Obama As Costanza: President Seeks ‘Jerk Store’ Comeback After Dismal Debate [Video]

Dan Evon

In a classic Seinfeld episode called The Comeback, George Costanza seeks to find the perfect insult after being humiliated at work. It takes a few days, but George finally gets his opportunity to unleash his zinger. Some pundits are saying that President Obama is acting very Costanza-ish after his dismal debate performance last week.

During the debate, President Obama had plenty of opportunities to pounce on Mitt Romney. Jon Stewart said that the president would have fared better if he would have just shouted “liar” during his two minute response segments. Instead, Obama let Romney say whatever he wanted during the debate, opting to save his attacks for the following days.

Obama has released several statements during the last few days calling Romney out on every supposed falsehood that he may have stated during the debate. But many pundits have said that this tactic, as proven by George Costanza in The Comeback, is too little and too late.

In the Seinfeld episode, Costanza gets made fun of for eating too much shrimp during a work meeting. But he comes up with the perfect comeback… after he leaves the office and no one is around to hear it.

George says: “Yeah, well the jerk store called and they’re all out of you.”

Costanza then decides to set up the same situation so that he can use the zinger. It doesn’t go well.

Here’s the moment from Seinfeld.

Several people have drawn similarities to Obama’s post-debate tactics and George Costanza’s Jerk Store comeback.

If Obama is truly pulling a Costanza, his next line should be: “Well, I had sex with your wife!”

Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far…