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Cassidy Goodson, 14, Arrested For Murder: Allegedly Choked Her Newborn And Put His Body In A Shoe Box

Florida teen accused of strangling newborn

Polk County, FL – A 14-year-old Florida girl was arrested on first degree murder charges after she allegedly strangled her newborn son to death and stuffed his dead body into a shoe box. She reportedly gave birth to the baby secretly, in a bathroom at her home. Cassidy Goodson was treated for what was believed to be a miscarriage on September 19. Several days later Polk County sheriff’s deputies got an emergency call that a dead baby was found inside a shoe box at the Goodson residence, WJXT reports.

Local law enforcement officers believe she went into the family bathroom, covered her mouth with a towel and ran water to hide her moans as she gave birth. According to The Blaze, Goodson confessed to using a pair of scissors to pry the baby out of her body. The newborn was rather large, reportedly weighing almost 10 pounds and measuring more than 20 inches long. The baby boy was delivered alive in the toilet.

The horrific story then turned from tragic to downright disturbing. If police reports of the Florida teenager’s statements are accurate, Goodson picked up her baby to check for a pulse, and when she found one, she snuffed the life out of the baby.

The Florida teen is accused of wrapping her hands around newborn’s throat and squeezing until the baby was dead.

A foul odor noticed by the would-be grandmother led to the discovery of the dead body in the shoe box. Cassidy Goodson is currently in detention awaiting the prosecutor’s decision on whether or not to try her as an adult, according to The Ledger.

cassidy goodson florida teenager

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33 Responses to “Cassidy Goodson, 14, Arrested For Murder: Allegedly Choked Her Newborn And Put His Body In A Shoe Box”

  1. Alesha Kevin Logan

    she should get the same as any adult… she knew the risk when she opened her legs.. want to act like an adult? be treated like one then.. but of course their going to be some way she gets out of it weather is be a mental ill ness or some bull shit an that's because the government (judges) will let it go! if some one would crack down on all these dumb women killing their kids set an example then it wouldn't be so bad now but now days its a slap on the had witch is bullshit! I say she gets death! its pretty sad a man can rape a child an get a couple years but a mother of all people kill their on kid an they get away with it.. people should have to have a lic to have kid..

  2. Courtney Potter

    how could someone even think about doing something like that. there are so many people who cant have children and would love to and then you see something like this!!!

  3. Christa Pallerine

    I feel the same way. It took a lot for me to have my son with all the fertility stuff I went through and to see someone who can have children so carelessly and then murder the baby….that is just disgusting and I hope she gets what she deserves!

  4. Lisa Chisholm

    She looks pretty smug and unaffected by her actions…..Im sure she'll get by with it considering how babies are dispensable in the US. Makes me sick.

  5. Lisa Chisholm

    Not every 14 year old is indifferent and unaffected by murdering another human being…I'd say she would be the exception not the rule….

  6. Haley Bryant

    Who's to say that she is unaffected or indifferent. You're simply looking at a picture. It makes me wonder what kind of support system she had.

  7. Amanda Nonesuch

    Either way, the baby is dead. Let's not lose sight of that, or of the fact that abortion is not "murder" want more than euthanasia is "murder". It's a mercy; do you want to see another Casey Anthony or know the child was spared

  8. Christa Michelle Hawkins

    I am deeply disturbed by her actions, but I am equally, if not more, disgusted in addition to disturbed, by the utter apathy and smugness on her face.

  9. Daniel Chambliss

    It would really help if there weren't the constant: "if you get pregnant we'll disown you" or "We'll kill you if you have sex" thing from parents. Maybe some education or perhaps some understanding?

  10. Cassandra Gunther

    She was adult enough to have sex and get pregnant – she is old enough to have it and if not wanted give it to a family that would have loved it.

    She knew it was wrong – hell she hid it for 9 months under her clothes.

  11. Amanda Nonesuch

    That's logic? "If she was adult enough to have sex, she can keep it or give it up"? How about SHE SHOULD HAVE ABORTED, or do you naievely think that the baby wouldn't have been abused if she kept it? There are three, count 'em, THREE options for an unplanned pregnancy, not two.

  12. Jasna Pecarski

    Unfortunately, many people would be afraid to adopt a child coming from this girl. None the less, I am so deeply sorry for this baby and for the girl.

  13. Donna Lichtenwalner

    This is an aweful thing! I can't even imagine… In the "Obama" world this is perfectly acceptable! She will probably get off… Such a horrific thing…

  14. Kris Manteuffel Trewhella

    As I read all the condemning comments here, (and as much as I am horrified by what happened), remember that this CHILD was 14…and did not have the maturity or the family support to make a better decision. For crying out loud folks, she is a kid! I can't imagine how no one noticed that she had a 10 lb. baby in her belly. I think I would have noticed if one of my daughter's added a 10 lb. bowling ball to their belly. I am sad for both of them. Once she is mature enough to realize the horror of what happened, she lives with this the rest of her life.

  15. Lisa A Penree

    Absolutely NO EXCUSE! Obviously she went and got treatment for a "miscarriage" so apparently it was okay to admit she had been pregnant. There are safe harbor laws to prevent just this from happening! She could have had the baby in the hospital – or at home & taken the baby to the hospital – fire dept – police dept – church and left it there and walked away from it. No harm – no charges! WTF! And she did have the option of abortion also if that's the route she chose – but she didn't – she CHOSE to HAVE the baby and then KILL it! She should be locked up forever and used for medical testing!

  16. Anonymous

    It has nothing to do with the Obama world! Seriously what an ignorant comment! Get off your high horse Donna!

  17. Anonymous

    Don't these people know they can take their child to the police or a fire dept if they can't handle it. This is just way too common and heartbreaking. Adoption? WTF?

  18. Anonymous

    I agree I got that lecture about 1000 times as a teen and it just leads to tragedy and secrets.

  19. Maria D Leon

    They sjould tread ber as and even tho isbtge state foul because the taking parent right to raise them and now days giving them the freedom to even play with there parent… ALL OF THIS SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING IS THE STATE DO THEIR JOB AND NOT TAKING THE SIBLING THE RIGHT AND POWER TO RUKE THEIR HOME

  20. Mel Moral

    she is a child herself..shes 14yrs old and really looks like 12yrs old..At 14 your not thinking "oh let me quickly take the baby out of the bathroom without it crying and drop it off at the hospital" At 14, you really don't know of options..She may look smug but how emotional can she be if shes a baby herself, how can she feel for the life of a baby? And getting an abortion? how? don't her parents need to sign a form? wouldn't she need money? She felt trapped and was so afraid to tell anyone because there must not be a connection with her family to be able to..Its quite frankly sad. I love all babys but I look at this poor girl like a baby..where was her mom when she was having sex? didn't her mom tell her anything about sex? didn't she have a caring family life so she didn't feel the pressure to have to do anything with anyone? the parents are questionable here more seriously then this child.

  21. Sandra Rios

    Really she premeditated this discussing act of murdering a baby her own baby and she gets 18 months! !!! What a joke!!! It is only showing her that she can and has gotten away with murdering a baby! !!!! What a bunch of dumb a $$$$$ e $$$$$.

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