The diva is struggling with Cannon on divorce papers

Mariah Carey: Summer Wedding To Billionaire James Packer Called Off? Cannon’s Doing, Or Diva’s Busy Schedule?

Mariah Carey appears to be experiencing life on cloud nine since the beginning of her relationship — and January engagement — with billionaire beau James Packer. The two have seemed smitten and have excitedly been planning their summer wedding since Packer put a massive diamond ring on the diva’s finger early this year. Carey has even made the effort to slim down for the big day that will include a walk down the aisle in a mystery designer gown.

However rumors are swirling that Mariah is actually having trouble getting ex-husband Nick Cannon to sign the divorce papers which may be a hindrance to the summer ceremony even taking place. Life & Style has stirred up this rumor and claims that Carey is pretty well stuck between her past and future due to Cannon’s having drawing out the divorce proceedings.

“With her ex Nick Cannon taking his time to sign the divorce papers, Mariah Carey has no choice but to cancel her wedding to billionaire fiancé James Packer.”

An apparent source who spoke with the publication says that the superstar songstress has been made to cancel the nuptials that were planned to take place in a glamorous exotic island ceremony.

“She still wants to marry James, but obviously, she can’t. Mariah is really pissed off. She had planned such a beautiful wedding, and now she’s terrified it’s never going to happen. She’s caught in a terrible situation. But Mariah’s friends hope that once the divorce is finally done, she and James can tie the knot and put all the tension behind them.”

Carey and Cannon were married for six years and share 5-year-old twins together, Moroccan and Monroe. The couple split and filed for divorce in late 2014 after rampant rumors of troubles. Since parting, the two have seemed to remain amicable and have continued to co-parent the twins, even ensuring to spend holidays together as a family.

Clearly, however, Mariah is ready to continue to move on in her relationship and life with Packer. Although Life & Style insists that the reason for the summer wedding being called off is due to Nick Cannon, Mariah recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and indicated that it is her “goal” to marry this year, but that if this doesn’t happen, it really has to do with her having too much on the go.

The star then went on to reveal that when she met James Parker, she was not intentionally on the prowl and trying to pick up a new man. She simply felt they were both in the right place at the right time, and wanting similar things out of life. ET relays the star’s words about her initial interaction with Packer.

“We were talking and having a good time and I was like, ‘This guy is really fun.’ So it was nice.”

Carey has remained adamant that no matter how her relationship and marriage to Packer evolves, she always has her children first in mind. She also went on with ET to relay how much joy Moroccan and Monroe bring to her life.

“They have strong personalities [and] they are pretty amazing. They make me laugh,”

As noted, Mariah is definitely a busy mother and continues in a number of other endeavors, including a hot Vegas residency and an upcoming reality series that will go behind the scenes of Carey’s tour and residency. It’s no wonder a wedding may not be something that transpires in 2016. It’s clear that when Carey does something, it’s done to perfection, so the diva will not be cutting corners on her wedding to her billionaire man.

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