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Larry Flynt Offers Up $1 Million To Anyone With Mitt Romney’s Financial Records

larry flynt million dollar reward

Controversial Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has been known to offer large sums of money to take down politicians with which he does not agree, and the media magnate has offered up a $1 million reward to anyone who can help him make public before Election Day the financial records of GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Larry Flynt is not the only person seeking to release information about Mitt Romney’s financial dealings, and the issue has been a contentious one — with Romney’s wife Ann saying during an interview that the Romney camp had provided all the financial information they’d planned to, to “you people.”

Larry Flynt has, in the past, offered a million dollars for anyone with information about the sex life of former presidential hopeful Rick Perry, and now he is coming with his clout after Romney with the same green ammo.

The full-page ad Larry Flynt commissioned will be appearing in The Hollywood Reporter, the Washington Post and USA Today, and implores readers with information about Romney’s unreleased tax returns, offshore bank accounts, general financial dealings or unpaid taxes to come forward, adding:

“What is he hiding? … Maybe, now, we’ll find out.”

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced on the web that Romney’s financial information had been obtained by hackers who demanded a million dollars from either side to prevent or precipitate the release of said documents by a certain ransom date.

The firm that handles the documents insists that despite the claim, there has been “no evidence of unauthorized access to [their] data.”

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5 Responses to “Larry Flynt Offers Up $1 Million To Anyone With Mitt Romney’s Financial Records”

  1. Anonymous

    Go get em' Larry! Get's my vote!

    You know what I think a campaign should be started to make sure that Romney looses by the BIGGEST LANDSLIDE in American history!

    He is going to loose but I think a message should be sent that the American people will NOT tolerate anyone who has CLEARLY conducted some of the most UN-AMERICAN activities that anyone running for president has ever done (at least that we know about).

    1. Owning a company that bankrupted American businesses putting thousands of Americans out of work and causing them to loose their healthcare, pensions and in many cases financial ruin.

    2. Owning a company that pioneered the practice of sending American jobs overseas.

    3. Using every known loophole in the book to avoid paying taxes on the MILLIONS he earned from the activities mentioned above. Hiding millions that not even the US Government can find out about to avoid paying US taxes (tax evasion) which is deplorable taking into consideration how got the money in the first place. If he was willing to earn his money in that way he should have been willing to take some responsibility to help support those he put in need by paying as much tax as he possibly could.

    4. Even more deplorable, denying responsibility for some of the most reprehensible activities Bain conducted, including those mentioned above!

    He was CEO at that time (running it or not) and could have stopped it and fired everyone involved but did nothing! Why, because he wanted the money.

    Let's launch a campaign and send this message that we the People, will not allow ANYONE to take advantage of our freedoms and insult our intelligence the way this guy is trying to! We should make sure that this is the BIGGEST LANDSLIDE in American history!

    To any republicans reading this comment, fact check me if you want. Oh wait you people do not accept facts, checked or not. What was I thinking.

  2. Don Winzen

    You are the MSM dream sheep. You apparently have done no outside research and have listened to the Obama campaign and MSM. Good little mindless robot, good robot. No wonder America is rapidly devolving as a superpower and we are losing our economic power and liberty. Fool.

  3. Peter Wentzel

    sure wish he would put up money for te trash on obama, we know his mom was a porn star , dead beat muslim dad , muslim himself, forgien born (lied to be prez)

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