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Steve Wynn Rejoins Cacophony Of Whining Billionaires Who Say They Fear Obama’s ‘Anti-Business’ Policies

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Commentary | Steve Wynn, Vegas tycoon, has gone on record in the past sowing vague fears about Obama’s alleged penchant for socialism and dislike for business, making statements indicating that business owners are not privy to what Obama “might” do if re-elected that could possibly harm their businesses.

Steve Wynn has always referred to himself as a “job creator,” downplaying the times he was a “job destroyer” in years even when turning a massive profit. And, ahead of the election, Wynn has joined the Greek chorus of supposedly terrified CEOs threatening workers and customers with dire circumstances should President Obama be re-elected.

(Which is always a tactic good sportsman use, threats and intimidation. Class it up, Steve!)

Despite having a profitable several years in Vegas under Obama’s allegedly socialist reign, Wynn still feels the need to coerce frightened casino workers into voting for a candidate that will ensure any gains made in areas like employee medical coverage through ACTA will be erased, ostensibly reasoning that people would rather have bad jobs than no jobs at all.

In an interview with Vegas journalist Jon Ralston, Wynn whined:

“I’m afraid of the president. I have no idea what goofy idea, what crazy, anti-business program this administration will come up with … Every business guy I know in the country is frightened of Barack Obama and the way he thinks.”

It’s probably no surprise that Steve Wynn is as impressed with Mitt Romney as he is disenchanted with Barack Obama, and the business magnate gushed:

“He is absolutely going to be a fabulous president … He’s never been unsuccessful in anything he tried.”


While Obama detractors like Steve Wynn often point to bogeyman policies they believe Obama will use to kill their businesses, few ever cite specifics when complaining that they have to hoard profits and cut back on labor costs.

Do you think billionaires like Steve Wynn should stop complaining and pay their taxes like Americans?

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14 Responses to “Steve Wynn Rejoins Cacophony Of Whining Billionaires Who Say They Fear Obama’s ‘Anti-Business’ Policies”

  1. Okey Xtopher Nzenwa Ihuoma

    The Bilionaires should stop making lowsy excuses and pay their taxes, Y is Steve Wynn complaining? He is very blind bcoz Mitt Ronmey is not telling Americans the truth, as he continues to change his stories & things says b4, like the Abortion, he's is now changing his what he had said before!

  2. Okey Xtopher Nzenwa Ihuoma

    Americans, plz, open your eyes bcoz Mitt Ronmey is a compulsive liar! America will go down the drain if we make the mistake of voting Mitt Ronmey and the Republicans in as President… Plz, let us not go back to the BUSH days, America needs to be another 4 years of Obama and the democrats! GOD will never let him down bcoz is way more than the better choice for America in the next years!

  3. Michael Harmon

    The reason you aren't a billionaire is because you have no vision, no drive, no business sense. No clue how to make money or create jobs. Rich people open up business, that's where jobs come from. That's how they make more money, to open more businesses, to create more jobs. Idiots like you will never understand as long as you continue to relieve freebies from te government.

  4. Julius Paddy

    Any smart educated person looks at this and laughs. These people are just Romney contributors who now fear that their investments in vain. The taxes rates that are set to expire are on federal income.

    These billionaires should get a hobby and stop whinning, we weren't whinning when we gave them our bailouts to protect their investments.

  5. Jane Black

    Why is it that the Dumbocrats always claim someone is not paying their taxes? Steve Wynn not paying his taxes? WTFE. He is a major employer in Vegas and more than likely he will start reducing his work force to two part time employees instead of one full time to escape Obummercare. Many employers will begin to do this as some have already stated they would. IT IS THEIR CHOICE! The other businesses who can, will just move theirs overseas to escape Obummer's high tax rate and his Obummercare.

  6. Carol Hoosier

    He's not paying his taxes according to this list for 2011, he came in 16th out of 25 of the top corporate tax dodgers. Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts Ltd.; CEO Pay: $14.6 million; Federal income tax: 0; Subsidiaries in tax havens: 16.

  7. Mary Evans

    Mr. Wynn is a job creator. You may not like his business or him, but he is putting people to work. I encourage him to speak out louder and more often for Mr. Romney and job growth. I am not interested in Mr. Obama turning the USA into a socialist 3rd world country. The people complaining the loudest probably can't/don't want to get a job. Perhaps their mailbox money satisfies them. Don't scorn successful people; strive for your won success.

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