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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Gushes Over Cole DeBoer, Talks Pregnancy On Twitter

Chelsea Houska and her fiance, Cole DeBoer, are expecting a baby, and the Teen Mom 2 couple couldn’t be more excited.

During a recent Snapchat video, DeBoer was seen sweetly talking to Chelsea Houska’s belly, and around the same time, Houska spoke of her man on Instagram.

“I am so in love with this man [and] beyond grateful everyday,” Chelsea Houska wrote on Instagram along with a photo of herself and DeBoer.

A short time later, Chelsea Houska posted a photo of her daughter, 6-year-old Aubree, who was blowing bubbles.

After announcing her pregnancy, Chelsea Houska faced allegations of harming her baby by using a fetal heart doppler to listen to her unborn child’s heartbeat. According to a report, the use of the device outside of a medical institution was frowned upon and could potentially harm the fetus.

In response to the allegations, Houska accused the outlet of targeting her use of the monitor in an effort to get clicks. In response, many fans tweeted back to Houska, assuring her that they knew she would never do anything to put her child in harm’s way.

Since she began starring on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska has often been referred to as one of the more responsible moms. In addition to caring for her oldest child, Aubree, she went to school for cosmetology and now has a stable career. Meanwhile, her soon-to-be husband, DeBoer, works as a traffic controller in South Dakota.

“Cole is such a great guy, all the time,” Chelsea Houska gushed to People Magazine in March. “He’s so calm, even when I’m worried about something… He’s just so great to me and to Aubree, so to be able to know that I can have that person forever is the best feeling. That’s what I’ve always wanted – a family – and I feel finally like that’s exactly what I have.”

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer’s relationship began in the summer of 2014, and one year later, they moved in together and got engaged. Since then, the couple has been planning their wedding, which Houska confirmed would be “small.”

“It’s going great so far,” Chelsea Houska said of planning at the time. “We both want a small wedding.”

“He works a lot so I’m kind of the one that is going [to all the appointments], but I don’t make any decisions without running it by him first,” she continued. “We have the same taste and the same ideas, so far it’s been really easy.”

During their wedding, Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, whose father is Houska’s ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, will serve as the reality star’s “mini maid of honor.”

Also during her interview with People Magazine, Chelsea Houska spoke of her plans to start a family with DeBoer. However, she didn’t seem too keen on the idea of getting pregnant before her wedding and insisted she and DeBoer would wait until after they tied the knot.

“We’re just going to get through this wedding, and then hopefully have some babies!” Chelsea Houska said. “I feel like I want three more, but everyone always looks at me crazy when I saw that, so maybe I’ll have one more and then we’ll decide exactly how many! I think I would want a boy somewhere in the mix.”

Chelsea Houska and her family, including her daughter, Aubree, and her fiancé, DeBoer, are currently filming for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

[Image via Chelsea Houska/Facebook]