just been 12 years of morons running this country, and now I want CHANGE

  262. Joe Ingram

    High %, more like 96%. How racist. I see white Obama supporters, but no black Romney supporters. Why is that? Is it because blacks only see color?

  263. Joe Ingram

    Funny, he said the word blacks, not jigaboos or any other racial term. Always playing the race card.

  264. Joe Ingram

    Typical Liberal, always claiming there will be no more handouts if they don't get their man in. WE DON'T WANT HANDOUTS HOME BOY

  265. Joe Ingram

    Always hating on the rich. Jealous much?

    Liberals, always want to keep others down and miserable like themselves

  266. Joe Ingram

    Stephanie Stiggers Exactly, but he ran on being so DIFFERENT and CHANGE. He's JUST like all the other buffoons before him.

  267. Joe Ingram

    "Tonya Simmons
    President Obama is the MOST disrespected President there has ever been. "

    Bull, while I though Bush was a moron the press mocked him, the people mocked him, etc. So please, can it

  268. Joe Ingram

    Can we name one President that was stupid enough to promise to do it.

    Guess who?

  269. Joe Ingram

    Harvey, spell check is your friend. After that, try elementary school, it's free

  270. Joe Ingram

    Todd Pettit shut the hell up with the racist crap.She didn't say one racist thing. It's all you Obama supporters can do. His record is so shoddy, you have to scream RACIST over everyone who doesn't agree with you.

  271. Joe Ingram

    Still chanting racism where there is none. Looking more stupid by the post

  272. Joe Ingram

    Hey Barbera, TAKE THE CIGARETTE OUT OF YOU HAND YOU MORON. Stop smoking, and maybe you won't need so much medicine. My god, this is the stupidest post in the history of the internet.

  273. Kim Allen

    June Jo – Barak Obama has not outlined a plan for his next four years that is different from the first four years. Romney has a solid plan to turn the economy around. His plan is to reduce taxes across the board for ALL taxpayers by 20% which closing loopholes and cutting some deductions with the largest percentage of deductions to be cut coming from those making over $250K. He is also going to reduce the tax on small businesses and reduce government regulations to make the economic climate favorable to open businesses in the US and create jobs. He also plans on a strong push to make the US energy independent within 16 years by encouraging oil and gas production, removing some restrictions Obama put on the coal industry to create more coal jobs and promote clean coal energy, introducing more nuclear, wind, and other renewable energy sources. He also plans on approving the Keystone Pipeline to create jobs installing the pipeline to bring the oil from Canada to the Gulf to be refined. This will increase production in the US, and by removing some of the regulations on the Refineries that were put in place in 2007 will increase the supply of gas in the US dropping gas prices. The US has the highest regulations in the world on gasoline production requiring 12 different blends to be sold. The country is divided into 6 'regions' which each must use a special blend, and then modify the blend for Summer or Winter conditions (hence the 12 formulations.) This means people who live across an invisible line, share the same climate, have different additive mixtures in their gas. It is unnecessary, and it has made it more expensive for the refineries to produce. So they make one blend that is accepted around the world for much cheaper and ship our gas elsewhere which further limits our supply. This is why gas is $4 and $5 a gallon in various places now rather than $1.80/gallon despite oil prices falling to $92 a barrel (now) verses $147 barrel when the prices went so high during Bush's administration.

    Romney has proven his plan will work with what he did as Gov or Massachusetts which had a $3 Billion deficit when he took office, had a 5.8% unemployment rate, schools that were not living up to the state standards, did not have a balanced budget, and 87% of the State House and Senate were Democrats. He balanced the budget, not only wiped out the state deficit but left $5 Million in surplus in the budget, attracted computer tech jobs to the region reducing the unemployment rate to 4.6%, Massachusetts schools became ranked #1 in the country, passed a health care law giving 98% of the state citizens health care, and a college program that provided free college tuition to state schools to kids who met a certain grade requirement. He did all of this in 4 years, AND he did not take $1 in salary from the state.

    He also took over the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City which was suffering from mismanagement. They were over budget and behind schedule. Again, he took the helm to fix the situation without accepting $1 in salary from the Olympics, and came in below budget, ahead of schedule, and they had a very successful Olympics without terror attacks.

    If you want more of his plan, then check out his campaign website which outlines his complete plan. It is at I do not believe Romney is perfect, but it is not fair to say he does not have a plan. The man is a financial genius who has a talent for fixing economic problems. We need someone with his financial savvy in the White House right now. There may be cuts that people do not like to certain things (like PBS/NPR, and Planned Parenthood; however, these businesses make millions of dollars from outside sources every year. They do not need government funding (which only makes up 6% of their budgets) to stay afloat. And the $550 Billion it would save the budget would really help with cutting down our national debt, and hopefully help us restore our National Credit Rating to AAA to where we are not paying as much interest on the debt we have.

    I know I present this like I am Romney's biggest fan, but truth is I am a fan of his financial prowess. With a $16 trillion debt, 7.8% unemployment (which is really closer to 15% with the people who fell off the unemployment rolls), and spending out of control in Washington. We need someone that can grab the reins and get things done. Everything he did in Massachusetts was with a Democrat Super Majority Legislature, so he proved he can be bipartisan to get things done. We need that kind of leadership right now. It is not a Republican Democrat issue. It is a we need the best financial advisor we can find issue. Those who do not like him because he is rich…. think about this. How do you think he built that fortune? Don't you wish he shared his investment tips with you? Can you imagine how well our entitlement programs would be doing if he had a hand in choosing the funds to invest in to get the best return? We've had 4 years of a man who had great intentions, and Obama had his good points. He cut out some wasteful spending, cracked down on fraud in FEMA, and he had the Cash for Clunkers program that helped spur the auto industry. However, he is a lawyer not a businessman. Romney is a businessman and a lawyer … earning his Masters in Law and Business at the same time from Harvard. Who do you trust more? Someone that has proven he can turn things around towards a thriving success or someone who has good intentions but produces dribbles of progress?

  274. Joe Ingram

    Yeah, the guy that got fired from MTV in the mid 90s for low ratings is someone to listen to. He lucked into his spot when Kilborn left.

  275. Joe Ingram

    Bowing is a sign of weakness that you hold the other person at a higher level than yourself. This country was founded on not having a King. All men are equal .

    P.S., Rodney ,your family portrait makes the Honey Boob Boo family look like the Vanderbilts

  276. Kim Allen

    Leamon – Check your facts . . . There is no where that says Romney got $1 million from his dad. His dad did buy him a house, and his dad may have paid for his school. There is no evidence of it, but it would not be a far stretch of the imagination. His dad also bought him a car when he graduated college. However, Romney was already very wealthy by the time his father died. He created an endowment in his father's name at BYU with the inheritance he got from his father. Here is the backup for those statements………. Don't claim breaking news if you can't back it up. Research don't just listen to the media.

  277. Krissy Wooten

    You need women to vote? well, you've got one right here and I will be voting for Romney!

  278. Keeon Graham

    ANYONE like @Kim Materson who believe a poll from Gallup is more a retard than usual. President Obama have the facts by his side. Maybe Robme will give you a job? Not he probably outsourced it as well.

  279. Keeon Graham

    @Randal Phillips You're just a retard looking all Fox News living in your bubbled life with lies and biased criticism. And it's sad!!

  280. Ken Basa

    For you people who expect change in 2 minutes lol come on now. It takes time to fix the economy , it takes time to fix the deficit. Obama promised yes he did but he did not promise a date and time. He has help me find a job, I bought a brand new home with his tax incentive, I also bought a new car with his tax incentive. Read the facts and not the media. People just imagine yourself even for just a moment in Obama's shoes………..Could u have done anything better….Honestly? I think he did a great job and I will make sure he gets re-elected……….and for you yes you who wants to see the deficit change in 2 minutes go elect a republican and I guarantee you will see a George W. Bush X 50 to the 100th power.

  281. Charles Bowles

    Wolff Bachner, you state your comment like a true gentleman, and that can not be denied, however, there are some very evil racist people in this world, so I tend to fight fire with fire, but for decent speaking people who speak their opinion w/o belittling the POTUS, then I'm Ok with that, but pleaseshow respect if they want respect. I do hope that you understand my point of view, even if you don't agree, which I could care less, old timer.

  282. Charles Bowles

    esther Johnson. If Romney wins, I sincerely hope that you lose your job by this time next year, and you want be able to afford 15 cents to give to your children.

  283. Charles Bowles

    Kelvin Nobles I'm voting for Barack Husein Obama, the best candidate, who cares about 100% of all americans.

  284. Charles Bowles

    Sandra Brooks, you are either a bigger liar than Mittens, or you are very stupid and hasn't learned anything in life since you turned 11 years old. I bet you can't even manage a $3,500.00 checking account and pay for rent and groceries. w/o being billed for over draft protection.

  285. Charles Bowles

    June Jo, you are a smart person for not changing horses in the middle of the stream, because there is no guarantee that the new horse want fall and rown with you on its back, huh.

  286. Anonymous

    Charles Bowles There is indeed a fool in this deck CB it's you. Mitt has more concern for his fellow citizens than Barack does. Just because someone is on welfare, foodstamps and medicaid and Mitt points out that they probably won't support him does not mean he doesn't care about them. You are like other democrats you never use logic…..we don't need no stinkin' logic.

  287. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley i'm 35 years old and gas hasn't been that low since i was a kid. lol

  288. Steve Ehrlich

    It's all over. The filthy rich bastard and his prima donna are ging down to a devastating defeat. Obama will easily prevail. Good riddens to Romney and his toady Ryan.

  289. Mitchell Dustin

    karina…if Obama has not accomplished much during his FIRST four years its because the Repubs vowed the day he was elected to get rid of him. Jobs, environment, the economy, education…all issues that he has worked to make better but every bill that he has tried to pass has been shot down by congress (many have not even come up to vote because the repubs filibuster). He has bent over backwards compromising to get even the smallest issues resolved and the right just sits back and says, "no", "no", "no". Cant do much that way.

    It has nothing to do whether hes right or wrong, the right wants another 4 years of Bush, greed, corruption. If romney gets elected this country wil have lost 50 years of progress

  290. Mitchell Dustin

    ummm Clinton?…:-) not only got rid of the deficit but left us with a huge surplus that bushy and friends wasted on the non existant WOMD's. BTW thanks Amy

  291. Justin Quickle

    Mark Wakeley – Do you not think good old W had anything but EVERYTHING to do with the increase in deficit with two unnecessary wars? He left office yet the wars continued increasing the deficit that President Obama inherited, and he has been unfairly criticized for that. All the statistics you provided can be attributed back to these wars, especially gas and oil! If President Obama does go back to the way of former President Clinton then there is a way out, trust me. I have never seen a President so unfairly bashed the way Obama has and its childish and immature. He is our countries President and you live in this country and you deserve to show him respect, whether you like his policies or not. There is a way to disagree civil and not calling him all these names as I've seen on Facebook and such. Grow up!

  292. Anonymous

    I think the real problem is that when a president does not keep his word it makes it hard to trust that he will magically do it better the next time, that is the problem, just like George Bush (41) said "Read my lips no new taxes" but he did not keep his word, people knew it and they voted the right way, perhaps it was not his fault, who knows, but when you make a promise people expect you to keep that promise or make it right.

    This president has not done that, and there was a super majority, they could have passed a bill to hire union pilot light workers for $70.00 an hour and no one could have stopped them.

    I find it difficult to understand all the excuses, Jimmy Carter had a presidency that was terrible, there are a lot of similarities here. I feel certain that most people thought they would be getting more than a free phone. The number one question here is simple are you better off today than you were four years ago, are the tires on your car new? Have you purchased the things you really wanted, (do you have an iphone) or do you still have that old broken down cell phone that you struggle to pay for each month. Those are the only questions that really matter in this presidential election.

  293. Justin Quickle

    Lisa Carney McWilliams – You say you aren't voting for color but you are white and so is Mutt. In fact that was a borderline racist comment you made! I am Native American so race has no bearing on my vote. I am voting for a man who came in to an impossible situation and did the absolute best he could. Who will fight for the middle class, unlike Mutt. And where he dug up his VP running mate is beyond me but that guy is coo coo! But you go ahead and claim everyone is voting for Obama because he is black when in reality its you that isn't voting for Obama because he IS black!

  294. Zodi Yabadoo

    This article is more wishful thinking by the liberals. If you were to see a REAL poll it would show Governor Romney at 70% approval rating over Obama's 30%. But these guys want you to believe fiction instead.

    The fact is our nation is in serious trouble financially and a lot of people are hurting.

    Obama and the democrat-controlled senate got us there by ignoring what we the people want. Instead of giving us smaller government, lower taxes, fewer burdens, and more jobs we got more out-of-control spending from this president and congress. That's hardly good leadership and responsible government.

    Here are Obama's words about poor leadership – not mine!

    "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."
    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006.

    We need a leader who will get Congress working on what ails America. Obama has failed at that because he's encouraged democrats not to work with republicans. The democrats have gotten used to this and that's why these democrats need to go – NOW!

    A real leader can work with any team. Democrat controlled as it was for Obama's first 2 years, or split between republicans and democrats as it has been these last 2 years. But Obama would rather have a "kingdom" of tyrants who work with no one and disrespect the very people who elected them. Many times, Obama even failed to work with his own democrats.

    Let's get Obama and all those disrespectful, big-brother, tax-and-spend democrats in the U.S. Senate and House out of of there this November. Get them out of our businesses, out of our pockets, and away from our personal choices in health care and what have you. They think they know better than us but the fact is that WE PEOPLE are the ones who built government and WE are about to make some changes. It's time to send a clear message to the democrats in Congress and the president.

    They work for US and it's time to FIRE them. So vote for every REPUBLICAN you see on the ballot this year – even in your local town. That's the only way we can stop this country from becoming a third-world-nation.

    Vote ROMNEY and REPUBLICAN on November 6th.


  295. Justin Quickle

    Mary Ifland – If you believe all "47%" believe they are "owed something by the government" then you are just as much of an idiot as Romney is! He screwed up with that statement and now he is backtracking. I know many people who are unemployed and rely on that but in no way do they think they are OWED it. In fact they would rather have a job because they are embarrassed having to need help from the gov. Until you walk in their shoes don't you dare judge anyone. I would put that number at somewhere around 7% or lower who think they deserve it, and definitely not 47%

  296. Jack Cicciarelli

    Obviously you are clueless about Mitt Romney. I'm OK with you not liking his politics but to say that he has no com passion for anyone but his family is disgraceful..Shame on you.

  297. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley Not a criminal, we can't have a tax criminal as dave letterman said a felon for President. Clearly you don't know this but from day one the republicans plan was to make sure that Obama did not create jobs or suceed at advancing this country. So how can you blame Obama ? That's like me and you fighting and you've got your hands tied behind your back and I don't and I beat the sh*t out of you and then people complain to you saying how could you get beat by that guy you're a horrible fighter. Maybe this will help you understand what they did to obama and if it doesn't make you understand then you are clearly a racist. You see a lot of people who don't like Obama, they won't say it but what it really is, is that don't like black people and if you are one of those I understand your ignorance.

  298. Anonymous

    Randal Phillips tell the truth what you really mean is Romney is not black.

  299. Anonymous

    Claudia Deziel go ahead put a tax criminal a felon in office. Oh you didn't know, don't tell me you actually believe that the reason Romney won't release his tax returns is because he doesn't want you to know how much he gave to charity. No the reason is he's a tax criminal. Chris Christie and other prominent republicans ask him to release 5 years, he wouldn't do it. He asked ryan for 10 years tax returns. Maybe you just don't care that a felon becomes President but Romney can't release his tax returns because they will show that he was part of a tax amnesty for his off shore bank accounts. I'm sorry let me help you amnesty is when you are a criminal and they won't charge you if you admit that you are a criminal and pay the fines, that's what Romney did and his tax returns would show that.

  300. Anonymous

    Don't worry we won't be putting a snake oil salesman tax felon like Romney for President.

  301. Anonymous

    Romney's a tax felon who took a amnesty deal, the american people who have brains know the real reason he won't release more than 2 years taxes. He asked Ryan for 10 years, we will not put a criminal in the white house, ROMNEY IS A GUARANTEED LOSER, go to vegas and bet on it you might as well make some money on this loser.

  302. Mary Ann Winck

    One can write all they want on their "dislikes" of Romney….but Obama now has a record on the past four years…higher energy, food,(prices) unemployment…

  303. John Smith

    I checked the facts and AP is not a reliable fact checker. Since they support Obama through article written biases. IN fact from the last debate Obama's lies were worse particularly on Libya and the fast and the Furious of course Candy covered for him on those stories he told. Of course he won the debate with her and a couple crowd plants, confirmed by Michelles clapping and carrying on. CNN couldn't have it any other way. If you studied the real facts you know he lied.

  304. Myss Dymond

    That's the main reason many of the people are against President Obama…because he is black! Hands down. I don't see any of these "MYTH RoMONEY" supporters mention the fact that GWB totally made a mess of this country, and how it's going to take longer then 4 years to clean up! All you see is his skin color. People actually said "this country is not ready for a black president" when he was in the race four years ago. Get it together people! Heck, Mitt doesn't care about the some 47% of people that are supporting him! There was one woman of African American decent who openly supported him, and he addressed her as Whitney Houston and said he loved her in her movie The Bodyguard. The only problem is she's been deceased since FEB OF 2012!!! He only see's the population he chooses to see, when President Obama sees EVERYONE! I feel sory for this country if Mitt is elected! It will be another sad 4 years just like when Bush cheated his way into the White House with those rigged polls!!!!

  305. Keeon Graham

    Rob just said something so ignorant and racist. No one wants to hear from a ignorant trailer-park trash who molest his nieces and eats roadkill every now and then.

  306. William Dixon

    Who is drilling.
    Derumm dumb. Owebama isnt Now who's the dumb ass. You mental morron! Your nothing but an Owebama kiss asser. You must like it down there huh?

  307. Anonymous

    you people still don't get it……….presidents are SELECTED NOT ELECTED……..ROMINSTER HAS BEEN SELECTED….WATCH AND SEE!

  308. Joseph Kane

    obama didn't have four years either only two , remember the repub congress blocked just about everything he did.mits record in mass wasn't great.he left the state with a billion dollar deficit and also his state was 47th in the country on creacting a jobs.

  309. Joseph Kane

    this is example how repubs are, take my state maine they we're all mad and drove up about the dems in comes this great repub landside election , they take the house , senate for the first time in about 30 something years and also the governorship with paul the polls there are 62 percent hate this guy these are some of the same people that voted for him that are saying this.and now they are doing the same thing with common sence.all these repubs care about are what mittens calls the bottom line.they don't seem to understand if the guy next to you is doing well your going to be doing well.

  310. Real Clover

    Food Stamp president. All you racist, dickheads listen up!. Electriaol College Polls Obama 257 Mittens 237.
    Enuff said!!!

  311. Kathleen Scheinpflug


  312. Peggy Ann

    depends on what poll you are looking at concerning who is ahead…and if you go to live blog polls where people are actually "live" voting…Obama has a huge lead. The other polls are scientific and not actual people votes. They ask a certain number and then the rest is calculated based on trends and other factors and we all know that that too is up and down with each new day. Polls are inconsistent these days because most people do not have landlines or if they do, barely use them. A lot of polls also are using more Republican respondents/potential voters then Democratic or Independent. If you take that into consideration + or -, the race is pretty much tied and will come down to the electoral college, which Obama is leading, but again, based on scientific. So, we will alll know the real winner on November 6, after the real voters vote.

  313. Real Clover

    Mark Wakeley – Another whiney racist turd. Dude, your not a 1 percenter. Wake up!
    Get your head out of the Matrix and come into reality. When Mitt was talking about 47 percent of
    Americans are lazy. Yes, he was talking about your confused white ass too!! In his mind, if your not rich
    white male, you ain't shit, dummy.

  314. Dennis Michels

    Gas prices were that low and lower. Another four years of obama and the middle class will continue to shrink to the bottom and the rich will stay where they are at. If you like food stamps, free school lunches, free cell phones, free housing etc, then vote for this lightweight, never had a job, hollywood elite obama. People act like he is so in touch, but spends all his time with the top 1% and on our tab. Always bad mouthing the wealthy, then spends every waking moment with the wealthiest of the wealthy begging for money and laughing it up like a rock star.

  315. Anonymous

    I have talked to so many people of color, whether African American or Latino, that have been harassed, ridiculed, and called all kinds of names because their not voting for Obama. Can anyone explain this disgusting behavior? So are all the white people that are voting for Obama betraying their race? According to Sam Jackson I guess they are. People should be able to vote for who ever they want too and not feel pressured because of race or skin color. I love how liberals always preach about tolerance but yet my eyes see that they are the most intolerant people in the country. I think we need a change and someone to lead us in a new direction. Change was all good in 2008 but now people are offended by the concept?

  316. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley

    Right on Mark! Don't let anyone bully you, stand strong with the facts! Obama would tell you "hey Mark, don't let the facts get in the way of one of my good stories".

  317. Rhonda Rome Schoonenberg

    Yeah & obama doesn't do the same??? Main thing about Romney, even if I didn't like him, is: He Is Not Obama. And hey, I don't like Marxism.

  318. Kelley Presson Neville

    Theres your first mistake being from MA! So am I…..And, I am embarassed how the population here has to be Democratic no matter what! The Kennedys are dead move on!

  319. Rhonda Rome Schoonenberg

    No, I would like to say goodbye to a man influenced by Communists & Marxists his entire life & hello to a man who wasn't.

  320. William Dixon

    Mark Wakeley. You are righ on buddy! We can now see the road Owebama is taking America. socilizum is never going to work in America. Remember when Owebama went to talk at a Cathloc college. Obama made them cover all of the crosses because that would offend the Muslims. HUH? How cares? Now he is covering up the scandle in Lybia which will cost him the election. He is the most anti Christian president we have ever had in our history. First president to cancel White House Men's Prayer Breakfast. Told Franklyn Grahm his visit to the White House was canceled. Yet he did hold a Muslim celebration there the following month. Yes. He MUST go! Romney has an excellent track record. He knows business. He will buld America. Open petrolium productin, Add hundreds of thousands new jobs. Put a stop to legalizing baby murders. Everyone needs to see the movie 2016. The movie the White House does not want you to see. Excellent movie. every liberal needs to see this. But I know they wont go. There loss.

  321. Rhonda Rome Schoonenberg

    June Jo And he won w/out the help of the moderator bailing his ass out!!!

  322. William Dixon

    MSLSD is not credable anymore. Just look at there viewer ratings. It's in the tank. I'd like to know, who pays to keep them on the air? the White House maybe?? Oh, I'm just saying?

  323. William Dixon

    I like Obama too. But I hate his idiologic policies. He is taking America down the road to distruction. Just open your eyes. Like what your paying at the pump? Gas prices are over 2 bucks a gallon higher than when G.W Bush was in office. Less jobs. Ppart time jobs with no health insurance coverage. High unemployment. Obama has taken millions out of Medi care. He is printing more money now than ever bore. Money we can not afford to pay back. He has ran the national deficit to an all time high of 17 trillion dollars. More than all Presidents combined. He is an out of control idiot. He HAS to GO!! If we have 4 more years of Owebama, you had better start learning to speak Chinese.

  324. William Dixon

    Brianna Gillingham Oh, I see. And is Owebama your Mesiah? Owebama fixed all the problems in America? Wow, I didn't think a muslum socilist Gay President could do all of that?? Well, that's just swell, You go ahead and enjoy paying 6 bucks a gallon at the pump. Restricting what you can and can't eat. Enjoy your higher green energy bills. Go to bed at night knowing Owebama is printing money we can't afford to pay back. Taking billions out of Medicare. Addint trilllions to our national debt. Not protecting Steve Christionson in Libya. Lying on TV about the cover up. The rest of America will be voting for ROMNEY!

  325. Byron Jordan

    Mark Wakeley You have to listen to what is actually going on. If he promised to lower the deficit and he did not it is not because of not trying it is mostly because of the shape of what the economy was in after Mr. Bush left office. Republicans can't say well we left you a mess and the Democrats didn't clean it up quick enough so we want it back. It doesn't work like that.

  326. William Dixon

    Charles Bowles Don't think there is a fool out there that would vote for gay Owebama. Socializm will never work in America. Our Country is based upon God. Owebama is a muslum. A non belliever.

  327. William Dixon

    Jefferyleath. Shirley is shurly blind. Perhaps ignorent. Romney is far better. You can expect a slam dunk victory for Mitt Romney. somthing you will never hear on CNN

  328. Myss Dymond

    Righ,t W. Dixon….this country really needs another George Bush to sit by and read a book on 9/11 ! FOH!!!

  329. Ken Porter

    Charles, just because she votes for someone else instead of Obama does not make it a fool vote. The same could be said of your continued support of a president that has accomplished nothing he ran on in 2008

  330. Byron Jordan

    Al Wilson He also stated on the tape that he was not going to worry about those 47%. If you are the President you have to account for ALL the people not just the ones you can convince to vote for you.

  331. Byron Jordan

    Mitt has a lot of lies. Obama put up the truth. Romney will say what ever it takes to score points. Including flip flop on the 47% which most likley includes you.

  332. Byron Jordan

    Make sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth and put your foot in it.

  333. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley ; You seem to forget that the Republicans had an agenda. And they made sure no bills were passed or even brought to the floor. You need to wake up and do some fact checking yourself.

  334. Anonymous

    Mark Wakeley You are apparently not very intuned with what the president has actually done for the country. At best, all you are doing is laying out nothing but the same talking points his opponents lay out. Are you able to think on your own and stray from talking points and rattle off what he HAS actually accomplished? DID YOU KNOW THAT HE MADE SURE OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS KILLED?? You, being a college student – DID YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE A JOB WITH BENEFITS, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REMAIN ON YOUR PARENT'S HEALTH PLAN?? In the event you get sick or injured, there will be a means to pay for your medical care. DID YOU KNOW THAT ROMNEY'S BUSINESS IS TO OUTSOURCE JOBS?? If he gets in – HOW CONFIDENT ARE YOU THAT YOU WILL HAVE A JOB?? YOU MUST NOT HAVE NOTICED THAT THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DROPPED BELOW 8%. You should get out more, son!

  335. Steven Starace

    you liberals are playing fast and loose with facts

    1) the largest deficit under Bush was 458B in 2008. Obama has had deficits of 1.2T EVERY single year
    2) GDP growth was 3% in 2010, 2.1% in 2011, and about 1.7% in 2012. Whatever recovery we had is OVER. things are not getting better
    3) Govt spending is at 25% of GDP. that is the highest since 70+ years. it is unheard of
    4) We had solid job growth from 2003-2007 until the crisi of 2008. Want to blame Bush for that? Ok, name ONE policy of Bush that contributed to it. If you say "deregulation", name it. If you cite teh wars, explain why even with the wars, the deficits averaged 250B over the 8 years compared to Obama's 1.2T

    this is the worst economy we have seen in 80 years. Time to stop blaming Bush, millionaires and billionares, bankers, oil companies, ATM machines, the Arab Spring …..

  336. Randal Phillips

    Tasheena: Obama has changed America RADICALLY in four years. Just not in the right direction. If he gets another four years, we'll have an economy comparable to Nigeria's. They have to print new money every few months to keep up with their 10000% inflation. Last I heard there's now a 10 billion Nigerian dollar bill. That's Obama's dream for America.

  337. Myss Dymond

    Your sick! God forbid you ever have a case where you end up needing. What's funny is I'd still help your clueless self! I cant wait for this debate to be over.

  338. Steven Starace

    open honest question from a registered independent to dems/liberal:

    You blame Bush for the crisis of 2008 and the "mess that Obama inherited". We had solid job growth and increasing tax revenues from 2003-2007 until the crisis of 2008:

    a) Name one piece of deregulation that Bush passed that contributed to the 2008 crisis:
    b) If you believe the spending on the wars were part of the cause… explain why the average annual deficit (inclusive of wars was 250B) while under Obama our annual deficits have averaged 1.2T.

    don't just give this a thumbs down and move on. If you have answers, provide them.

  339. Anonymous

    I'm thanking God in advance for an Obama victory. What is the difference between Satan and Romney? Romney has a larger 401K.

  340. Anonymous

    My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless. This is what I do Buzz17.cøm.

  341. Todd Pettit

    Too bad George W Bush positioned the GOP as a once in a decade Presidency. Get some new ideas and get back to us.

  342. Todd Pettit

    Yeah ok, he ended 2 wars, finally passed universal health care after 40 years of others attempting it, he stopped the free fall the economy was in, he saved the auto industry and the 1 million jobs it supports, and he has grown the economy consistently for 4 years, he killed Osama after the Bush Administration decided to stop looking. Tell me what exactly did Bush do that was positive at all during his 8 years? So you want to go back to fear mongering and war… Fantastic.

  343. Todd Pettit

    Heres the important fact. Obama leads in Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and even Florida and everywhere else will vote the same way they always do.

  344. Todd Pettit

    Yes then Ryan and Romney subsequently lost the next to debates and here you are screaming like babies denying it. Liberals were adults about the first debate why can't you be for the next 2.

  345. Todd Pettit

    i before e except after c… Typos and missing punctuation just reaffirms how ignorant you are.

  346. Kim Allen

    Last election was not typical. In the last 10 elections Ohio has gone Republican 6 out of 10 times, Nevada has gone Republican 7 out of 10 times, Colorado has gone Republican 8 out of 10 times, Florida has gone Republican 7 out of 10 times, North Carolina has gone Republican 8 out of 10 times, New Hampshire has gone Republican 6 out of 10 times, and Virginia has gone Republican 9 out of 10 times. Todd – if your right that the states will vote the way they normally do, then Romney should have 284 electoral votes before Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Michigan are considered (who have split evenly 5 times Republican to 5 times Democrat). 270 electoral votes are all that is needed to win the election. I am not saying this IS going to happen. I am saying if you go with 'the same way they always do' philosophy, then Romney has the historical advantage in the Swing States. This is not a normal election. The nation debt, unemployment, cost of necessities and energy, and heightened tension in the Middle East will dominate how people vote. Obama is definitely still in the race, but he is not the historical or statistical shoe in a lot of liberals believe he is. Another historical fact, no challenger who has led the Gallop Poll mentioned above by 50% or more in the middle of October has ever lost the election. Romney is at 52%, so history gives him the statistical advantage for winning on election day.

  347. Roderick Debi

    47% are ones not likely to vote for him because he does not believe in 100% welfare state miss Jewel, he thinks everyone should work some, and be productive in society. Yes, I was a single mom with 3 and 1 year old, working and going to college..It can be done!And Shirley, oh learn how to spell, and learn the mechanics of sentence structure. And, better to lay off, than go bankrupt and everyone lose their jobs. Look how much of my taxpayer money he has put into GM, and they still filed bankrupty. Obama took it as a personal mission to bankrupt the coal mines, he did. Do you know how many in the coal fields lost their jobs? I think not. This includes engineers, electricians, coal truck drivers. HE wiped out a whole industry. And miss Tasheena, we don't need to be trying to change the world. We need to be getting Americans back to work, and it is not happening. It has not improved. Just pray to God for an answer on whom to vote for…

  348. Roderick Debi

    Charles Bowles you are the idiot. You can state your view on here without name calling. Or are you running for president also?

  349. Roderick Debi

    Robert Gardner I agree with you and Mark, unfortunately we live with single minded people. Bless their hearts. What is sad, is to know people are voting for Romney,just to get Obama out. Actions speak louder than words.

  350. Roderick Debi

    Todd Pettit at least he pays for his vacations, he would not be so brass as to let the taxpayers pay for his mother/daughter vacation

  351. Roderick Debi

    keep with the truth telling brother. I wish I could see the negative people here when they see your knowledgeable posts…Whoop, there it is…Bottom line. We must have the basics, and not everyone does. Food, clothes, shelter, relative health, and companionship. Until we as a nation reach these goals, we have failed. All other matters are wants. Let's work on getting all our citizens a way to have their basic needs met. That should be our number one priority. I don't see this in the current administration. I hope Romney will tell everyone to tighten their belt, because we have to budget, and stick with it. And I am sure Gov. Romney will attend each government intelligence meeting…

  352. June Jo

    I believe Obama cares because the way he address people when he is talking to them. Mitt Romney seem to just have a quick response loaded full of bull because he talks too much about people when he thinks no one is listening and it's getting out he doesn't respect women rights, and doesn't have a plan. He is a disaster waiting to happen.

  353. Mabes Pilarta Roaquin

    Unbelievable how empty your brain is Rob Mills. Damn Moron! Ignorant!1

  354. Tonya Simmons

    @ Mary Ifland…you cant be serious…@Joe Bush was also disrespected but he was also excused for alot of bad choices. No President has been disrespect as much as President Obama, not even Clinton and he lied under oath…

  355. Don Hine

    3/4 of the 47% Gov Romney was speaking about to his millionaire friends are retired people on SS you know gramma and Grampa they earned it thru yrs of hard work.2 days after making that ignorant remark he repeated it stateing this will be a theme we will push throughout the campaign.Someone explained to him how stupid a remark it was so Flippin Mittin now supports and cares about all Americans.Putting an end to The Capital Gains tax proves very clearly who he really cares about.

  356. Don Hine

    David I've noticed your a man of few words thats good you make less of an ass of yourself.

  357. Don Hine

    David I've noticed your a man of few words thats good you make less of an ass of yourself.

  358. Don Hine

    Nice post Todd wonder how Muslum American citizens fighting for this country feel about thoughless racist like Dawn.There are approx 8,000 America muslums citizens of this great nation Defending you lady so grow up.

  359. Jeff Rasmussen

    Oh dont cry Todd,your wish I was intellectual statis and all the self help books you have might see you through.As for the accuracy of your debate wishlist LOL are you kidding me.They havent won anything because they have nothing but braindead retarded sheeple grazing supporting their nothing but failure of a presidency.Go have another drink of the Kool-aid Gump

  360. Don Hine

    Steven you seem to be an intelligent young man.I had written you a long reply giving you what I believe were answers to your questions in the best way I could.And as I pushed reply yahoo decided to stop responding and it all got deleted.anyways will rewrite in a cpl of hrs and ask you a couple questions after you respond to mind if thats ok with you?We can agree to disagree thats what I love about this country and free thinking people.Don

  361. Jeff Rasmussen

    Derun Wilson Sorry Derun never met her but your brainless Obama phone owning ass with the hypocritical overtones of stupidity and failure that seem to ooze from you tell it all.Another uneducated,sheeple like,non think for yourself,follower of failure and repeatedly failed idealogues??Have another Kool-aide and try to watch out for the caps button and watch you some more MSNBC Buddy

  362. Don Hine

    westlouann it maybe you who needs to be Educated one Your president is not a Muslum he's Christian even most Republicans in office will admit to that.And so what if he was Muslum we have muslums American citizens fighting in the miltary for this great country.And if for one sec you think your taxes won't be higher under Gov Romney your living in a dream world.I've noticed for a self made educated woman you tend to like that caps button.Getting loud with people does'nt prove higher intelligence simply proves your loud.

  363. Steven Starace

    Don – absolutely. I'm a registered independent with an economics degree. Young? not so much. I dont see red or blue, only green. Happy to have an intelligent discussion at any time. Even if we disagree we can do it respectfully.

  364. Anonymous

    I hate to be the one to tell you jefferyleath, Mitt Romney does not have any compassion, he did those missions during the Viet Nam War so he could claim the Mormon Government Wavier so he would not have to serve in the Military. Check up on this I know because I served from the State of Michigan and I am a woman. I want you to know that he did stand and support the war, but as long as he was doing that many, many young soldiers who were drafted in the war came back to Walson Army Hospital maimed and many were not alive who came through the airforce base near by. Body bags came so much it made you want to cry while MITT nor anyone in his family nor his grandfathers and great grandfather served like a stand up citizen, so do not talke to me about compassion, he has none only for himself

  365. Anonymous

    Shirley, you go girl. I agree with you 100%. Mitt is a morman and not even a good one because you never hear that he worships Brigham Young or Joseph Smith, which mormans but that he worships and believes in God which mormans do not. He is a lier, if you look at his face and eyes you can see it and if his lips are moving or his eyes are blinking so fast he makes Joyce Joiner the runner look slow, the you know for sure he is lieing. He flip flops on every issue and he is like a willow tree and blows in the wind where it will take him. How can people be so gullible to vote for him, I do not know, but I am not nor would I ever, the only house I want to see him in is the dog house…..oh but that would insult the dogs

  366. Anonymous

    Wolff Bachner you are a jerk. What do you know of careing for people. You are listening to the distorted truth, by probably Fox News and forget that we were left in a ditch from the Bush years and was falling off the cliff. I cannot believe you people who blindly follow the Fox News propaganda and refuse to see that as far in the hole we were that it takes twice as long to crawl out of the hole and get on our feet. You are not compasionate, you probably do not even know what that means

  367. Joe Viglione

    Mitt Romney IS the anti-christ, we in Massachusetts know this for a fact. The GOP trolls who write "anyone but Barack Obama" are hired to keep repeating the Kool-Aid mantra; fact is, if things have been repaired since the Bush debacle, why would you choose the "worse of two evils" if you think our great President is that bad? Furthermore, logic dictates that the Bain capitalist will do everything he can for a "new world order" where the Romney family takes advantage of every individual they can crush. Just look at Medford, Massachusetts and the terrible 25 year reign of the McGlynn family. I've written extensively about it. This helps no one but the megalomaniacs who seize power they are not entitled to and do not deserve. A vote for Romney is a suicidal vote to drink poison. It is illogical.

  368. Anonymous


  369. Billy Copeland

    People are angry and frustrated with the slow recovery; many are still unemployed, under employed, can't retire, can't sell their homes, etc. When people feel that frustrated they tend to either lash out at whoever is in power or they simply want a change of leadership. Voters might not be listening carefully to what Romney wants to do and eerie similiar it is to what George W. Bush did, further tax cuts for wealthy, deregulation, increase defense spending, all things that will likely compound the current economic crisis.

  370. Billy Copeland

    Romey, to me, sounds ridiculous when he says it is dangerous to cut defense spending. Since every other country in the world is in the same economic crisis, they too will need to cut or not increase much their own defense budgets. Any country that tries to increase defense spending dramatically at this time is courting its own economic destruction.

  371. Anonymous


  372. Mabes Pilarta Roaquin

    wow… estherkr johnson… do u thin Romney cares for you?? Wake up girl. LOLLLLLLLL

  373. Todd Pettit

    Roderick Debi You mean like when W spent half his Presidency hiding out at camp David?

  374. Todd Pettit

    Roderick Debi Hate to tell you Secret Security is going anywhere the President or his family goes so we are paying for it no matter what.

  375. Todd Pettit

    qwerks7 The best growth of my stock portfolio in my lifetime. My new job. My soon to be healthcare. For finishing the job W didn't by killing Osama. For fixing what W broke.

  376. Joe Viglione

    Donny, how anyone can be "pro-Romney" is what is amazing. From Romnesia to Mormonism the entire sideshow is big business, big business, big business. They care nothing about you.

  377. Vicky Winck

    After seeing you and David on the news I was shocked to find out that y'all lived right down the road from us! I'm glad to know that y'all are doing okay. Or seem to be. We still love you and miss you. God bless! Don & Vicky Winck

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