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Cary Deuber On Why She’s Not A Husband Stealer, An Evil Person Or A Narcissist

The Real Housewives of Dallas star Cary Deuber has wrapped her first season of the show and she’s excited to set some things straight. When Cary joined the cast, she knew that rumors were surfacing about her marriage. Deuber was being accused of being a husband-stealer, as her husband, Mark, had been married when they met. But Cary was standing by her story and she maintains that she did nothing wrong. And yet, LeeAnne Locken can’t stop talking about her co-star and the rumors swirling about her marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is saying that she isn’t a husband-stealer, an evil person or a narcissist — which is what her co-star seems to think. Deuber was surprised that Locken kept these claims up without really explaining them. During their conversation at the finale party, LeeAnne called Cary evil. Now, Deuber wants to explain her stance.

“I have been repeatedly called a husband stealer and subsequently a homewrecker,” Cary Deuber explains in her blog, even though she has already tried to set the record straight about what happened when she met her husband.

In her final Real Housewives of Dallas blog, Deuber reveals that she had been married twice before and her husband had been married once before. And they did meet one another at work, but he didn’t cheat on his wife when he met Cary. Apparently, the marriage was already falling apart.

“There’s this popular phrase out there these days: own your sh–. Well, I have owned my past. I’m the one who put it out there. I was married twice before. My husband Mark was married before. He was married when we met. We worked together. We ended up dating and getting married. I have owned all of that. It’s all true,” Deuber explains in her blog, sharing that she’s owned everything in relation to her marriage.

During the conversation with Locken, Cary was called “evil.” For Cary, this doesn’t make sense. She can’t pinpoint a time where she had been downright evil with her co-star. Had she been honest? Yes, and maybe Locken couldn’t handle the truth. Maybe Cary was too just honest with her co-star, who couldn’t handle it.

“I have been called evil…Well, I’m trying to figure that one out,” Cary explains in her blog, sharing plenty of things that she has done in her career, including working as a nurse and going overseas to help people in need.

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“I’m really not writing this to talk myself up, but, I do feel compelled to convey my real world perspective. I chose a long time ago, to have a career dedicated to patients and caring for people — it’s really hard for me to hear people talk nonsense and waste the platform we’ve been given,” Deuber reveals, sharing that she isn’t trying to make herself look better in comparison to Locken.

But it is interesting that Cary has been called a narcissist. Deuber can laugh it off and she reveals that there is one person who could probably fit the label much better than her.

“I have been called a narcissist…Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about narcissists: Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement. I think that could just as easily describe at least one other person on my cast…” Cary reveals, hinting that LeeAnne may be better suited for the label.

Since the reunion is coming up next week, Deuber may have to defend her marriage once again.

What do you think of Cary Deuber’s marriage being in focus on The Real Housewives of Dallas?

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