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Insanity Developer Shaun T Marries Longtime Boyfriend

Insanity creator Shaun T marries boyfriend

Shaun T, the developer of the Insanity fitness program, married his longtime boyfriend Scott Blokker Saturday.

Shaun T, whose real name is Shaun Thompson, has always been a private person, so very little is known about the ceremony. The news was confirmed on Twitter after he retweeted a friend’s message regarding the pair’s nuptials.

T’s first big break before he became a hugely successful fitness trainer was as a backup dancer for Mariah Carey. He began dancing in college after he was required to teach an aerobics class as part of his Sports Science degree at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a trainer, dancer and choreographer. He said he had an agent and went to “a million auditions with the exception of Mariah Carey” who picked him just based on his picture.

“My agent said, ‘Do you want to dance for Mariah?’ and I said, ‘Yeah. When is the audition?’ Then she told me, ‘She picked you off your picture.’ When I tell you I loved working with her…she kept it so real,” T said.

Shaun T has also danced for Aaron and Nick Carter and reggae artist Elephant Man.

Shaun T started Insanity after the creators of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, approached him to augment their line of fitness DVDs. The first Insanity workout was released in 2009 and emphasized “max interval training.” It is considered the hardest workout ever to be put on DVD. Shaun T released a new workout called Insanity: The Asylum in 2011.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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63 Responses to “Insanity Developer Shaun T Marries Longtime Boyfriend”

  1. Adeyomi Pizas

    Love you. Shaun T, you helped me transform my body…best of luck to you

  2. Tanya Jones-black

    love you shaun t, thanks for helping me get into great shape I love your "insanity" congrats to you both:)

  3. Stephen Paul

    on the contrary, i was under the impression that he seemed a little touchy with that black guy in Insanity Asylum… extremely, extremely touchy. i also noticed how relaxed the women were around him when he touched them. it was almost as if they knew off the bat that he was gay…

  4. Ebony Mcclain-bryant

    Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife,and they shall be one flesh. Genesis Ch. 2:24. I hope he finds the truth no matter how the world agrees to a gay lifestlyle. I'm praying.

  5. Jarrod Hahn

    Oh Bible quotes? How about Ezekiel 23:20 where a woman lusts after donkey genitals? Or 2 Kings 2:23 where god makes bears maul 42 young children for calling an old man "baldy." The bible is ridiculous and full of vile and bizarre passages. It is 66 books of bronze age morality codes and borrowed mythology(Jesus aint orignal) trying desperately to avoid extinction in modern times. Judging people who are in love with that bizarre book as a basis is STUPID!

    Can't we just wish them well, and leave your bizarre religion out of it.

  6. Jill Harrington

    Jarrod Hahn wow a little hateful arent we i hope at your end your right. peace be with you due to the anger coming thru you need it, if thats what she believes who are you to have something so hateful to say no one said hes not a great trainer but we just dont agree with his lifestyle choice

  7. Cassandra Jackson-Glenn

    I dont judge what people do with their lives. Everybody has something in their history that goes against what we've been taught. If you notice you rarely hear ministers preach about gays and thats because the majority of the men in church are gay including some of the pastors. No one is perfect, we all sin. I'm not justifiying or condoning same sex marriages Im just saying

  8. Ebony Mcclain-bryant

    Personally, I myself don't mean to affend anyone. But I do know that the truth will cut. I am a Christian and just because I'm a Christian that does not mean that l go around judging people. I speak the truth out of love just as my Savior did and people hated him without a cause then when he walked this earth just like they do now. I know it is hard to accept the truth but the word of God does not lie. It's other scriptures in the bible that speaks against homosexuality. God is a God of love and not hate. So therefore I am not speaking out of hate. I just have compassion on those who are lost in darkness and refuse to come to the Light. Come out of darkness those who don't know Jesus and he well reveal to you his truth. And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free John 8:31.

  9. Ebony Mcclain-bryant

    To Jarod, I am not myself coming up against anyone. I am a christian. Just because I'm a christian it does not mean I go around judjing people. God is a God of love not of hate believe or not and his word is to teach you about his love. I am not and will not beat people over the head with the bible, but what I will do is stand on the truth no matter what. God word is true. Have you tried it? Ther are other scriptures in the bible that speaks aganist homosexuality and it is a sinful lifestyle. I do not hate anyone that is living that way, I just have compassion on those who refuse to come into the knowledge of the truth. I have compassion who are living in darkness and do nt recognize it . But there is a way out. Jesus sayed he is the way, the truth and the light no one cometh to the Father except by him. John 14:6. By the way the word of God is not a myth. Many have tried it for themselves and it changed their lives forever. Dont knock it until you have tried it. Jesus loves you!

  10. Loretta Adams

    The only darkness you see is hanging in front of your eyes with that bad wig.

  11. Loretta Adams

    And just because you think otherwise,that doesn't make you right either.

  12. Loretta Adams

    And Jesus hates cleavage tattoos. You denigrate the body of Christ by denigrating your own body, altering it from its natural state with that permanent, artificial tattoo ink. You hold up the bible as a shield for your own insecurities rather than sing the praises of love that actually might win over a few converts. Retribution and punishment is God's and God's alone. THE GOOD LORD can take care of that just fine without you being the passive-aggressive mouthpiece for what you think HE would punish.

  13. Ebony Mcclain-bryant

    First of all Loretta you mentioned love. Well love is not telling me that I have a bad wig and judging my tattoo. I dont know who you are, but you sound like you are bitter and may be racist. I dont have to hold up the bible for any insecurities. lm just standing on what I believe and that is Jesus Christ is my Savior and can be yours to if you recieve him into your life and serve him. Then you can experience his love and he will teach you how to love others. I will always be God mouthpiece and speak his word with boldness to help save this corrupted world that we live in. I am a servant of Jesus Christ and I know that I will recieve hate from people like yourself. But Jesus sayed if the world hates you remember that they hated Him first. John 15:18-19.

  14. Shani Nicole

    Im watching an insanity infomercial and I just knew he was gay. sure enough I google him and BAM

  15. Timm George

    Let me just say dis 1 sin is no greater than the next one Idc what he do it seems like he is happy and to me that's all dat matters

  16. Timm George

    Black people yes I said it kills me with that bs always want to quote bible verses but don't even live up to the word again clean out yo own damn house first before you judge someone else and before you even open yo damn mouth understand this the bible also says who are we to judge

  17. Eye Sankofa Maat

    Religion I is not truth, it's belief. Whether you consider it religiously wrong, nature says that it's anti-procreation. So, regardless of a man-made oppressive book given to us through conquest and handed down generationally. Nature says it's not right regardless of what a nave excising leviticus says. As the great ancestor Imhotep did,"Know thyself." Maat Hotep

  18. Quincey Tee

    AMEN TO THAT @JARROD HAHN. I swear these religious freaks loves spewing their fake a** beliefs and that so-called "good book," which was probably written by a gay white man, on people. question for these religious freaks though…who wrote the bible? do I hear crickets? smdh. stop throwing the religious sh*t towards any and everyone every time someone comes out or throwing it on anything else in this world. I always hated fake, phony, on-line wannabe christians, as well as hate the off-line ones. Congrats, Shaun T. I am just finding out about your wedding to you man as I type this very comment. and ignore all wannabe holier than thou hypocrites. mainly the online ones.

  19. Kimberly Newman

    His lifestyle and choices are none of my business or con concern he inspired me to be a better image to look at in the mirror

  20. Laura Bejaran

    Just as a reminder, here is a little truth that was pretty evident in the Bible:

    Jesus died for our sins, past, present, and future. Under the assumption that homosexuality is a sin (which I believe to be untrue), all sins have been paid in full. Those who believe in God and willfully live to serve him understand this. All humans sin and all sins are equal. If you lie, in the logic you're using, your one lie would be the equivalent to one man's homosexuality.

    I believe in God and I'm bisexual. It wasn't something I became due to dark, evil thoughts. I knew when I was four, before I even understood what sexuality was. The truth is, I thank God everyday for making me so open-minded and loving. My sexuality is just something God gave me but it's not all that I am. To say that a good person, who may or may not believe in God, is determined as good solely based on their sexuality is extremely close-minded. Just to reiterate, if we're asking What Would Jesus Do, you're not doing it. Jesus would love anyone no matter what, as long as they have faith in him. He didn't forsake someone to hell for not changing their nature.

    Rant over.

  21. Anitra Reed

    I am a believer in the lord Jesus Christ, but what I don't understand is why if people feel a certain way they read and make comment about things they are against. I believe in greediness of speech but sometimes you

  22. Anitra Reed

    I am a believer in the lord Jesus Christ, but what I don't understand is why if people feel a certain way they read and make comment about things they are against. I believe in greediness of speech but sometimes you

  23. Anitra Reed

    That is not what i meant to say. What I was trying to say was you can believe in what you want to but if you read an article and it's not something you agree with you don't have to comment at all. Why continue to read something you are against, evidently it was interesting to you if you continued to read it. We should not judge, it is not our job.

  24. Anitra Reed

    That is not what i meant to say. What I was trying to say was you can believe in what you want to but if you read an article and it's not something you agree with you don't have to comment at all. Why continue to read something you are against, evidently it was interesting to you if you continued to read it. We should not judge, it is not our job.

  25. Lawrence Stallworth III


  26. Niccole Moone

    What Ebony is saying is the truth! Just because people do not agree with it, does not make it any less truthful! She is not judging, this is God's holy word! Just because people want to deny God and his word, does not negate the fact that it is still the truth! I find it interesting that people have a problem with free speech ONLY when it comes to God and his word!

  27. Lolita Cook

    People are always throwing the Word at other like vomit when it comes to homosexualism. How about judging adulterers, drug abusers,murderers, strippers, night club hoppers,husband steelers, twerk and romp shakers. Im sure you fit under one of those categories lol. The whole world may burn. Just worry about yourself. Noone cares of your negative opinions.

  28. Judy Monholland Joslin

    Congrats. to you both! I know that it says in ths bible that man and man and woman and woman should not be together. But its your lifes live it the way you want and plz. dont listen to people. just be happyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  29. Carlos Mitchell

    Ebony Mcclain-bryant God loves homosexuality. And if he doesn't it doesn't matter it's none of his business. The Bible was not written by God or anyone else who knew him. You're the one who needs to come out of the darkness and stop following 3000 year old fairy tales. it's your lifestyle I don't agree with.

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