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Presidential Debates Loom In A Season Of Political Theater, Romney Holes Up In Vermont To Brush Up

Presidential debates are the next political event heading down the pike in the pre-election lead up, and, with just sixty short days until America heads out to cast her vote in the coming election, it looks like the 2012 debates are going to be a hot ticket.

There are three presidential debates slated for October, and, after a strong RNC and DNC showing, the head-to-head sit-downs are likely to draw intense scrutiny and discussion as a truly undecided electorate attempts to come together and make a choice in 2012.

As the presidential debates loom, Mitt Romney is said to be crashing at a pal’s pad in middle-of-nowhere Vermont where he mock-challenges a pal posing as Obama to brush up on his debating skills. Per the Bradenton Herald, Romney is sparring with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman as Obama with longtime adviser Peter Flaherty assuming the role of moderator.

Romney has also cozied up to local supporters in the traditionally blue state of Vermont, one that has voted for a Democrat in major elections for the last quarter-century and is represented by the very, very left-leaning Independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

The paper quotes Mitt as saying to a supporter:

“It’s not easy to win Lebanon, but I’d like to! … You’ve got a lot of signs and I’ve got a lot of sons. We can put that together and make that happen!”

The first of the Presidential debates is scheduled for October 3 when Romney and Obama will go head to head on domestic policy issues with the second debate following on October 11.