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Tom Selleck Paid To Teach Older Americans About Reverse Mortgage Loans

Tom Selleck may have driven this car, but it doesn’t mean you can’t spend dozens of thousands of dollars to buy it for your own collection, according to Fox News. A 1953 Dodge Power Wagon was auctioned last week in Connecticut.

In fact, this particular car is considered to be one of the best cars ever owned by Tom Selleck. The auction where the Power Wagon was sold was held at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast event on June 25.

It’s no wonder that this red 4×4 pickup became the main feature of the event, as it was driven by Tom Selleck himself. The Power Wagon, once driven by the mustachioed Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor, features a two-speed transfer case and 230 cubic inch straight-six engine, which makes it a truly unique car that even features a built-in water pump.

The Power Wagon once owned by Tom Selleck has 18,960 miles on its odometer, but it appears that it was restored about 100 miles ago. Apart from its brand new black vinyl upholstery, the former fire service truck has a siren and power take-offs.

Even though many of the car’s features were restored and rebuilt, the Power Wagon still features its original steering wheel, which had Tom Selleck’s hands placed on it, and the original dash.

It wasn’t reported for how much Tom Selleck’s car was auctioned, but a regular Power Wagons that wasn’t used by anybody (and especially not a celebrity) is currently worth around $47,000.

American Advisors Group (AAG) has recently named Tom Selleck its national spokesperson, according to the Business Wire. AAG is a major reverse mortgage lender in the United States, and it looks like it wants to attract more people with the help of the Blue Bloods star.

Tom Selleck is currently busy working on the CBS series Blue Bloods, in which he stars as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan alongside Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. The mustachioed actor can also be recognized for his role in the Jesse Stone movie franchise based on the Robert B. Parker novels.

Naming Tom Selleck as its national spokesperson is part of AAG’s new multi-faceted marketing campaign. It appears that the company is set to come up with new ads and tagline for its campaign.

The choice of Tom Selleck can be explained by the fact that AAG wants to attract Americans of older generations as well as their family members to find out more about reverse mortgage loans that offer them financial stability after retirement.

Tom Selleck is a former U.S. Army veteran who served in California’s Army National Guard for 6 years. Ever since retiring as a U.S. Army soldier, Selleck has helped American veterans with his efforts in many organizations.

U.S. Congress even presented Tom Selleck with the Horizon Award nearly 20 years ago, in 1997. That award is given only to those who have made major achievements in helping Americans through their own personal contributions.

Tom Selleck also serves as a board member of the Josephson Institute of Ethics. Being the national spokesman for the Character Counts Coalition, Tom Selleck has repeatedly said he was proud he had worked with Barbara Jordan, who was the first African American female to be elected to the United States House of Representatives.

When asked to share his thoughts on AAG naming him its national spokesperson, Tom Selleck said he was “pleased and proud” of working with the company.

“I strongly believe that it is important for many Americans 62 and older, and just as importantly for their families, to know that a reverse mortgage can help them stay in their homes without giving up their ownership.”

[Photo by AP Photo/Jeff Christensen]