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Hiddleswift Split: Reviewing Conspiracy Theories On Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston’s Three-Month Romance

As the Hiddleswift split goes viral around the world, some conspiracy theories about the pop princess Taylor Swift and Thor star Tom Hiddleston whirlwind romance resurfaces.

After three months of random and unpredictable reports about their relationship, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have reportedly broken up.

A source cited by People revealed how the fan-favorite couple had “an amicable split,” explaining that it was an expected stage of the romance considering that Swift and Hiddleston were not seen anywhere online for a month since their date night in Santa Monica on July 27.

Meanwhile, another source who was reportedly close to the couple told Us Weekly that Swift was the one who decided to initiate the Hiddleswift split after she felt that Hiddleston was planning to make it more public than she intended to.

“Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.”

Because of the Hiddleswift split, Twitter is having a field day with posts that would surely crack you up.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no question that the Hiddleswift relationship has made a huge mark on fans, some of whom are recalling theories that the entire relationship was a publicity stunt of sorts.

Since they were photographed frolicking by the beach in June, the Hiddleswift split reignited conspiracy theories that are being featured E! News.

The first and most talked about theory was the idea that the birth of Hiddleswift was all for a music video. E! News alluded the Hiddleswift music video theory to the supposed engagement of ex-90210 actress Jessica Lowndes to comedian Jon Lovitz which turned out to be “an elaborate hoax for a music video.”

The theory said that the entire Hiddleswift relationship—from the spark of love to the explosive break-up—was all an elaborate music video for a new song from the pop star which she would soon reveal after news about their split emerged.

The second theory is about Hiddleston making another step to further his superstardom.

Before he starred in Thor, Hiddleston was relatively unknown though he cannot be considered a newbie to Hollywood. Now, he has become one of the ideal men Internet-addicted women have been drooling on.

After he was linked to the pop songstress, he became even more handsome in the eyes of female fans who think him to be a perfect gentleman with his sweet gestures to the pop princess.

This one is quite incriminating for the British actor considering the report from Us revealing that Swift decided to end their relationship because of Tom’s apparent intention to make the relationship too public for her comfort.

Another theory reveals that the Hiddleswift relationship was a ploy to land Swift a role as a Bond girl since Hiddleston was one of the candidates for the role. Of course, that is if Tom actually gets the role which makes it a totally huge gamble.

Speaking of James Bond candidates, others think that Idris Elba is the master puppeteer who pulls the strings of the Hiddleston relationship. Apparently, theorists who believe this think that Elba is using Hiddleswift to remove Tom from the competition.

The fifth and last Hiddleswift conspiracy theory recalled by E! News was the Kimye drama.

According to the outlet, Kim Kardashian called Swift a liar during the time when photos showing Taylor and Tom kissing on the beach went viral. If Kim was telling the truth at the time and this theory was true, it could explain why Hiddleswift split as quickly as they became a thing.

What do you think really happened during the Hiddleswift split? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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