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Willie Nelson Memoir Set To Release In November

Willie Nelson Plans New Memoir

A Willie Nelson memoir is set to be released in November, the latest look back from the prolific country singer.

Nelson is no stranger to writing books, The Associated Press noted. He wrote an autobiography in 1988, and since then has penned several other books on his life and travels.

Willie Nelson’s memoir, titled Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die, will be released November 13. Publisher William Morrow told The Associated Press that the music icon will reveal some never-before-heard stories about his life, family, music, politics, religion, and his favorite recreational activity. Morrow didn’t say exactly what that activity is, though the title of the book offers a strong hint.

The legendary singer has been showing his age of late. In August he was hospitalized for breathing problems, leading the 79-year-old to miss a concert planned for Colorado, reported.

But though health problems have have slowed him down, they will not stop Willie Nelson. In July he talked to NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth as he prepared for his annual Fourth of July picnic at Billy Bob’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards, telling the news outlet that he can never see himself retiring.

“I still enjoy coming out and playing music and as long as the people enjoy it and come see us, I see no reason to quit,” Nelson said.

The Willie Nelson memoir will reportedly include sections written by family and friends, as well as artwork from his son Micah. A forward will be written by Kinky Friedman, a friend to Nelson and fellow author and musician.

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8 Responses to “Willie Nelson Memoir Set To Release In November”

  1. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    Willie is Willie…While I do not agree with breaking the law(smoking pot is against the law..unless it is prescribed by a physician) I could care less that Willie smokes pot in his home, tour bus….just pay your taxes…Willie. I will read his book (Memoir) when it comes to my local library. (I will not purschase it) Willie….continue to make music…stay on the road….and don't let your grandchildren….smoke pot. lol

  2. Herb Heinen

    Willie is one of the greatest, 2,500 songs, crap he is the greatest. He's done more for the farmers than the government did. So he never paid his taxes, smokes some weed, whatever he's a legend in his time. God bless Willie.

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