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Roseanne Barr To Start Running Presidential Campaign Ads In California

Are you sickened by the idea that Mitt Romney could win the 2012 Presidential election? Are you disgusted to think that Barack Obama could be the Head of State for another four years? Well, then you should be thankful to know that there will be another name on the ballot this November: Roseanne Barr.

The famous, and recently roasted, comedian is running for president this year. Barr is even starting to buy air time on California television to start airing her presidential campaign ads.

According to ABC, Barr has purchased airtime on CNN, MSNBC, TBS, the County Music Channel, and Comedy Central to run a presidential campaign ad. The ad will run from October 9 to October 16 and will urge voters to pick Roseanne this November.

Barr, who won the Peace and Freedom Party’s presidential nomination in August, is running with Cindy Sheehan as her vice president. It’s unclear what issues Barr will push in her campaign ads, but she has made it clear that she is running on a pro-marijuana platform.

Barr said:

“Thank you for breaking through your mind control programming and having some free thought … Marijuana really does help you break through that and remember what is important.”

Do you think Roseanne will get any votes in November?