Does Justin Bieber have a crush on Nicola Peltz?

Justin Bieber Dates Nicola Peltz In Toronto: What He Seeks In Romantic Relationships

Justin Bieber is renewing his romance with Nicola Peltz. The two were seen in Toronto on a date, following rumors that they belonged on the hot new couple alert list, reported ET Canada.

Spotted at the CN Tower together during their date, Bieber and Nicola were enjoying having more time together. The reports about their hookup started when they dined together in late May at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Justin is currently on his Purpose World Tour while Peltz earned fame for Transformers: Age of Extinction.

As for just how serious the relationship is between the 22-year-old pop star and 21-year-old actress, Radar Online reports that he “has fallen for” Nicola. The Toronto date follows their arrangement to devote time to becoming better acquainted.

“Justin flew Nicola to Toronto to show her around Canada,” an insider shared with Radar. “The two have been chatting for a bit now.”

An insider confirmed to Hollywood Life that Bieber has a crush on Peltz. The singer met Nicola through mutual friends, but the timing was not quite right until now.

“Nicola is close friends with Gigi and she also knows Hailey. Justin met Nicola a while ago a couple of times while going out around LA, but they never hooked up cause the timing was never right,” explained the source. “He has been crushing on Nicola since the first day he laid eyes on her. Justin has always wanted her.”

Nicola Peltz sizzles, and Justin Bieber is among those who appreciate her wow factor.
Nicola Peltz sizzles, and Justin Bieber is among those who appreciate her wow factor. [Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International]
However, they had problems getting together in a romantic relationship for some time, with each involved with someone else. Now, however, the timing appears to be right for Bieber to hook up with the actress, according to that insider.

“Justin and Nicola are definitely dating and it’s really heating up.”

As for why Bieber flew Peltz to Canada, the source revealed that he wanted her to see his show. They also made time for a vacation together, and his inner circle seems to approve of the relationship.

“He flew her to Canada so she could watch his show and so they could enjoy a little vacation. Everyone really likes Nicola and thinks she’s good for Justin…and he’s totally infatuated with her!” added the source.

With all these signs that Peltz could become someone special, E News reports that the pop star knows what he is seeking in a romantic relationship and it’s straight-forward: He wants a steady arrangement that helps him to get settled.

Is a serious relationship with Justin Bieber in Nicola Peltz's future?
Is a serious relationship with Justin Bieber in Nicola Peltz’s future? [Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images for Paramount]
“Justin has a crush on Nicola and really enjoyed the date with her the other night,” an E News insider revealed. “He wants to settle down and have a relationship. He feels like something steady would be good for him.”

In addition, Bieber appreciates Peltz’s background, added the insider.

“He did ask her out again and they are planning on seeing each other again soon. He likes that she comes from a good family.”

In addition to appearing in The Last Airbender and Transformers: Age of Extinction, Nicola was featured in Zayn Malik’s music video for “It’s You.”

During their date in Beverly Hills, an observer revealed that Justin acted like a true “gentleman” throughout the evening.

As for how Peltz might deal with the issue that Bieber is busy with his tour and music, the actress is a rising star herself in the acting world. Peltz has joined the cast of Our House, with Anthony Scott Burns set for his feature directing debut, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The plot for the sci-fi film focuses on a man whose parents were killed in a car crash. He abandons the potential for his MIT career in order to take care of his siblings. However, he accidentally creates a device that triggers a variety of paranormal activity in their home.

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