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Obama As Costanza: President Seeks ‘Jerk Store’ Comeback After Dismal Debate [Video]

jerry and george

In a classic Seinfeld episode called The Comeback, George Costanza seeks to find the perfect insult after being humiliated at work. It takes a few days, but George finally gets his opportunity to unleash his zinger. Some pundits are saying that President Obama is acting very Costanza-ish after his dismal debate performance last week.

During the debate, President Obama had plenty of opportunities to pounce on Mitt Romney. Jon Stewart said that the president would have fared better if he would have just shouted “liar” during his two minute response segments. Instead, Obama let Romney say whatever he wanted during the debate, opting to save his attacks for the following days.

Obama has released several statements during the last few days calling Romney out on every supposed falsehood that he may have stated during the debate. But many pundits have said that this tactic, as proven by George Costanza in The Comeback, is too little and too late.

In the Seinfeld episode, Costanza gets made fun of for eating too much shrimp during a work meeting. But he comes up with the perfect comeback… after he leaves the office and no one is around to hear it.

George says: “Yeah, well the jerk store called and they’re all out of you.”

Costanza then decides to set up the same situation so that he can use the zinger. It doesn’t go well.

Here’s the moment from Seinfeld.

Several people have drawn similarities to Obama’s post-debate tactics and George Costanza’s Jerk Store comeback.

If Obama is truly pulling a Costanza, his next line should be: “Well, I had sex with your wife!”

Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far…

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46 Responses to “Obama As Costanza: President Seeks ‘Jerk Store’ Comeback After Dismal Debate [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Jon Stewart you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a wart on the Jewish community. Call Romney and liar after all the things Obama has lied about? Ashamed.

  2. Anonymous

    Jon Stewart you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a wart on the Jewish community. Call Romney and liar after all the things Obama has lied about? Ashamed.

  3. Michael Mahon

    This is easily one of the dumbest things I've ever read, chestpond….just…shut up

  4. David Jaffe

    Yeah, its pretty bad when Obama is being compared to Costanza. We're seeing the whole Obama campaign imploded before our own eyes.

  5. Anonymous

    The quote is "the Jerk Store and they're runnin outta you".
    But they printed it as: “Yeah, well the jerk store called and they’re all out of you.”.
    Did they not watch their own clip?

  6. Hank Armentrout

    Really?? Exactly what has he done?? I am still waiting for average Joe to explain..

  7. Darren Tilton

    All Obama had to do was ask if Mitt was wearing his magic underwear and then ask if he will treat the 47% like he treats his dog. Ender.

  8. Cody Mitchell

    Oh, please. Like Barack "Social Security is Structurally Sound" Obama was anything but disengenuous himself.

    Face it, both candidates lied their asses off, as politicians -particularly those running for office- are wont to do. The only difference is, Obama wasn't even able to convince himself.

  9. Lee Abbamondi

    the world is finally seeing the real obama so anything that DOES'NT come out of his own mouth is a lie according to his media defense fund friends.

  10. Eric Kupris

    Dogs have been known to run into burning buildings to save their masters even when it has meant their death, I'd like to see you do the same, Gary, or your thousands of pet roaches you have because you're too lazy to take out the garbage.

  11. Gary Myers

    Dogs attack things with no reason and are loud and obnoxious. Cats are 10 times smarter and are quiet. Eric, how dare you talk to me about being lazy when you are too lazy to grow a full head of hair?

  12. Gary Myers

    Eric Kupris I would run into a burning building to save my master, problem is I would be saving myself since I have no master other than me.

  13. JM Magilla

    Nothing, thats the problem. Everything is still bushs fault.

  14. Juliette Braverman Nguyen

    Trillion dollar deficits, a refusal to write a budget, utter failure to protect our embassies and ambassador in Benghazi, security leaks putting everyone in danger to make himself look good, shady deals with campaign bundlers funneling our tax money into bankrupt corporations, hypocritical corporate bailouts, selling weapons to drug cartels resulting in the murders of our border agents and innocent Mexican citizens, a bureaucratic nightmare of a healthcare initiative, no plan to secure Medicare or Social Security…..Really, this presidency can't be over fast enough.

  15. JM Magilla

    the fact is the 47% are drones. There is only a marginal precentage that decides the election because both sides have people woh cant think for themselves.

  16. JM Magilla

    spoken like a true flake from the land of fruits and nuts. you should be so proud of your state.

  17. Juliette Braverman Nguyen

    Obama can't recognize either truth or lies at this point. If he calls Romney out on a lie, it means he has to keep his own lies straight. It's all very difficult and confusing for him.

  18. Thomas Johnson

    obama runs his campaign exactly like he run's his administration. he gets confronted with the facts,, waits,, then blames everybody else. want to know why most people call other people liars? it's called projection. when you can't stand yourself,, in your conscience,,, for a charactor flaw. that's the same flaw you accuse someone else of. i.e. anger. well he's staying true to form. except for one thing. obama also is a coward.

  19. Anonymous

    Mitt was a sputtering fool lying through his teeth and accenting Middle class a hundred times to counter his hidden video statements. All Obama had to do was show some life and not let him get away with it. Never be nice to a republican and never let them get away with their spin. Its dangerous and they are dangerous. 8 years of Bush nearly ruined us.

  20. Anonymous

    I thoought his Costanza moment was when he started muddering and spuddering as he fought to come up wih something to say. At least they didn't say, Obama gave a poor performance because he is a black man. With out his teleprompter telling him what to say, Obama is just another idiot who has trouble remembering his talking points.

  21. Chris Boudreau

    …and 4 more of Obama will finish the job… "Hey Square, expand your mind".. – Homer Simson.

  22. The Planet Buzz

    Juliette Braverman Nguyen Don't forget the 1,343 troop deaths in Afghanistan under Obama (569 under Bush) and Obama has spent billions more in Afghanistan than Bush did, with nothing to show for it. Negligently calling attention to (promoting) a movie trailer that incites Muslims and puts troops in danger. $800 billion in "stimulus" with nothing to show for it. Cash for Clunkers? Great ROI there. Screwing GM stockholders to protect UAW? Sure, why not?

    Obama gets an F grade on just about everything, so journolibs should stop grading him on a curve because he "inherited" a mess. It only took Reagan 2 years to clean up a bigger mess – all Obama had to do is copy Reagan's blueprint, but he went in the opposite direction and here we are.

  23. Anonymous

    Hank Armentrout i had a great job before obama took office. lots of over time plenty of work, hiring almost two new people a month. he took over, business slowed, hours were cut, then lay offs. now the company i worked for doesn't even exist any more and i cant find work. ive takin jobs well below my old pay grade but they were temps. obama realy "changed" mine and my kids lives.

  24. Hank Armentrout

    Simple rhetoric and propaganda…Your obviously one of the 53%. Your real issue with him is probably the color of his skin..I have an idea, Lets elect them both and then we have noone to blame because some dumbass ambassador got assassinated..dumbest thing I have heard since people said he was rsponsible for the movie theater shootings.

  25. John Cullinane

    Hank, try to construct your argument in coherent and practical terms. Your assertion that people probably dont like him because of his race is childish and unfounded. Now try again, please describe why Obama is a good president.

  26. Matt Sova

    Jesus Christ can the liberals do ANYTHING besides play the f'ing race card? Obama sucks ass, not because he is black, but rather because he is a lousy president.

  27. William Cochran

    Hank Armentrout – I don't think even Obama would stoop to your level. The tragic death of an American citizen performing a duty for his country on foreign soil being called a "dumbass"?? You must really hate this country!

  28. Michael Mahon

    How the hell am I an anti-semite? I said nothing anti-semitic you fool.

  29. Michael Mahon

    JM Magilla Mitt Romney is a pathological liar, every word spewed out of his treacherous mouth are lies. HOW DOES THE MEDIA AND POPULATION JUST KEEP BRUSHING IT OFF LIKE IT'S NO BIG DEAL? HE IS GOING TO ANNIHILATE THE ENTIRE MIDDLE CLASS INTO OBLIVION.

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