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Pit Bull Mauled Texas Newborn To Death

pit bull attacks Texas newborn

Burleson, TX – A sleeping newborn boy was mauled to death by the family’s mixed breed pit bull. Police officers had been called to the home on a domestic violence issue just before the deadly dog attack occurred. Rayden Eugene Bruce was placed alone in a bedroom while police officers separately interviewed the baby’s parents about the 911 call.

The newborn’s mother, Jessica Oxner, called for assistance after a verbal argument with the child’s father, Barnett Bruce, allegedly became physical. Four officers arrived on the scene to sort out the domestic disturbance between the recently separated couple. The officers were unaware that there were any dogs on the premises, according to the Daily Mail.

Baby Rayden had been outside in his mother’s arms while his father was questioned inside. When the child fell asleep, Grandpa Richard Douglas took him inside the home. As the law enforcement officers were wrapping up their questioning around 8 pm, they heard loud screaming coming from the house, NBC News reports.

Bruce ran out of the home carrying his son’s limp and bloody body. The child was immediately transported to the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth to treat his pit bull attack wounds. The newborn later died from the dog mauling injuries.

Brody, the pit bull, was quarantined by the Burleson Animal Control and later euthanized at the owner’s request. The local animal control agency had received reports about Brody in the past, one when he was running loose and another over a minor bite wound. An investigation into the fatal pit bull attack is ongoing.

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14 Responses to “Pit Bull Mauled Texas Newborn To Death”

  1. Toni L. McLeod Maturo

    How long before these dogs are banned? How many more must die?

  2. Toni L. McLeod Maturo

    So, everything I post you see? I still have my opinion and worry about my family.

  3. Candy Richey

    in my opinion, irresponsible owners shld b shot and put to death! it is not the dogs its the owners! DO NOT THINK TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS HOME! it clearly says that the police were OUTSIDE, therefore no one knows what really happened. DO NOT ASSUME! u werent there and didn't see what happened! the breed is not to blame, and I DARE someone to blame my wonderful girls for the wrong that some irresponsible owners dog did! bc keep in mind that that if u think to blame my dogs bc of their looks, then ill blame your kids bc of theirs!

  4. Aislin MorRhiaghan

    The newborn was asleep so you can't blame the newborn.

  5. Candy Richey

    i didnt blame the child and never wld…jus saying that NO ONE knows what really happened. i mean, the police were there due to a domestic violence, therefore it is safe to say that at least one of the parents was violent. all im saying is there is NO room for anyone to assume they know what happened. BAN the BREED isnt going to work!!

  6. Aislin MorRhiaghan

    I had a chihuahua pekinese mix. I loved him to death but a dog is a dog. He loved my kids but he was blind in his left eye and half deaf, old and grumpy. I wouldn't let the boys get too close to his face because hell I don't like that and it made him really nervous. That's a shame. Police were there for domestic violence and the newborn dies a horrid death. :( WTF is wrong with people?

  7. Amber Rodgers

    How about banning the dogs as a whole. You have good owners and corrupt owners. Unfortunately the corrupt owners and the temperament do not benefit the name. Life isn't fair and since there is no way to tell whether who's a sincere owner and who's a corrupt owner. They should be banned, not unless a "raising a pit bull" class is ordered for everyone that's an owner. Yes all dogs bite but I hear more about this pit bull incidents than anything else. Just like when two children cannot agree on how to share a toy, the authority must take the option away. Blame it on the corrupt owners and temperament of such a pedigree in which the pit bull belongs. My your lie died from a pit bull incident, I'll never forget the sight of him being snatched from the leash and torn to shreds in front of my eyes. These dogs are dangerous potentials and should be euthanized. My opinion and I'm sticking to it!