Thor Legacy: Upcoming Movie

Thor Legacy: Upcoming Movie And Interview With Actor [Video]

Thor Legacy is an upcoming full length film featuring the popular superhero and Avenger Thor. It is written, directed, and produced by fans and for fans. And, no, that’s not Chris Hemsworth. But he could fool the majority of people.

As their video page puts it: “A Promo Video for an up and coming Thor Fan Film we are creating from the heart and soul of loving the comics and movies, and for many fans of Thor Legacy. Please Like and Share our video. FOR ASGARD!”

I had the opportunity to catch up with the Thor actor Ryan Frye. He’s long been a fan of the Thor series, but this year began cosplaying. One thing led to another, and now he’s starring in this fan film.

How did you get started with cosplaying Thor?

Well, I met this guy at a costume shop around Halloween last year. We started talking and it ended up that he was a part of a non-profit group called Costumers With A Cause. He invited me to join them as Thor to help raise money for different organizations like Base Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation.

How often do people confuse you with Chris Hemsworth?

Actually, I think it’s kinda funny how often it happens now. Before the Avengers came out it was mostly just friends, family, and a few fans of the movie Thor that would comment on how Chris Hemsworth and I look a like. But with the Avengers being such a huge success, nearly every time I go out I hear people commenting on the way I look as I walk by and even snapping pics of me with their phones. Some even stop me to get a pic with me and ask me if I’m really “that guy that played Thor.” He’s a good looking guy, so I definitely take it as a compliment.

What happened at this year’s MegaCon?

Hahaha… Wow, what can I say? I had no idea what to expect. It was my first time going to a Con, and I didn’t realize just how passionate people are about the character Thor, and particularly Chris Hemsworth’s adaptation of Thor. I think I spent my entire time there posing for pics with people. I’ll definitely be going to another one.

What type of superhero events have you participated in?

One of my favorites was a Free Comic Book Day event where artist George Perez made an appearance. He worked on the Infinity Gauntlet, which I bet the Avengers 2 movie will be based on. I also got to do the Super Hero Scramble for the YouTube channel TheMightyThor. Before then I had never jumped into mud pits and gone through giant obstacles with a camera mounted to my head.

How did you get involved in making the Thor Legacy Fan Film?

I met the director on-line, and he was looking to do a superhero fan film, and then the pieces just fell together.

What is the story for Thor Legacy about?

I don’t wanna give too much away. But, let’s just say that Thor receives some powers he’s never had before, and it’s killing all of Asgard and the Nine Realms. Plus he’s being hunted by a fellow Asgardian.

What has been your favorite part of making the film?

Learning the fight choreography has been quite the experience. It’s almost like dancing, which I’m not very good at. But, since it involves punching and screaming, that makes it a little easier.

What is your favorite thing about BEING Thor?

I have to admit, since the trailer was released, I must have watched it like 50 times, over and over again. I was so impressed with how it was edited. And of course, watching it is like my childhood dreams come true.

Any geeky moments?

Uh, well, if you ask my friends they would say every moment with me is a geeky moment. Some of the biggest “geeking out” moments were at Megacon. For instance, I started talking to this one guy who really liked Thor and really liked my costume. He was getting so excited he started drilling me with questions about all the different storylines from the various Thor comics. I’m a fan of Thor too, but this guy had managed to memorize every plot line that Thor was ever in. After a while, I think he was a little disappointed with my lack of knowledge on Thor’s history in the Marvel universe. In that moment, he was definitely more worthy of wielding Mjolnir than I was.

Superman or Batman? Why?

Oh yeah, Superman all the way. Not because he’s more powerful than Batman or anything like that. But because he is motivated by principles that I think, at the core, every human being aspires to be. Plus he was technically my first character that I cosplayed. If, of course, you count dressing up as him for Halloween when I was a kid.

Awwwwwwww… Well, thanks for taking the time for an interview.

You can check out the progress on the Thor Legacy fan movie film on their facebook page.