Larry Flynt Offers Up $1 Million To Anyone With Mitt Romney’s Financial Records

Kim LaCapria

Controversial Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has been known to offer large sums of money to take down politicians with which he does not agree, and the media magnate has offered up a $1 million reward to anyone who can help him make public before Election Day the financial records of GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Larry Flynt is not the only person seeking to release information about Mitt Romney’s financial dealings, and the issue has been a contentious one — with Romney’s wife Ann saying during an interview that the Romney camp had provided all the financial information they’d planned to, to “you people.”

Larry Flynt has, in the past, offered a million dollars for anyone with information about the sex life of former presidential hopeful Rick Perry, and now he is coming with his clout after Romney with the same green ammo.

The full-page ad Larry Flynt commissioned will be appearing in The Hollywood Reporter, the Washington Post and USA Today, and implores readers with information about Romney’s unreleased tax returns, offshore bank accounts, general financial dealings or unpaid taxes to come forward, adding:

“What is he hiding? … Maybe, now, we’ll find out.”

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced on the web that Romney’s financial information had been obtained by hackers who demanded a million dollars from either side to prevent or precipitate the release of said documents by a certain ransom date.

The firm that handles the documents insists that despite the claim, there has been “no evidence of unauthorized access to [their] data.”